An Alien On Earth

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  1. An Alien On Earth
    [ScarletNova and TheRealHermione]​

    “Why am I doing this again!” Inori cried out as she pressed the buttons on her ship. A little glowing blue bird was flying around her, just watching everything unfold. “I can’t ever get the landing part right!” She continued, as the small space craft hit the ground hard causing alarms to go off. But, it seemed she was alright and not too much damage on the ship. Inori let out a loud sigh and stood up from her seat. She walked to the door and opened it up, she had landed her ship in a part of a woods that not many people would end up seeing it.

    “Come on Ninx, we have a job to do!” She said, pointing out at the open woods. She grabbed a few things from the ship and headed out. Unfortunately, she may be smart and her kind very high-tech but she knew nothing about Earth. It was going to be hard to fit in; it would help if she had someone to teach her how to act. She walked around. If anyone saw her they would see a short girl, with cloths that were too big on her, walking around in the woods.

    Finally, she had gotten out of the woods. It seemed to be connected to a park. She took a seat on a bench nearby and looked around. “I don’t know where to start Ninx.” Inori said to the glowing bird who was perched on the aliens shoulder. “I want to help these humans, but I don’t even know what my father and the others would like to know. I guess I just try living with them or something…” She let out another sigh. She was all excited to come to Earth at first, but now she was just kind of freak out about it. She looked down at her lap, frowning and looking like some lost girl.
  2. Seth had left his house early this morning, determined to set out before his favorite spot in the nearby park gets too crowded so that his entire blanket of concentration is sadly compromised. For he at least wants to finish scripting out the play he’s been working on composing; it is his desire to have it selected for the annual community play, and submissions have to be in within a few months for them to even be considered. This honor would definitely help him along the road to achieve his goal of becoming an acclaimed writer for Broadway, movies, TV shows, and the like. He has never really known why such an obscure profession is greatly of his interest, though. Perhaps for the joy of knowing he had created something? Perhaps for the satisfaction of being a successful? Perhaps he merely does it for –

    Seth stops short, noticing a small shimmer that surely does not belong to the rising sun. This shimmer is… blue. Frowning slightly, he brings a hand above his eyes and looks off into the distance, trying to pinpoint the shimmering blue light. Sure enough, not so very far away, it is quite visible. Starting toward the anomaly at a slight jogging pace, Seth’s previously thoughts temporarily abandon his curious mind. Finally, his eyes rest on a glowing blue bird hovering over the shoulder of what appears to be a ragamuffin of girl with pinkish-purple hair.

    Slowing to a walk, Seth’s eyes flit over the girl and lock on the bird with unconstrained awe. It is not one that he recognizes, which surprises him greatly, seeing as he knows almost all of the local species of any animal categorization. He becomes suddenly aware that he has all but ignored the girl, and his face reddens with embarrassment. “Sorry for the intrusion, Miss,” he manages in a soft voice, giving her a slight nod of apology. “But that bird… I’ve never seen anything like it. Is it yours?”
  3. Inori looked up when she heard the foot steps coming towards her, then stared as she watched this guy focus in on Ninx. She was kind of surprised that the only thing he was focusing on was her flying blue glowing bird. Right! Humans didn't have any kind of animals that her home did, she had almost forgotten. Finally, he spoke to her, looking a bit embarrassed. "Of course you haven't seen anything like Ninx. His kind isn't on your planet." Inori said, "But yeah, he's mine. I call him Ninx, by the way." Meanwhile, Ninx was curious about the human that came up to them so interested. The bird began to fly around the guy, then stopped and went back to Inori's shoulder.

    Inori's face suddenly lit up, HUMAN! She stood up abruptly, then pointed to the guy. "You're a human! I request your assistance." She said all of a sudden. She didn't look so lost and upset now. "I am here on a mission and I would like your help to save this planet you call Earth." To anyone else, Inori probably sounded like a crazy person but that wasn't on her mind at all. She figured that the guy would understand what she meant. She didn't know that Earth's people didn't know that there were other beings on other planets yet. "What do you say?" She said, giving a smile proud that she finally figured out where to start.
  4. "Of course you haven't seen anything like Ninx. His kind isn't on your planet. But yeah, he's mine. I call him Ninx, by the way." Seth frowns deeply, brow creasing as the small, glowing creature zips around his head as though showing off his shimmering wings with an utmost sense of pride. As the tiny beast settles over the girl’s shoulder, Seth exhales a stream of breath that he hadn’t known that he had been holding in the first place.

    But… Something’s wrong with the creature, with this maiden. Staring at the young woman without realizing that he’s doing so, Seth replays her words in his mind. A single, simplistic phrase sticks to the front of his train of thought, although… It doesn’t make much of any sense at all. His kind isn't on your planet. Is this young woman implying that the odd bird is indeed an extraterrestrial being? He’s interesting and unique, that’s for sure, but alien? Unlikely, to say the very least, though Seth decides against declaring such a deduction out loud. No need to question this girl’s sanity, for surely anyone would take offense to such a blatant accusation, even when her lost, faraway gaze supports his inference.

    Although, when the girl speaks up once again, he questions his own decision not to make the accusation that is surely truth. "You're a human! I request your assistance. I am here on a mission and I would like your help to save this planet you call Earth. What do you say?"

    After a brief, passive moment of hesitation, Seth backs away slightly, concern written on his face. “Miss?” He addresses her softly under her suddenly intense and focused gaze. “Are you alright? Do… Do you need any help?”

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  5. He was pretty quiet, he hadn't said anything yet. Perhaps he couldn't speak to her. Inori pouted at the guy. It was like he wasn't understanding anything she was saying, especially with that crazy weird look on his face. Maybe he was confused about something, but what could that be. "Huh?" She said, "Of course I need help! I just said that!" She replied back as she watched him step back a bit. Why was he staring at her like that? "I need your help to save your planet, human being. I'm Inori, I come from another planet. Your world will be destroyed if I do not do something about it." She put her hands on her hips and stared back at him. "If your not going to help me then I'll find some other earthling. I don't want you to be the cause of this planets end because I couldn't get your help."

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