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  1. Just wanted to share.

    What do you see?​
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  2. Is that a Kecleon? :3

  3. Nooope, you have to look carefully.
  4. *Looks closely*

    I don't see anything odd or different about it. :/
  5. You need to see it as two things.
  6. Is it one of these things?

  7. In a way, yes.
  8. I can't see anything different! ;A;
  9. Holy shit. I got it. That's awesome.
  10. Pff, I watched the gif for like 10 minutes, nothing here. Not a damn thing! Is just a chameleon. xD
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  11. At least I'm not alone in this cluelessness.
  12. Alright then, focus on the 'legs'.
  13. They look like normal legs... :(
  14. Looks like a drunk ass parrot walking backwards?
  15. Focus where the arms connect to the body.
  16. No picture or thread has ever made me feel this pathetic and useless before... ;A;
  17. I didn't see it at first either, don't worry. xD
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  18. They're stretching a bit...
    But I can't see anything else. :/
  19. Maybe you'll see if if you look at it by turning your screen/head 90 degrees and then focus on the arms > w>
  20. The back leg get's a little fuzzy... but that's it. :/
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