An Actresses Role, A Writer's Creation

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  1. Abigail Gabriel Danielle Adams was subdued. This was a rare thing for the normally bubbly girl, but she couldn't really help it. After all, nerves were knotting up her stomach and making her feel nauseous. She'd done stuff like this millions of times. Met new people, that is. People she'd spend the next year, sometimes longer, getting to know. But still, Abby could never get used to it. She wanted to be friends with everyone she met but...

    But what if they didn't like her? What if they laughed at her? What if they were mean and Abby was stuck with mean people she didn't like? It didn't matter that that had never happened. It didn't matter that each and every time she'd entered a new role, Abby had been able to find a friend among those she worked with. Abby was still nervous when it came to meeting new people. As an actress she knew how to fake it, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that she was almost positively positive that she would not be miserable at all. There were so many nice people in the world! Of course at least one of them would be a part of this production.

    With that thought in mind, Abby smiled. Her green eyes brightened as she did so and her round cheeks scrunched up. She lifted a hand to brush away the dark black locks that were constantly falling in her face. Her hair was a mass of curls that sat atop her head. When Abby took the time to wrestle them into shape they were glossy and smooth, and tumbled down her back in waves. Today, however, she had simply tied it back in a bun and stuck two chopsticks in there. There wasn't going to be any shooting today; it was mainly just a read through of the script and getting to know everybody. Abby could handle that. She knew for an absolute fact that she could handle that. Even if she was a little early and had been sitting there for five minutes.

    It didn't matter! Because the next person to walk through that door would be Abby's friend. She knew it. She absolutely knew it, deep inside that secret part of her that Abby never, ever mentioned she knew it. Because Abby had a big secret that nobody knew. A big, huge secret. She didn't even allow herself to think about it most of the time. Because sometimes, in that deep down itty bitty part of her, Abby just knew things and that knowing often escaped to the rest of her body and then Abby would know things others didn't. Such as the fact that whoever entered the door next would be her friend. It was one of the knowings that Abby tried to hide.
  2. Kailey Weathers was running to get to the place where she would mean the woman that was to play her main character int he drama she had written for the television station. She was also attempting to pull on a pair of flip flops as she ran creating a comical hoping on one foot and then the other running scene that in all sense should not have been possible at all, but the girl pulled it off. She held a bottle of water in her mouth while the script was held close to her chest by one hand.

    She squeaked as she turned the corner and had to dodge a few different people that were coming the opposite direction before she was able to take off running again. She almost went flying past the door, but she managed to grab the door handle and pull herself back quick enough so that she ran inside the room rather than keep going past.

    Panting, the five foot one girl looked around at the room. She had thought she was late. She looked down at the watch on her wrist and then up at the clock that was on the wall. She took the water bottle that was still in her mouth in her free hand and let out a long string of curses about the stupidity of watches. She trudged, rather unhappily to where she would be told to sit, across from the woman that was going to play the main character. Her clock at home, she realized must have been turned forward to get her to be to the meeting on time. And she knew exactly who would have done that to her.

    "You must be Kimonri," Kailey said, looking up from her script. "I mean the girl that's supposed to play Kimonri Stevenson. I'm Kailey Weathers."
  3. Abby kicked her feet back and forth, humming softly. It was a jaunty little tune, nameless and made up on the spot. Abby did that a lot. She made up little melodies to keep herself occupied. It was easy if one didn't think about it, and Abby never did. Think, that was. She wasn't really one to ponder stuff a lot. Usually Abby was too busy talking and smiling. She was only thinking so much now because she was all alone in the room and she had nothing else to do. So Abby hummed and let her mind wander. Then she had a brief flash of knowing from the deep inside her place and glanced towards the door. Sure enough, a girl burst inside. She looked rather harried and she was panting heavily. Abby flicked her eyes to the clock and saw that she was perfectly on time. So... What was the rush? Abby watched as the girl wandered to sit across from her and spoke.

    "Yup! That's me. Well, obviously not me me, since it's Kimonri, but I'm the one that's going to be Kimonri!" Abby responded cheerily. She let out a soft giggle atnher kind of convoluted and confusing response. Abby talked like that a lot, so she was used to weird looks and confused shrugs. She couldn't help it, not really. It was just the way Abby thought and the way she thought translated to how she spoke. Sometimes in circles, and often very weirdly.

    Abby took a moment to study the girl in front of her. Short brown hair. Pretty brown eyes. Short, slim physique. And a rather grumpy expression. She didn't seem too eager to be meeting Abby. In fact, she kind of looked really unhappy about it. Abby wondered if her deep down inside place had been right about the being friends thing. Kailey Weathers didn't particularly look like she wanted to be friends. But Abby shook off that doubt. Her deep down inside place had been right every single time before. Whom was she to doubt it now?

