An Adventure For The Hell Of It

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Please sign up before coming on here. This is the IC roleplay. This is an adventure roleplay that basically allows any type of character except they need to be appropriate for a fantasy and adventure setting! Be part of the main group or maybe create some type of villain(talk to me about it)! Be a tree! (maybe) The plot can be set up by the different character's biographies and such. Please sign up to Roleplay on here. Have fun, please try to stay active, and let me or Toast know on the OOC signup thread if you have any questions or ideas.

Okay so basically they are in a time period where magic is widely know to be real, although many people cannot use it. This Adventure group welcomes all people who are magical and looking for adventure and is run by an unknown leader who is talked about in high regard but hardly ever seen. The Base is on the outskirts of a little fisherman's village. They often receive missions to go on whether to retrieve a jewel or figure out what the heck is on top of a certain mountain. Multiple teams exist, though for now there is only one unless many more people sign up to join the Adventure group. Tala is a sort of higher up/leader for the current group.

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(We didn't have an IC thread when I posted this, sorry about the mistake.)

"Oi!" He called at the bar tender waving his glass back and forth excitedly. "Get me another drink you bastard!" James slammed his cup down onto the bar, and slid it over. He rocked dangerously in his seat from the first three drinks he's had. He dug into his pocket, and saw that he had no money left. He smiled nervously at the bar keep. " drink for the local adventurer? Heh..."

He walked back to their 'base camp' with a tilt in his step, hardly able to see straight. "This sucks." He spat at the ground.
Tala huffed as she walked around camp, busy with tidying up and sorting things. The young woman held her long brown hair up high as it was pretty humid that evening. She wondered why on Earth the base camp had to be near a beach where the humidity made her wolf side want to rip her own skin off. But instead, she sucked it up and prayed that winter would come faster.

Tala was carrying a bunch of records of missions in her arms as James walked up, clearly drunk as all hell. She carefully set the records down on a table and immediately started to sort them as busywork. She raised an eyebrow and looked at the spit on the ground she had recently cleaned, if it was possible to even clean the ground. She then looked up at James and smiled her usual kind smile. "What, did you get kicked out? Got in a fight?" She said jokingly.
"Ran out of money." He corrected her with a slur. He flopped into the seat beside her and smiled brightly. "No one's here? Good, no one needs to see the great and powerful James like this." He hiccuped. "I'm only half drunk, and that disgusts me."

He leaned back in his chair to stretched, and let out a shout of surprise as he fell over onto the wooden floor. He let out a giggle. "Hey, hey, Tala, I fell over." He nodded, like it was a real big secret. "Can I have a few coins?" He asked.
Tala rolled her eyes and shook her head, going back to sorting the records neatly. She wondered indeed where the others were, though she didn't dwell on it too much.

She gasped a bit aa he fell and then shook her head again. "James...go to bed and get sober. I already lent you coins before, which in fact you still owe me." She raised an eyebrow a bit, though they both should've known she wouldn't seriously harass him for the few coins he owed her. "I don't want you all drunk or even hungover if we get a mission soon. I'm not hesitant to leave you behind." She threatened playfully, though again, she knew she wouldn't leave a team member behind if she could help it. The more the merrier.
"You're not my mom don't tell me what to do." He said, as he got off the floor. Even so, he walked up the stairs, and into the hall where the dorms were. He opened the door to his, and smiled when he saw his dorm mate wasn't there. "Hell yeah, I get the room all to myself." He said, flopping down onto the bottom bunk.

James looked up at the wooden panels, keeping up the other bed, and wondered where he went. "I bet he's doing something stupid, like....picking flowers, like a punk." He turned over and curled up with his pillow. He pulled the covers over his head, and soon drifted off to sleep.
Before long, a very loud sound tore through the area. Had something just exploded?! A flock of birds took flight in a panic. Just a few yards off from base camp, a strangely shaped projectile had just smashed into the ground, becoming slightly imbedded in the tough soil.

