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    In a house in Rosenberg, a boy was preparing to go to bed. His Grandpa walks in to tuck him in and turn off the light. "Grandpa, could you read me a story?" The little boy asked holding the cover to his chin. His Grandpa looked at him and smiled, "Sure my boy...have you heard the one about the world of Phyrra?" He leaned over fixing the cover, to make the boy more comfortable. "No sir...tell me please!" The boy cried in excitement. His Grandpa chuckled a bit, "Ha..Ok as long as you close your eyes." He responded. The boy eagerly smile and quickly closed his eyes. His Grandpa made sure his eyes were closed and he began to speak.
    "Delia is a land in the in the world Phyrra. Here It wasn't a shock to have special abilities. Delia is ruled by the noble family of thyme. They noticed people began to use their abilities not only for everyday lives, but to harm others and themselves. So to deter the monstrosity they decided to implement the league of assassins. At the beginning, they appointed one leader also known as the King Grand Master assassin. The force of the assassins helped with the crime for a while, until the people of Delia began to rise against the noble family. The Assassins were caught in between because they worked for both the Noble family and the people. A war began. First the people against the Noble Family.

    After a few years of war, the assassins noticed that a few of their members were being killed, so they decided to protect their own. The King, caught in the middle of this war, ended the war by sacrificing his life. This left his three sons, Sango, Unio, and Komenco to rise and fight for the throne. The three came to the conclusion that their three different mentalities would call for them to split the league into three. Unio taught his followers to follow the people and protect everyone. Komenco taught his followers that Justice is the way of life. Sango taught his followers to rise over all and kill everything an nothing shall stand in their way. All was calm in Delia, until differences once again brought war. Komenco let order a law corrupt his mind and soon vanity flowed freely from his presence. He felt all was beneath him and his followers and no one should carry the same title. Sango became blood thirsty, just the sight of blood alone could arouse his interest to go on a killing spree. His savage nature then began to take hold. Unio, who cared not for his brothers' personalities, became irritated with the bickering of his brothers and felt that all of Delia would be caught in his brothers battle for the throne. The war between the three leagues lasted for what seemed like forever until one man rose up and fought the three brothers at once. With his valor, courage, and wisdom he was able to smite the brothers.

    Allowing the rest of his assassins brethren to survive. This man now holds the highest position of all assassin leagues. He is King Grand Master, Amando P. Cleirigh, He controls all three assassins leagues. After eradicating the sibling rivalry and rising to power, He decided to continue with three season's leagues designating them; Socio Sango, for the way of the blood, After Sango the bloodthirsty king. The Unio Homoj, for the way of the people, After Unio the selfless King. Last but not least the Komenco, for vanity and justice, in honor of Komenco the lawful King. Grand master Cleirigh has kept order between the assassins leagues by having one academy for teaching new assassins, One meeting hall for all leagues to join his divine word, and the organization of leagues to bid on the opportunities to accept missions. Delia is now at modern state and its time for new assassins to graduate and take their place and with the new decree by the Royal Family..."

    Do you have what it takes to become a master assassin?
    Join us in Nobility©
    Only 5 slots left, Character sheets up now!
    The slot available slots are;
    1 in the the Socio Sango,
    2 in the Komenco,
    2 in the Unio Homoj.
    Any questions? Ask them here!
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  2. Update: We have 3 slots left
    These slots are;
    1 in the Socio Sanyo
    1 in the Unio Humoj
    1 in the Komenco.
    Come join us here
    in Nobility©
    We will be starting soon!
  3. We're still looking keep the interest coming!
  4. Interested? Come join us here in Nobility© where fun doesn't just stop at the IC.
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  5. Possibly looking for about two more people. If you think you would be interested in this awesome Rp, then check us out here at Nobility©. Pm @OwlOne for the details.
  6. We have an opening, if your interested come check us out.
  7. We have an opening, in our Rp. Come check us out! I know you won't be disappointed. If you need additional information pm me and I'll help you out.

    Here's the link >>>Nobility©
  8. Is there still an opening?
  9. Is this RP still open for one more?
  10. Unfortunately, we are closed for signups and completely full on the Rp. But continue to watch out in case someone drops out.
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