An Apetite for Tragedy

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About Myself...
  • Senior in HS | In a crap ton of extracurricular activities | Social Life is something I have.​
  • Intermediate - Advanced Writer | Aesthetics is the bae | Double Check my writing | NPCs are an essential​
  • Communication through PMs | Skype is an iffy thing (Ask and I'll think about it) | RP through Threads​
  • Not the BEST conversationalist | Lets just be friends | I'll respond sweetly or bluntly​
  • Muses personalities varies | I do not recycle my characters, they're one of a kind | Any gender | Any sexuality | Physiques are Artwork or RL​
  • Posting speed like a sloth | Usually active on Saturdays and Fridays | Posts once everyday or week​
  • Leisurely RPs, please. | Smut is only for teen members. Smut is opt.​
  • Yes, I realized I spelt appetite wrong.
What I'm looking for...
  • Advanced Writer | May take Intermediate | Aesthetics Opt | Be able to handle NPCs
  • Be patient | Please do not pester me whether I'm going to post or not.
  • Posting should be similar to mines or faster | Alert me if you're going to be missing | Hiatus? Take your time.
  • Conversations are nice | Do tell me about your day | Let me get to know you
  • Filled out Roleplay Resume | Send me a writing sample through PMs
My interests...
  • Romance | Drama | Tragedy | Fantasy (Low or High) | Sci-Fi (Low) | Horror | Thriller | Psychological | Modern | Slice of Life | Angst | Mystery
  • Love Triangle | Psychopath (Obsessive) | Monarchy | Racial Tension | Victorian/Medieval Era | Asian Dynasties | Cute Crap
What I had in Mind...
  • Witch // Villager (Salem Witch Trials / Crucible Inspired) (5/5)
  • Gypsy // Soldier (France 1800s / Hunchback of Notre-Dame Inspired) (4/5)
  • Queen // Knight (Unrequited Romance / Love Triangle / Low Fantasy / GL) (3/5)
  • Inhabitant // Journalist (Haunted Town / Horror / Thriller / Gore + Blood / R-17) (3/5)
  • Cop // Prostitute (Cyberpunk / Drama / Crime / Friendship or Romance) (2.5/5)
  • Aphrodite // Human (Greek Mythology / Historical) (3/5)
  • Greaser Girl // Cheerleader (50s / Romance / Friendship to Romance or Hate to Love)
Stories in my head...
  • The Ugly Duckling; A young woman, paunchy, short, damaged hair, and acne infested face. She was never a popular one, in fact, everybody in her class was out to get her. Her sisters did not even consider her apart of the family, her mother worried about her constantly. Her biggest fear every morning was, Muse B. Muse B is your typical bad boy, surrounded by his friends who loathed the paunchy young woman. Their torturous bullying was pushed further when they treated her like an animal; threw food onto the concrete ground, forcing her to eat from the ground. That night, she went to a bridge and fell off. The next morning she wakes up confused and dazed, sure that she killed herself. To her surprise, she saw her reflection on the mirror; a beautiful young woman, porcelain complexion, long healthy hair, a curvy physique, and a pretty face. In the mirror, a woman appears, only in the reflection. Her words spoke of true loves kiss, she can never kiss the one she loves, or else the spell will wear off. With that, she leaves to school with a new name, to start a new life. However, with her new life and appearance, she attracts unwanted attention. [ Based off of a Korean Manhwa, Miunohri to Swan. ]
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Hey there!
You probably know me from the boarding school roleplay I'm currently doing.
I'd love to do the Ugly Duckling story plot with you.
Please shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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