It was still and unmoving, and the area seemed a little too quiet in response to the loud bang. Nothing happened, as if everything within two miles was holding its breath. This silence lasted for a whole fifteen seconds before the unidentified... thing... twitched.

"Mmmph... A li'l hlp here?" a muffled voice questioned, struggling unimpressively to get free.
James woke with a splitting headache, when the sound of a large crash reached his ears, interrupting his nap. He ran down the stairs, with his knife drawn, all the way into the main room, and outside. James cursed, thinking they were under attack.

He saw a small figure, and held his breath, creeping closer to it. He waited for it to attack, standing still at a safe distance, and then it started to move. He moved quickly when it asked for help, and held up the body of a young girl by the back of her shirt.

"She's small." Was all that came out of his half drunk mouth.
The girl squirmed slightly and dropped from the stranger's grasp. "A valid observation," she muttered, coughing dirt out of her mouth and wiping it from her eyes. Amazing how much got caked into her face so easily... and the humidity imbued it with some qualities like mud. It stuck to her skin irritatingly.

As she continued to try to scrub the dirt off with her sleeve-covered fist, she opened her mouth to speak again. "Thanks, sir. I was worried for a second nobody'd be nearby. But, dang, you should've seen the view I just saw! Let me tell you, catapults are amazing."

As she had been talking, she had been getting the last of the dirt off, revealing would-be pale skin that was rubbed into a raw red color. She quickly moved on to ask another question. "Sooo... Who are you?"
He let her jump down and watched her rub dirt off her face. He didn't really think to ask her if she needed a towel or something. "Meh, you're just lucky I was lucid enough to wake up from my nap, kid, or you mighta died in the sand. The paper work would have been hell." He shuddered, remembering the last time a civilian had died on their land.

"Who am I you ask?" He said tapping his chin. "I am the great, the powerful, the grand adventurer, James." He made jazz hands at the little girl, with a stupid grin on his face. "And who might you be, lost child?"
Though she could have taken his greeting as indication that he was slightly conceited, she was an accepting child. She seriously took his word for it, nodding as he'd finished talking about himself.

When it was his turn to question her, she scratched one tiny hand through her black hair awkwardly. She had never been talented at pronouncing her own name... She took a deep breath and tried anyway. "My name is Emmanuella D-Daniella Alexandria... deFlorence," she declared with a little effort, quickly adding "but please call me Emdal."

She then became curious. Airborne, she had seen a building, and now she knew there was at least one person in it. Like a true child, she wasted no time wandering straight up to the front door and trying to peek inside, looking for other people.
Aly had gone off to hunt. She was returning to camp now with a plump young buck draging behind her. She did not use her Wild Magic to bring him down. She shut her mind to the forest and sat and waited. She emerged from the treeline and trudged through the sand, dragging the deer, her bow in one hand. Once she drew close enough, she called out to the others. "Tala! James! I have food!"
Tala woke up to a huge explosion. She immediately thought the worst as she came running out, her hair a disheveled mess no regular person could have achieved during sleep. She had a metal baseball bat she had grabbed in her sleepy stupor while heading down to the scene. In truth, instead of some leader of an adventure group, she looked like a crazy lady who hadn't seen light in days.

Tala stopped just in front of the little girl, looking at James and glaring. "What in the world did you-!" before interrupting herself and completely changing her expression, genuinely smiling at the little girl, crouching a bit to come eye level with her. "Hello there. Erm...Are you alright?" She said gently, dropping the bat and smoothing her hair back so she didn't seem too threatening.
A bird flew in, a raven to be specific. A bird of pure darkness. It perched on a clotheshanger on the wall.

"Ah, greetings my comrades," the bird speaks. At first glance, it was just a regular raven, except it talked.

Just a bird, right? Nope. You'll see.

"I see you that a child has joined us. I too, have brought my children for the first time. My girls that I talk about frkm time to time. Some day they'll be great wolves like me. I suppose an introduction would be fine, would it not?"

With that, two human girls, both naked with only their hair to veil them, walked in. One was visibly taller than the other.

