An Assassin Roleplay?

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Does this pique your interest?

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  3. Need a little more.

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  1. *Press play before reading. Click the spoiler and read slowly.*
    Your Letter of Acceptance (open)


    This is an assassin Rp. The goal for this will be to level yourself and your abilities in order to rise through the ranks. Oh, but that's not all, not only do you have to do that but you also have to advance your league, to win over the noble eye. Sounds like the Royal Family is looking shave off the weakest leagues, so who will it be? The way of blood, the way of people, or the way of Justice.
    Do you think you will have what it takes to make it to the top? We will just have to see now wont we.
    Choose your league and prepare yourself cause were only looking for the best. You ready?
    Your choices are: The Way of Blood, the Way of People, or the Way of Justice.

    What were looking for?
    • -We would like to have a max of 12 people.(future expansion in development) Once atleast 6 people are interested, a sign up thread will be posted. At max 4 people per league and at min 2 people per league .
    • -Acticve People. This will be a modererately paced Rp.
    What you need to know.
    • -This will be an open plot Rp.
    • -Welcome to the land of Delia. This is a completely original land mass on a completely original world. All that partakes at
    • the beginning, happens on Delia.
    • -Feel free to ask any questions. Although we consider questions a spark of interest. Just kidding. But no we want your interest.
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  2. I'm interesting in joining.
    I want to be the way of the blood.
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  3. Yay! interest ok cool. Spread the word. Thanks for your interest.
  4. Yaay someone is interested im so happy. I hope more people get interested in it soon.
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  5. Glad to see your excitement for this Rp, please spread the word.
  6. I'm interested as well.
  7. Seems really cool, I'm in.
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  8. Cool, when we get a few more people we'll put up the sign up thread with more information. So spread the word and thanks for your interest.
  9. I'm in too!
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  10. Thanks for your interest. Spread the word so we could get more people.
  11. Active is considered...? Once a day, once a week?
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  12. I'm currently ironing out this but for right now I'm going to say once a day.
  13. interested
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  14. Yaay 6 people are intetested I wonder what the sign up is going to look like?????
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  15. Can't wait
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  16. Sign up thread will be up soon you guys.
  17. You had my attention, but you know have my interest.
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  18. Wooooo! Thanks for your interest! *Flails*
  19. The sign up has been posted. Please follow the link. The OOC will be put up tomorrow.

    Link to sign up thread>>> Path to Nobility
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