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  1. It was a summer day in New York. On the New York's sky a UFO try recover but didn't succed. A big explosion heared. The UFO crashed in a Manhatten Central Park, not departure Student's house. The accident not serious consequences. Two alien girls and her's cousins suffered only minor injuries but UFO was affect serious and iremediable. The 3 aliens go at student's house which he belived hotel.
    The two girls are beautiful teenager. Lum had a long green green hair, elf's ears, and two horns.
    Dahlia, Lum's twin sister like so but one different is her red light hair.
    Ten was a baby like aproximatly two yeras old but have a inteligency like a five years old. Ten have a short green hair and a one horn. The second horn is not appear yeat.
  2. Dan stretched and looked around, his blue eyes were half closed and half open, kicking off the blankets and his bed, Dan got up and opened the window. Dan looked out, satisfied, everything was normal..... well, except for the part that their are 2 teenage girls and a baby boy with horns standing in front of his door. As quickly as Dan could, he got dressed and hopped down stairs, he grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it into his mouth, letting the crumbs fall on his short. Dan swallowed the bread, finally making it to the front door, "Who would want to come here on this day?" He grumbled under his breath.
  3. Hello! My name is Lum and they are Dahlia and Ten. Our car was broken. Said Lum making them eye. She did not want to be heard by others, they be an aliens. We looking a flat in wich stay few days. You can let us stay in this one flat? Ask Lum and out her purse a little gold bar by 300 grams.
  4. Dan raised an eyebrow, "Flat?" He asked, chuckling quietly, "What is a flat?
  5. I refer at this room or orther like this. Are a lot of more on this corridor. Says Lum, showing to a lot of more doors on the corridor.
  6. Dan blinked, "You can stay here.' He replied, flashing a smile at Lum, "My name is Dan."
  7. Glad to meet you. Thank you. Says Lum. Then Lum invite Dahlia and Ten in room.
    -I am hungry. Call of boy with pizza, please.
  8. Dan blinked, he reached out of the phone, he dialed the number for Pizza Hut, "Cheese and pepperoni pizza please." He ordered.

    Sky watched as the new creatures went into the school boy or human #83901's house. Sky whispered into her radio, "Creature #83 (aliens) has been found, I repeat, creature #83 has been found at human #83901's house."
  9. The 3 aliens not know that hunted by gouvernment. The 3 aliens sit on the bad in room like on the chair. The 2 girls sit one near other. Dahlia taken the children in her arms.
    Lum raise her left arm and show boy, her smart fiable watch tablet like thick bracelet that had a hologram screen.

    -Do you like this? Ask she.
  10. Dan turned around and looked at the tablet, his jaws dropped, "Never seen anything like this!" Dan exclaimed, checking the devise out, "Where did you find this? It most of cost a lot!" Dan had to admit, the thing looked pretty amazing.

    Sky glanced into the students house, "Roger that." She told, remembering her orders, "I'll do the best thar I can." Sky turned off the communicator device, she was beginning to form a plan in her mind.
  11. It is made with advanced tehnology. My father give me with my birthday occasion. Say Lum, try avoid says is an alien. Not want says this because she feared that the boy can pass out and she not want this.
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  12. Dan's eyes widened, "Wow!" He exclaimed, "He must be very rich." Dan heard the doorbell ring, he skipped to the door, a few moments later he came back with pizza.
  13. -Yes. My father is ambasador and leader. When boy give the pizza, the pizza was divided in 8 slices.
    Lum ask:
    -I can give me a fork and a knife?
    Lum was accustomed with used the cutlery for any. She make part by high society. She is equivalent president's daughter.
  14. Dan shrugged his shoulders and hopped into the kitchen, he threw the fork and knife at her rapped in paper. Dan took a slice of pizza and bit into it, ignoring the sauce that got onto the sides of his mouth. Sky changed into her school clothing, she was a agent, but was also a student, so she knew this kid called Dan. Sky walked up to the door and rang the door bell, a muffled "Coming!" Is what she heard.
  15. Lum and Dahlia their horns coverage with their hair. In Ten cause, him horn is a little bump.
    Lum and Dahlia, start eating the pizza used the fork and knife. lum look curious at the door.
  16. Dan swung open the door, "Sky!" He greeted with a warm smile, "Come on in." He gestured to the guests on the couch. Dan dragged Sky across the room and plopped her down next to Lum, "This is Lum" he said, looking a Lum, "Lum, this is Sky."

    Sky looked at Lum impassively, "Hi." She greeted blankly, she narrowed her eyes a tiny but at Lum, she was sure this was the alien.
  17. -Glad to meet you, Sky. And this is Dahlia, my sister. Lum said, showing to Dahlia.
    -Glad to meet you, Sky. Dahlia said.
    -I am too beautiful and Cupidon gives nudges that not see on my sister? Jokes Lum with boy.
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