    "It's super nice to meet you, Kailey Weathers! I'm Abigail Adams, but you can just call me Abby. All my friends do. Or at least most of them. Some of them don't, but that's okay 'cause they're still my friends. I call them my friends, that is. They could call themselves whatever they like, and maybe it's not friend. Maybe it's something completely different. Do you kind if I call you Kailey?" Abby asked. She grinned happily at Kailey, eager to get started on the getting to know each other bit.
  4. Kailey stared at the girl for a few moments, not quiet sure what to think of the chatty little girl. She blinked a few times and then looked at the script that she'd placed down in front of her.

    Chatty little think, ain't she she asked herself with a shake of her head. "Whatever you want to call me is fine. I've heard it all. All I care about is that you are able to play Kimonri," Kailey said after she'd taking a drink of her water as she waited for the woman to at least appear to be serious of her work. Raising an eyebrow she looked up from her work and tilted her head to the side. "The manager of the show has requested that I spend a few days with you to pick up on how you act so that I can write Kimonri to your nature. As much as I dislike writing to a person's personality, it can't be helped. I need this job. Would it be acceptable if I were to follow you around during the next few days?"

    Her manager would be glad to have her out of the office a few days as well. Not that she needed to leave the office for much. That was her home--even if people didn't approve. She ate, slept and worked there. It was much easier (and cheaper) if she did that than had a place of her own. This would give them time to 'clean' the office to an acceptable standard. Killing two birds with one stone as the saying went.
  5. Abby was glancing around the room when she felt Kailey's eyes on her. She changed her bright green gaze back to the woman and saw a kind of bewildered expression on her face. A small smile flitted across Abby's mouth as she stared right back at Kailey. Abby followed Kailey's gaze to the packet in front of her and wondered if that was the script. It probably was, that was what they were here for. She was curious. Abby had yet to really meet Kimonri Stevensons and she wanted to know what the girl was like. Abby always did that. She thought of the characters as real people that she was emulating. It was her way of getting into character.

    "Really? You've heard it all? I wonder if you've heard The Super Amazing Kaileyinator! Maybe I'll call you that," Abby joked with a relaxed grin. She was always like this. Always a little joking, always a little not-serious even when the situation called for lots and lots of serious. Serious just wasn't something Abby could do when she was herself. That was why when serious situations arose, Abby stopped being Abby. She started being one of her characters, one of the ones who could be serious when it was needed. That was how Abby got by in those situations. That was how she got by in a lot of situations. Sometimes Abby thought she spent more time acting then she did just being herself.

    "I'll do my absolutel bestest to play Kimonri! Although I don't know much about her yet, but when I do I'll practice lots and lots so I can become exactly Kimronri and not just a little bit Kimronri or like Kimronri, but exactly and specifically Kimronri," Abby promised sincerely. However, Kailry's next words brought a tiny frown to her mouth. Building the character around Abby? That was a not-so-good idea. Abby wasn't even sure who she was, so how was Kailry gonna figure it out and then write a script for her? It was simply silly, that's what it was.

    "That sounds like a simply silly idea!" Abby said, repeating her thoughts. "Why shouldn't you just write Kimronri and then have me follow you around and try to act to her nature? Isn't that what actresses are supposed to do? Well, besides act of course, bit that's a given. It's in the title! Actresses act." Abby then devolved into repeating 'Actresses act' a couple more times, enjoying the alliteration and the way the words rolled off her tongue. After a few repeats they ceased to sound like words and simply became pleasing noises. A minute of this passed before Abby finally trailed off into giggles.

    "Anyway, I wouldn't mind you following me around at all! You can even stay at my place, if you want. Although it's kinda crowded I think you'll like it. Do you have any allergies? I hope not, allergies are bad and they make people sad. Oh! That rhymed!"
  6. Kailey had the sense that by the end of the few days she would have a headache the sized of Africa from the way this girl was talking. Sighing she pushed herself up from her seat and pushed the script across the table towards the woman. "I have no allergies, and if you would allow me, I would greatly appreciate the place to stay. Why do you ask about allergies?" she asked as she sat back in her seat and opened her bottle of water. She pulled her feet up so that she was looking over her knees at the other woman. Slowly she rested her bottle of water on the crevice between her knees and took a drink so that she was looking over the water bottle as she drank from it.

