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  1. Today, it is a well-known fact that the world is spherical in shape, but just a thousand year ago, people thought it was flat like a plane. Similarly, old medieval maps have strange decorations at their sides, painted with demons, angles and the like, not to mention that the classical phrase "Here be dragons" comes from the maps of ancient times, denoting unexplored places. It is clear that cartography, map-making and scientific beliefs have changed much over the course of history, radically changing the faces of maps throughout the ages.

    Your exercise is to briefly describe an ancient map of a world of your choice. You can use the following sheet as a guideline if you wish, or create something completely independently!


    Central belief: (What did people think of the world's shape then?)
    Detail level / scale:

    Notable annotations:

    The area: (The area that the map depicts)

    Authenticity: (Is it a real map or just a scam?)

    Accuracy: (How accurately it depicts the world)

    Legend / key symbols:

    Material used as the base of the map: (Parchment, paper, etc.)

    Material used for drawing the map: (Ink, blood, etc.)

    Use of the map: (How often and by whom it was used in its age)

    Fate of the map: (Where is it located now? How does the present view it?)
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  2. Age: Over a thousand years old.

    Central belief: At that time people were divided in their theories, all agreed that as everything relied on balance and that everything from seasons to life went in a circle from birth to death and then birth again, the earth was round, but some believed it was flat while others claimed it was a sphere.
    Detail level / scale: It is a detailed map of Shiade, showing the the landscape, cities and roads

    Notable annotations:
    It is a very valuable map today to scholars and scavengers, Shiade was once a lush region with many cities and now those are all but gone after the earthquackes and the drought. No one alive either knows or want to reveal the lost cities and temples so a map showing everything could be sold for a lot of durai.

    The area: It shows the country Shiade, it also points out Zarradeo to the south and Aldeor to the north across the mountains.

    Many have tried toforge a copy to make some quick and easy coins but there only exists one real map of Shiade that is authenticated.

    It is very accurate for it's time, showing everything from the landscape to roads very accurately.

    Legend / key symbols:
    The map in Cinna is lined with pictures of animals, flowers and plants from Shiade, in one corner an Anona lies on a rock, in another grazes a Selk and a large Shrii flower adorns the top left corner, in between small animals is vividly painted together with ivy, flowers and other plants. Sadly as part of the map is lost to a fire and the ink is faded, efforts to save what's left of it has prevented any further degredation. Other maps where said to hold pictures of legends, history, flora and fauna as well as tribal borders. Maps from all countries have decorations like these but they are often unique to their country and this map is one thing that shows species that are now extinct or very rare.

    Material used as the base of the map:
    It's made on a sort of paper made from a grass species unique to Shiade before the drought, the process was lost long ago though.

    Material used for drawing the map:
    Black ink mainly but the decorations are made with additions of colour.

    Use of the map:
    Back when it was in use many travellers and merchants used it when navigating the country, they hung in places like schools and taverns as well.

    Fate of the map:
    The only authenticated map still in existance is badly burned and faded missing key pieces, it is kept safely in the White Court Academy in Cinna
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