An assassins legacy

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  1. When a government collapses and is taken over by a nations enemy. A group of assassins are England's last hope. Their goal is to kill the corrupt new Dictator and reclaim the country that is rightfully theirs.

    Aiden watched from the ruins of a building as a group of soldiers moved down the street toward a small church. Just as he planned. He looked down into an alley and could see his partner waiting stealthily in the shadows. He gave a nod indicating the attack was in motion.

    Aiden moved stealthily down the street careful to not make a sound. He waited until he was in position to strike before stopping behind a car and waiting for his partner
  2. (Gonna jump in)
    William waited for his partners signal he was waiting in the shadows of a chimney after seeing him go behind the car william jumped down to join his landing perfectly on his two feet.
  3. As William dropped down, Aiden saw the soldiers' attention go to him. Aiden rushed from behind the car and engaged two hidden wrist blades, he jumped up and came down on two soldiers with the hidden blades. As a third soldier raised his weapon at Aiden, he used one of his hidden blades to push the gun to the side and the other to slice his throat
  4. William was still next to the car one of his hidden blades had got jammed again but after spending to long trying to fix it he emerged next to Aiden smiling to himself seeing the dead soliders. "Nice work" he said quietly patting him on the back then walking ahead
  5. "Yeah, thanks for the help" Aiden said giving a slight grin. He then picked up one of the soldiers' radios and called their base. "Convoy down, I repeat convoy down.".He said before smashing the radio on the ground then planting a bomb under one of the soldiers. "Let's get out of here." Aiden said walking next to William
  6. "Come on" william said climbing up the building next to him and perching on the roof waiting for aiden to come up. He had already taken out a small spy glass and was marking out were all the soliders were in his head
  7. Raven was still above watching the boys play. she really didnt have time for the stupid play. she looked up to the sky with a smirk her blonid hair and green eyes taht could see something from above, a hawk. an amazing animal. Raven looked down to see the boys again but them coming up toi the roof. she was waering her green suit which she didnt mind wearing. she never showed her face and never speaks.

  8. Aiden heard climbed onto the roof and watched as reinforcements rolled onto the road and carefully approached the dead soldier. "Ready for the fireworks" said Aiden watching as the reinforcements moved toward the location of the bomb. The second someone tried to turn over a body, the street errupted in a huge fireball.
  9. William had to stop himself from laughing he knew laughing at people dying was wrong but for this reason it was funny. He quickly pulled up his black hood getting ready to go
  10. Aiden pulled on his white hood but remained perched on the roofs edge for a moment. This attack would definitely ensure that the dictator's military would be one step behind. 842633-bigthumbnail-1.jpg
  11. "Lets do this" william said his hand rested on Aidens shoulder.His spy glass back in his belt
  12. Raven watched them both with a sigh. then she signed "was the boom really need?" she looked over below she notice something move in the corner of her eye. "did you see that" she signed again.
  13. William turned and nodded at raven to get ready to leave the rooftops
  14. she put her hood on and got ready with the others she still couldnt get the figer out of her head. "Lets get this done with" she signed with a silent huff.
  15. Aiden stepped back from his perch and followed William. He glanced up and gave a quick solutes to Raven. She was an interesting assassin, quite mysterious but she always managed to get her job done so he was glad to work with her. Aiden stood next to William at the edge of the building. "Let's go" said Aiden as he did an Angel dive off of the building onto a pile of leaves, ash, and other cushoining things
  16. "You ready aiden" william said now standing on the roof getting ready to jump off
  17. William jumped and knocked out a nearbly guard hidding him next to a car and crept forward silently. He wanted to get the job over and head back to base
  18. Aiden waited for Raven to join them on the street below before moving swiftly through the shadows. One more objective before they could head back to base. "The last convoy is not far, lets get this done." He said
  19. Raven smirked and moved back to have a running start. she ran and jumped and did a back filp in the air then landing on her two feet lightly as a cat. she then moved with grace to her target.
  20. Aiden followed Raven to the next Target and swiftly killed a guard. He pulled a shortblade from his belt and stabbed a soldier through his back and into his heart.
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