An Attempt to Return

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  1. Evelyn started thinking about it.

    Victoria hug John happily, "Love." She giggles playfully.

    Kunari frown, "I think she's been spending a little too much time with Lilith." She gently kiss Victoria on the cheek, "How about actual food princess?"

    "They like cupcakes." Ichiru spoke up softly.
  2. Anya obediently lied back on the bed.
  3. Anya lingered outside for a while before running back into the house.
  4. Melody continue splashing till she got tired.
  5. "I'm just testing the waters, I'm new to this," Lucius said before licking her again.
  6. did you do an edit to this that i'm missing, or...?
  8. "They like to do the toppings themselves." Ichiru explain.

    Evelyn look at John and nods, "Rainbow sprinkles!"

    Kunari walk over and gently wrap her arms around him and hug him tightly, "My baby boy, you're such a great big brother." She whisper to him softly.

    Ichiru didn't move, still confused and completely speechless in Kunari's presence.
  9. "I hope you don't mind sharing your crib."
  10. Lucius stopped after a little while and smiled.
  11. :P

    and yea my class started yesterday (monday)
  12. Memeing is never something to apologize for
  13. "I fucking love levitation spells"
  14. I drew thing

    woooo not that good but oh well :U

  15. Anya kiss him back passionately.
  16. 'Ritual dance for attracting a roleplaying partner'
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