An Angry Poem

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  1. "Instructions For Telling People How To live Their Life."- S.S

    I tell people I don’t plan on getting married

    and suddenly

    it’s a sad story.

    Before when I was



    less informed about my own source of happiness,

    I told people I wanted a family.

    Loving husband and three boys.

    “You will.”

    “You will.”

    “You will.”

    Now that I am



    more confident in the company of myself.

    I tell people I want to be single forever.

    Me, my cat and my controller.

    “That’s sad.”

    “They all say that.”

    “Wait until you find the one.”

    I didn’t know

    I was the antagonist

    of my own life.

    I didn’t realize when

    my opinions

    my dreams

    my goals

    became the opposite of what’s to root for.

    Nobody said congratulations

    on my 6 month anniversary

    of being happy.

    I have had no

    encouraging words

    hopeful eyes.

    All I got was pity.

    Like it was a shame to be alone.

    Like I should act right.

    Dress better.

    Maybe I’ll find another man

    who doesn’t love me

    who doesn’t please me

    who has only read the back of my book

    and declared my genre



    cheering for the other guy

    like they ever did me any favors.

    Like they ever did them any favors.

    And if being in a relationship


    the best thing

    why was I miserable half the time?

    But when I’m single

    when I’m alone

    when I’m in love

    with myself

    I sit in absolute silence.

    I deliberately turn the volume down

    So all I can hear

    are my own thoughts.

    I write books in secrecy

    I harass my friends

    I sleep for hours...

    it’s a miracle I wake up.

    And I am so happy those days
    my heart could burst.

    Where is there room for two?
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  2. Oh my gosh, this is really amazing.
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  3. :3 Had to change some things, most notably the derpy title. But I'll make a recording soon.

    My drawl will make it sound boring, but eh. It's what I got.
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  4. Love it! You've done really great!
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