    She wasn't quiet sure how well this girl would prove to be a good actress. She seemed a bit ... tipsy. Her brown eyes scanned the other girl and tilted her head to the side as she put the water bottle down. She didn't however let her knees down. Instead she tilted her head to the side and considered the girl some more.
  7. Abby leaned back slightly in her chair, tugging at the plain purple t-shirt she had opted to wear today. It wasn't a dark purple, but more of a bright, cheerful, nothing is naturally that bright purple purple. Couple with Jean shorts, it was actually one of Abby's less bright outfits. She had a rainbow in her closet and each morning was a delightful adventure in which colors to show off. Abby believed that colors like to be seen and as such she opted to wear as many colors as possible, which resulted in her usually looking a little silly. Abby didn't mind silliness. It was what she thrived on, really.

    "Oh, goodie! So many people have allergies to fur and dust and even peanuts nowadays. There are a ridiculous amount of peanut allergies all of a sudden. I wonder why that is? Maybe peanuts have gotten tired of being eaten and this is their way of striking back!" Abby gasped, half serious and half joking. Which half was which, however, was a mystery. It was hard to tell these kinds of things with Abby. She would be completely sensible one minute, and then spouting preposterous ideas as if they were fact the next. Abby reached put and grabbed the script, bringing it back and flipping through it lazily. After a moment Abby jumped to her feet and grinned down at the still-sitting Kailey.

    "Why don't I show you right now why I ask about allergies? You can come over and we can talk more about Kimronri and the script!" Abby suggested enthusiastically.
  8. Kailey just stared at her. "We'll have to stop by my office," she said as she slowly turned the chair and let her feet down. She pushed herself up from her seat and walked towards the door, a look of solemn acceptance on her face. She would not survive the time with this girl. If she did, she feared that she'd end up just like the woman that was talking on as if peanuts had a reason to make other people allergic to them.

    "Please, try not to ruin the manuscript. It's the only copy I have. My computer crashed this morning--again--and I lost the saved file," she said as she walked towards the door and left the room, taking a left to back track her steps towards her room. She got a variety of calls from other people saying hello and other various greetings. She responded to only a few as she led the way, dejected looking, towards her office.

    When she got there she opened the door and went inside. It was a clutter. Take out food littered available areas, her trashcan was half full and a rack of clothing was next to the door showing that she indeed lived at the office building. If anyone asked her where she showered, she'd point them to the gym across the street and go about her business. She stepped through piles of paper as if dancing, not stepping on any particular paper with skill of much practice. Sighing she looked around for a bag and settled on one of the few Chinese take-out bags that didn't have sauce on the inside before going to her rack of clothes and shoving a few outfits into it before grabbing her 'necessities' bag and looking around the room.
  9. "Okey dokey lokey! I don't mind a quick trip. I can see where the creative process takes hold and spews out golden masterpieces. Or where you do paperwork. Either way, it'll be exciting and interesting 'cause it means I might get to know more about you and you seem super duper exciting and interesting!" Abby clamored. She jumped to her feet, keeping a careful hold on the manuscript. Even before Kailey asked her to be careful Abby carried the thing like it was a child and she was the overly cautious and uber protective mother.

    "Of course! This is all your hard work on paper, and that's the best kind because now everybody can see how hard you worked and why would I ever wanna ruin that?" Abby asked. The entire spiel was quite sincere, as she did think of the manuscript as something precious. Abby was like that with a lot of odd things. An old, expensive vase she considered worthless and was careless with. A child's drawing sent to her in the little fantail she got? Abby had it framed and put it on her wall. Her view on precious was much different then most people's. Abby followed after Kailey as she walked the streets like an eager puppy, sometimes getting distracted by various things on the sidewalk but always bounding forward in great leaps to catch up with the other woman. She noticed Kailey's rather sad face, but decided to ask later since they'd just met and it might be personal. Abby stopped in the doorway when they reached Kailey's office and watched as she crossed the room. By the end her eyes were wide and her mouth agape.

    "That was beautiful! You should be dancing instead of writing. Or writing about dancing, or dancing about writing, or dancing about writing in a play you wrote about writing about dancing," Abby enthused, clapping her hands happily before adding "You're really pretty when you dance." She beamed innocently at Kailey before lapsing into silence to wait for her to be ready to go.
  10. Kailey blushed a little at the woman's gush about dancing instead of writing. "I'm not that good," she mumbled embarrassed at the compliment before she moved around the room and gathered a few jump drives and her computer cords which she stuffed into another bag and then finally she picked up a folder and her laptop and made her way back across the piles of papers to stand in front of the young woman.