"H- humans? Father, I thought you said you didn't like them!" The shorter one speaks.

"About that, Garou," the raven says, "not all humans are unlikeable. These guys are- ummm... I don't know how to put it. That's why I brought you both here."

"Anyways," the raven speaks, "I sippose I should introduce myself and my family, since we have some new members. My name is Beowulf II, child of the great Beowulf I."

He then perches on the taller one's shoulder. "This is Loup, and this is Garou. My daughters. And this is- wait, where's Irene?"

"Right here, Beowulf," a spherical object hovers into the tent. "My name is Irene. How do you do? I see that we have a new member among us."

"I just said that," Beowulf speaks.

It was likely that the others were shocked. Beowulf often mentioned his children, but never ever directly stated that they were humans. In fact, his implications and hints leaned towards lupine beasts or birds of a feather.

The new child was more likely to be astonished by talking animals and a talking ball.
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"Umm..." Emdal hummed. A lot had just happened. She closed her eyes and reviewed what she'd just been exposed to. So... James, James's friend who killed a deer, a crazy-looking woman who was probably named 'Tala', two girls named Loup and Garou, a talking crow-thing presumably named Beowulf, and a floating something titled Irene... Yep, that was probably everything.

As soon as she'd sorted out her thoughts, she spoke again, clasping her dirty hands behind her back. "I'm fine, Tala ma'am. Thank you for asking. Where, exactly, did I just land?" The 2-foot-deep crater of her impact was visible behind her, putting natural emphasis on the word 'land'.
Tala blinked at the newcomers. She wasn't very much a morning person as it was made clear by her appearance and grumpiness. Despite that she smiled kindly at Beowolf's daughters. "It is very nice to meet you two finally." She then smiled down to the little girl in front of her as she said her name. "Ah!'ve come to the base camp of the Adventure Group, home of any magical person or being who wishes to have a life of adventure. As you know, I am Tala, currently one of the leaders of this small group" She smiled proudly, this time showing her teeth, which included a pair of canine fangs.

"Either way, this is where you've..." Tala looked behind the girl to the crater she seemed to have made. So THAT was the source of the explosion. She tilted her head. "Landed..."
The girl watched Beowulf's daughters out of the corner of her eye as she listened to Tala's explanation. Though they seemed a good few years older than herself, she couldn't tell by how much, so she intended to introduce herself and ask them about it. However, just as she glanced back to Tala, something distracted her.

Emdal had stopped really paying any attention to what Tala was saying from the point where the leader had displayed her fangs. The girl stared at them, interest apparent in her dark brown eyes. She spoke yet again. "I like your teeth. Can I have them?" she requested in complete seriousness.
Tala looked back to the little girl and frowned a bit. "Thank you, but sorry, I kinda need them." She laughed a bit before gasping. "Oh where are my manners! How about we go get you all cleaned up, and we can show you around the base, as well as your daughters, Beowolf." She smiled brightly. "That is, if you'd like to."

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"Alright! Aly, way to go!" James said, running over to the deer. "Ah, I'm so hungry I could eat a freaking horse. But I guess venison would be just as good." He shrugged, and poked the dead animal with his foot.

His eyes widened slightly at the appearance of two naked girls. "Holy kumuffins, Aly do you see that?" He asked, pointing at them. "I thought Pea Brain was kidding when he said he had kids."

James sauntered over to the crow and leaned against the tree. "Well bird brains, you never told me you had such, lovely daughters." He nodded to the two girls in question, with a mischievous look on his face. "So, how old are you two?" He asked.
The red eyes of the great raven glared upon James. This was yet another racial trait of a raven - intense intimidation. Technically anyone could do it but ravens did it better. But for what purpose?

"I'm 17," Loup speaks as she twirls her hair, smiling, "so you're James?"

"Ee..." Garou responds as she hides behind her sister's back, disgusted by the man's approaches. "I'm 14 this year..."

"A tour around the place would be a great idea," Loup speaks.
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