An Assignment from Psych

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List and describe TEN ways in which narcissism could apply to you (Yes, you) - as a student, son/daughter, a parent, an employee/employer, a friend, a partner, an acquaintance, ect.

Discuss some of the narcissistic traits or tenancies you think might be applicable in you and your life and whether you believe these are positive or negative traits.

Also discuss how you believe you "got" them, why you have them, and why you continue to own them, and how they are beneficial to you, add any additional information you find relevant.
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I had to look up traits of narcissism to really answer this effectively. XD

-- Hyper Sensitive to Criticism
This is something I have always had a problem with, and I'm constantly having to battle it. It's a very negative trait, for the obvious reason that I might flip out over simple advice or suggestions.

-- Critical of Others
Yeeeaaah, true to the hypocrisy of narcissism, I can't take it but I dish it out. D: When I don't check myself, I can get nitpicky critical about others to that really obnoxious self righteous extreme.

-- Envious and Competitive!
Not in the healthy ways, but in the ridiculous ways. Like, I might start hating someone cause they get more attention than me. Or get really pissed off because a friend did better at a project.

-- Fluctuating between superior and inferior feelings!
I will have extreme moments of thinking I am the most awesome person in the world and thinking I'm way smarter/better/blahblah than others, and fifteen minutes later hit rock bottom and feel the exact opposite! o__o

-- Feelings of Entitlement!
I always feel like I deserve more than what I get, regardless of whether or not I worked for it or deserve it. :/

-- No Sense of Humor of Self Jokes
Thankfully this one isn't too bad, but when jokes at my expense keep on going, or happen a lot in a short time frame it kills me. x___X The humor I have in it fails and I start getting butthurt!

-- Center of the Universeness!
I always feel like I am the center of the universe. It doesn't help that I have this natural ability to collect and draw people to me. So it kinda fluffs up those ego feelings that I am just soooo important that everything revolves around me. That includes thinking stuff would fall apart without my presence!

-- Vanity!
My appearance is a big deal. I have to know that I look pretty, and I am constantly fussing in mirrors when I catch my reflection. I did always want to take a million pictures of myself and have them around to gaze at my own prettiness. c_c;

Ever. I'm always right and perfect in every way. Another one of those things I have to work hard at not to do. e_e;

-- Pathological lying!
I used to do this A LOT during my tween and teen years. :/ I don't know if that was directly related to narcissism or other issues.

I know I am a narcissist. XD I've always been kind of self righteous and uppity. It's been inherited and trained in to me by my mother and grandmother - WHICH BY THE WAY - thanks for digging up those feelings! x___x While looking up info to answer this post, I found a site "Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers" and what was described was so dead-on about what I grew up with, it's got me all twitchie now.

Anyways, because of that, I try to be really, really, really self aware and catch myself before I let those traits slip in to the "bad zones". .___.; Not always successful, but I have two crazy-ladies as examples to what I -could- be acting like if I don't behave. c__c
YES! You answered and gave a perfect example!

And this isn't meant to make you feel particularly bad, it's just for fun.
Oh come on, guys! try it!
Oh come on, it's a way to know yourself better!
I don't think people want to dig deep and look at their own flaws for the potential of learning and bettering themselves. ;__;
We're too busy being perfect and not arrogant or elitist at all, duh.
I'm very well-aware of my flaws, thankyouverymuch. It's what allows me to BETTER MYSELF.

But this is homework!!!

Maybe I'll do it later, if TK promises to give me a jiggly-dance in my lap...
............ I'll think about it...




I have to agree this is too much like homework. I could do this, but honestly I should be instead thinking of how to post in game threads I have left abandoned for the last month as my life has gotten crazy. Besides I'd rather do something more proactive in bettering myself then to flaunt my flaws, which in a way I think is a bit narcissistic in and of it's self.

But that is just myself. The thread idea is at least interesting.