    "And I'm not pretty. I'm average. I'll settle for average," Kailey said before motioning for the girl to lead the way. "All set. As long as you have electricity and running water I'll be good to go for the next few days. The boss'll stop yelling at me to get out of the building too, so we are all set."
  11. "Of course you're that good. If you weren't that good I would've said you were this good, or there good and that simply wouldn't have made sense and I would've sounded silly," Abby protested good naturedly. She grinned a little at Kailey's blush, finding it rather adorable as not many people blushed anymore. They were so blasé about being called pretty or talented. Abby didn't mind it, as long as they were as good as they thought they were. Kailey, however, was severely underestimating her skills. And looks.

    "Settling implies you're going below what you could reach and that's exactly what you're doing," Abby scolded the other woman gently. She smiled as Kailey motioned for her to lead the way, saying as long as she has the basic necessities she was good.

    "I have both of those! Come on!" Abby cried happily. With that she grasped Kailey's arm with her hand and took off running, dragging the author helplessly behind her.
  12. "Well then I'll settle--" Kailey started to say before her arm was grabbed and she was yanked from her office space. She stumbled after the woman, trying to keep up. Much like not an hour before, she went skidding after the woman as she was dragged. "Whoa! Abby, slow down, please. I can't walk that fast!" She pulled back on her arm as she tried to balance her laptop and folder at the same time as hold the two bags of necessary items she had packed. She dug her heels in, trying to stop the woman before she went sprawling across the floor.

    I'm going to go insane at this pace she told herself in her mind as she tried to slow the girl down. What was she on? Sugar or caffeine or maybe drugs? No one could be this happy for this long.
  13. Abby kept up her speedy pace, weaving through the traffic of people on the sidewalks expertly. She was used to that sort of thing, since Abby moved at this speed quite often. Less then a minute later, however, Abby skidded to an abrupt stop and turned to face Kailey. She was still grinning like a maniac and true joy sparkled in her eyes. When Abby was happy she didn't do it halfway, she was truly and completely overjoyed.

    "Sorry, but I was so excited! You get to stay with me and I live so close and you get to meet everybody!" Abby explained happily. She used a sweeping hand gesture to point at the small house, slightly set back from the sidewalk, with a tiny patch of flowers in front of it. The entire place looked like a quaint cottage taken straight from a fairy tale. Clapping happily, Abby bounced up the pathway and to the door. There she stopped, waiting for Kailey. When the girl did reach her, Abby threw open the door and waded into the moving sea of fur that greeted her.

    Three dogs stood, tails wagging and happy grins, just inside the doorway. They didn't jump or bark except for a tiny 'Welcome Back!' yip. One was a German Shepherd, the other a chocolate lab, and the third a Jack Russell Terrier. Those weren't the only animal occupants, however. Several birds were sitting on the rafters and at least four cats were slinking about, offering the newcomer quick, disinterested glances. A bunny rabbit looked up from it's carrot and a turtle sat placidly in the corner.
  14. Kailey stood in the entrance, looking at all the animals in surprise and shock. Slowly the young woman smiled and waded in, closing the door carefully behind her. Looking for a safe place to put her things, she placed them on a chair near the door and then proceeded to get down on her knees and hold out a hand to the animals that were nearest--the dogs.

    Using a tone she never did with humans, she spoke kindly, "Hello there. I'm Kailey. It is all right if I stay here a few days, yes?" she asked as she let the German Shepherd sniff her hand first and then went to the Terrier and then last to the lab. Each time she waited until she had gotten a lick of acceptance from the dog before moving on to the next one. When she'd greeted all of the dogs she rose and looked at the cats that sauntered around. She'd introduce herself to them later, when they didn't look so high and mighty.

    "Is your rabbit a biter?" She asked, stepping through the mess of dogs to bend in front of the rabbit without waiting for a response. "Hello there little fellow."
  15. Abby watched Kailey as the girl stood in the doorway. She saw as the shock faded and a smile replaced it. "You should smile like that more often!" Abby commented even as she bounded further into the living room. She kept her eyes on Kailey as she started introducing herself to the animals. All of them seemed to take a shine to her, bounding forward to lick her face and sniff her hand. Abby giggled at the sight.

    "You must be good with animals! Toto usually doesn't take to people so quickly, since he can tell when they don't really like him," Abby commented happily. She gestured at the terrier, who was the Toto she had been talking about. Just then the German Shepherd came bounding towards her and placed his front paws on her shoulders in order to look into her face. Abby giggled happily and touched her nose to his.

    "Now, Liam, what have I said about getting up on me?" Abby asked the dog. He barked once in response and she grinned.

