An Angel's Last Hope

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  1. She'd been on Earth for years now, trying to help the lost, to set people on thr right path, but lately she was less and less successful. All the pain and anger and sadness was worming it's way into her heart, turning her dark and hopeless. She was alone, but she was so tired of it. Her wings were fading to black, the light in her halo had gone out months ago, and she was thinking unholy thoughts. She'd even tried to kill herself a few times, but to no avail. Now, this sad, lost, broken hearted angel is on the edge and ready to jump. Who cared if she lived or died? No one knew her, she was just another face in the crowd, another girl at the bar, another person ready to die. She needed help, but no one cared enough to try.

    That is, until he walked through the door. He was dark, a lost soul tangled into crime and sin. He'd been in and out of jail and was in between his last and next arrest. He'd come in for a drink, but a girl at the bar intrigued him, so he decided hell, why not?

    I'd like you to be the guy in this one, I'll play the broken Angel. More details can be discussed (or existing details can be tweaked) later.
  2. sooo intrested
  3. i am also interested, but if Kronas wishes to do it badly, since he was here first i wont mind