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  1. When celebrating Iwaku's sixth birthday,


    THE PROPHESY! The prophesy was fulfilled!
  2. I didn't actually start on Gaia. I started on forums and Yahoo chats.

    I think that's worse.
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  3. Once upon a time I... attempted to join a roleplay forum there.

    I quickly ran away.

    I found Fictionpress forums way better.
  4. But you were on Gaia at all, so the prophecy matches up.

    Let's see what else the ancient scriptures say...
  5. I was absolutely atrocious when I started RPing, despite being decent at writing. I think it was largely due to having poor examples to follow.
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  6. I can relate to this a whole lot. When I first started roleplaying, I used to write paragraphs and what not, but then I realized most people were only giving a couple of line replies. o.o' I was stumped and eventually that's what my roleplaying dwindled down to.

    Thankfully I was suggested to join here and saw the light once more :'D
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  7. I started playing on here. I joined an RP or two with demons and fighting and stuff and shoddy anime characters (MAUHAHAH). Left for a few years. @Astaroth forgot me. Rejoined Then TI came up in a chat room then magic happened inside of his brain and he realized how much of a god I am.

    It was a learning process.

    Hey @IntrusivePenDesperateSword call Astaroth senpai, he'll love it. I'm sure he'll never forget you if you do.

    I left again. Then came back and there was this thing happened where there was this guy called RateInDespairVsSoWotDu who was like this massive jerk who I apparently didn't remember and I sent him an anagram and all hell broke lose. Like dude was some crazy piece of work, went around sharin' shit that was none of his beeswax. Making wild statements and doing the creeper thing. OH THE TIMES OF IWAKU.
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  8. Technically speaking my first RP experience was on Habbo

    Where the best way to describe the RP's was "Spam Wars. Spam attack 'posts' the fastest and you win!".
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  9. Ya'll people ain't got shit with your "embarrassing" ways to start roleplaying. At least games like Habbo were pretty much made for it.

    I started roleplaying on Roblox and Minecraft plot servers.
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  10. I used to RP on WoW. 8D
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  11. I roleplayed on WoW, and before that, through AIM messenger and most damningly - Deviantart PMs. As a 12 year old idiot,I desperately wanted to RP on neopets but I couldn't figure it out.
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  12. Lol. I RPed on Neopets too when I was that age. I never tried deviantArt PMs because frankly that never even occurred to me as a possibility.
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  13. Man, that takes me back. I used to roleplay on Neopets too. There'd be guilds that people made centred around a specific plot... And we could use our pet pages to make character profiles. ; __; Ah, nostalgia.

    Has anyone heard of AnimeRequiem? It was a popular site for Neopets profile page coding, but it also had its own forum. It didn't start roleplaying there, but I think that's where the refining process started.
  14. I never RP'ed on Neopets personally. But I remember always smashing my head into the keyboard cause I couldn't figure out how to level up my neopets.
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  15. I relate to the latter part on a deep, personal level.
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  16. I started RPing online on a Pokémon forum. Come the fuck at me.

    One of my friends started on "we close all threads after 200 posts" Neopets, though.
  17. I had to google what Neopets is.

    I feel old. :'D
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  18. XD Pretty sure you're not that much older than me, if it makes you feel better. I got on Neopets when it was brand new, like early 2000. Just didn't RP there until a couple years later when I discovered play-by-post and then later realized Neopets had that. My RP stint on there was pretty brief and largely due to having a friend who was into it when we were kind of a little too old for Neopets (I said 12 earlier, but actually I think I was more like 13 at the time, and she was 14).
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  19. >.> I feel... slightly better. :P
  20. Haha, yeah, I've still been RPing for like 16-17 years, so... 8D We have members on Iwaku younger than my roleplay career. That makes me feel older than I have a right to, probably.
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