    "That's right, your paws have to be clean! Now, get down, I have a guest to take care," Abby scolded gently. The dog hopped back down off his master and started capering around the room with Maggie, the female lab, and Toto. Abby turned towards Kailey as the girl spoke once more, this time asking about the rabbit who was chomping on a carrot and studying the newcomer intensely.

    "Capernicus? Oh, he used to be but he doesn't bite any more. That's right, isn't it, Cappy?" Abby directed the last words at the rabbit. Capernicus glanced at her, then seemed to let out a resigned sigh. He'd used to bite all the time, but Abby had done her best to gently break him of that habit. Every now and then, however, Capernicus would miss being able to bite. Abby turned toward a ginger tabby sprawled on one of the counters to stroke her just beneath her chin.

    "And this is Sarah Belle. How're we today?" Abby cooed to the pregnant cat. Sarah stretched and let put a rusty purr of happiness as Abby giggled. She loved all of her animals, and was often adding to the collection with any strays who looked like they needed a home.
  16. "Capernicus, hm?" Kailey asked the rabbit as she slowly picked the creature up. She took hold of the rabbit and held it up for him to knaw on if he felt like it in her hands. "Well, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Capernicus." She rose, cuddling the soft furred animal to her bosom so that it would have somewhere to rest as she walked around to investigate the other animals and the house. "You might want to stick around the house for the next few days. Sarah Belle, that is the the that's pregnant yes? Sarah Belle may be expecting earlier than you thought." It was difficult to say how she knew this, but she did. She had always known, when it came to animals how they felt and how they were doing and what major life changes were going to happen to them.

    She smiled at the pregnant cat and left her be. While she was definitely an animal person at heart, she didn't like her skills to read their minds or be able to tell what they needed or when they were giving birth. It was wrong and weird and annoying to have a million thoughts plague her at once. But she would help where she could and right now Sarah Belle was going to give birth in the next few days and if no one was there to help, she have a hard time.
  17. "Uh-huh! He liked that name better then Zeus. I don't know why, though. Who doesn't wanna be named after an all-powerful lightning god?" Abby rambled on cheerfully. Abby grinned as Kailey rose with Capernicus cuddled in her arms. The grumpy little white bunny was gnawing on his carrot still, but he didn't seem averse to being carried. Abby loved all of her animals so, so much and she enjoyed it when they made new friends since it usually meant she got to make new friends too. She was content to watch as Kailey interacted with them, and she smiled happily when she wandered over to Sarah Belle and made a comment.

    "See, Sarah? Even Kailey thinks you should stop wandering off! That's it, you're staying in the house, Sarah Belle!" Abby scolded the ginger cat. The cat let out a meow and Abby giggled softly before shaking her. A huge, grey Tom leaped onto the counter and settled next to Sarah Belle.

    "You'll help me keep her in the house, right, Ashes?" Abby murmured, stroking the cat. Abby turned to Kailey and grinned happily.

    "She's so adventurous! Oh, lemme show you to my room," Abby said, reaching a hand out to Kailey.
  18. Kailey blinked at the hand as she continued to hold the rabbit. The hand that was holding the carrot moved very slowly, allowing the rabbit to eat as much as it desired without having to move. Rabbits, from personal experience, Kailey knew had sharp teeth and even sharper claws if one wasn't careful with them. She then looked up from the hand to Abby. "Can I hold onto him for a little longer? I don't mind, and as long as I keep the carrot in reach, he doesn't mind all that much either," she asked, knowing that this was Abby's pet and not hers before adding "I don't think" onto the end of her statement so it didn't sound like she read animal's minds.

    "I mean, I haven't been over to another person's house in a long time, and Caps here is pretty comforting."
  19. Abby grinned happily at Kailey. The girl actually seemed comfortable and happy here. Unlike when they were at the office and even just walking outside. Abby found she liked Kailey a lot this way.

    "I don't mind as long Cap keeps his teeth to himself!" Abby replied cheerfully. She turned and began heading towards the back, where there was a guest room. It was a little dusty right now. Abby hadn't had people over in a while. Being an actress took up a lot of her time. She was usually out auditioning or trying to find a job.
  20. She followed the girl and looked around the room before sneezing lightly as the dust that had been kicked up settled around her nose. She aimed the sneeze away from both Abby and Cappy by sneezing into her shoulder. Her grip tightened on Cap for only a moment before she put him down with his carrot and turned away from them and started to sneeze into her hands. Groaning she looked around, "where's the restroom?" She asked behind her hands, her cheeks a light pink.