An... Anime-esque harem RP?

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  1. Among all genres that don't really transition well into a roleplay, I always thought the harem genre was the one thing that just wouldn't do well. I mean, the main point of the harem genre is to revolve around the protagonist and all that you know...

    But what if...

    Alright I'll just get straight to the point, no drag, no lag, and no hag. Here are my plot ideas. I'll just call the harem centre the 'MC'.

    • The RP starts off with the awfully ordinary and totally unsuspicious transfer student named 'Karasuma-san'. At some point, the MC discovers that she is what is known as a 'Weapon Witch', a female-only specialisation. When the MC kisses these 'Weapon Witches', he fuses with them to transform into more powerful forms.

      MC also discovers that he is referred to as 'the Catalyst' by certain antagonists.

      Due to certain plot elements, I will need to address you through PM before finally accepting you.
    • Why am I even doing this? Yeah, this is pretty fandom-based. Directly based on the notorious harem-oriented iM@S Break manga(and is, in fact, a sequel) and the Million Live mobile game. Of course, you can only play canon characters - the 50 female idols you can choose from, which include the 13 original 765 idols. The setting is 765 Production.

      You don't have to focus on the harem aspect too much.
    • You can really tell I give up at this point... OR AM I?
      The current plan for this RP is that the MC meets a young maiden who turns out to be a grand familiar whom he eventually agrees to make a contract with due to certain circumstances, thus turning him into a magical... magical GIRL?

      Don't worry, I'm not that Urobuchi guy, and this lady's not Kyubey. You aren't selling any souls to any alien devils. I swear on my unwritten contract quill feather contract.
    • Still being planned.
    • MC is a feminine boy whose beauty is said to know no bounds. This causes him to be dragged into the Yamato Nadeshiko club, which is essentially a girls-only club, where his supposed destiny is to become a... true woman? Hillarious comedic hijinks and all that, with some development here and there.
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