An AU Star Wars RP

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Set 800 BBY, the galaxy has been war torn, and many of the major factions are all but died out. The heroes are all gone, and the Force has become the thing of myths and legends. Many years have passed, and the galaxy is in anarchy, but there are still a few who can feel the pull of the gentle currents and culling the dark voices of the Force. The Mandalorian Clans are without their Mandalore, and have returned to criminal activity, in capable of posing any real threat as the once feared conquerors. The Alliance and Fel Exiles are licking their wounds as they watch the galaxy around them burn. Will the tides of change come, will the Jedi or the Sith return? How will your story be told?

In our roleplay, at the moment, all characters start out without the ability to use the Force, the Sith and Jedi are no more, and the Mandalorian Clans are leaderless. It is up to the players/writers to find the ancient secrets of these old Force using factions or to rise up and unite the clans. It is up to them to bring the Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire back to unite the galaxy back into order, or to wage war with one another.

If this sounds like something you would like to take a crack at, then visit us here!