An all Female character RP idea?

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  1. Here's an RP idea that I thought was neat. Here it is:

    "In the year 2078, a large group of 16-19 year old girls awake from pods deep inside a massive, old factory. They have no memory other than their names, and their education. The building is stocked with old technology, food, and water. But the building is locked inside out. The building is controlled by T.A.M, a clingy, unstable A.I due to her corrupted system, and sees the girls as her "daughters". She also controls robot security guards that also care-take the girls. But as T.A.M grows more and more unstable, and with violence amongst the girls, they must work together to find T.A.M's power source and deactivate it to escape, or else they must accept the factory as their new home. But, is there a home to return to?"

    So what do you guys think?
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  2. That sounds awesome, I'm interested. :D
  3. Cool! Thanks! :D
  4. This is going to end like "I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream" isn't it?
  5. I've just searched that up, and I doubt if this RP takes off, it won't finish, nor end that way.
  6. I would be something of an unlikely outcome, depending on layer actions. Your spiel ended up accidentally hitting some similarity with the AI's name and love instead of hate, but I think that's all.
  7. Ah, I get it. TAM's name was
    Ah, when I first came up with this, I decided to use the name "Tammy" but I didn't like it. So, I thought of "TAM". But I see your point, However, I didn't know that this was similar to that other story.
  8. It's cool. Accidental similarities happen, so no big deal. I'll admit that I'd thought "You could totally nickname the AI Tammy," myself, so keep the name as-is for that purpose. It's fine to let it be a silly name if it's a name the PCs assign to it, after all.
  9. Thanks for understanding! :D
  10. I'm intrigued by this :)
  11. I'm very interested in this. ^^

    I think if you went into more detail about the A.I.'s that worked there and made a map of the factory, then you could/should start the official sign-up thread, if you're comfortable!
  12. This sounds like it would be interesting im in :).
  13. Hadn''t checked this thread in while, I thought this was forgotten. Thanks people!
  14. Love the idea! I'm totally in!
  15. I would also be very interested : )
  16. Sure! Thanks for the heads up. I haven't really thought of what the factory is like, and the A.I.
  17. I'm in as well! It'll be interesting to see the dynamics.
  18. I've decided to go through with this RP, I'll make the OOC thread soon. Have exams at the moment.
  19. Exams? Sorry, I'm still kinda new to the site, not sure what you're talking about.
  20. They mean that they have tests to take at their school. :) It has nothing to do with the site.
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