An Action-Packed and Dangerous Journey to Graduation

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    Days in the Kansai Region of Japan were peaceful and filled with grace...
    Or were they...?
    As the new school year dawned on the former Capital of Kyoto, the new reform made by the new prime minister with the approval of the ailing Emperor was about to see the light of day this Spring. Unbeknownst to the populace, ravaged by the Third World War, that new law would soon take the Nation by storm, bringing a new era of militaristic excellence into the struggling island at the price of their children. You see, soon the Sword of Flowers law would be enforced upon all the struggling or untalented student of the country, from those starting middle school to college layabouts. Screening tests would become harder, and those who fail them would become part of the new Sword of the Empire.

    There was not choice, the government stated, too few were in the army to prevent complete
    annihilation otherwise, and those who had talent for studies would be free to further research and breed the Heroes of tomorrow. There was, of course, truth in these words, the populace would admit, for the last few centuries had not been kind on the Japanese race as far as their number and fertility was concerned. A lack of space and want for children dangerously threatening their entire way of life at the edge of the twenty seventh century. There was no more time to lose, Japan had to stand strong and rebuild... but they needed time and resources to do so, and so sacrifices had to be made.

    All was not lost, however, for those who survived the ordeal and performed honourably were set on a life of military excellence, complete with paid studies to make their
    shortcomings less apparent to both the public and to the Nation's enemies. This would be their last chance to shine... your last chance to shine. Academic expectations would be lowered, yet more duties would be heaped upon those special students in an effort to prepare them for the dangers ahead. You are about to fail this first crucial screening test, and from there only a month will be available for you to change yourself into a worthy soldier. Will you show the strength of your people? Or will you die a cowardly death?

    Only time will tell... until then, we shall meet again in your new high school, Freshman!

    There you go, my first attempt to make a lasting group roleplay! I'm kinda pleased of how the premise turned up, and am excited to tell you about how this thing will work. First of all, this will be my first time as a pure GM in forever, so please bear with me. Okay then, so here we go:

    I'm seeking four to six players to play freshman high school students in 2599 Japan, so kinda far in the future, here. The roleplay will start with a failure, but don't sulk too much about it, because what follows will be hard but awesome as an opportunity for your lackluster character. Hopefully you won't mind starting from the bottom here, as though every character will have their strengths and weaknesses, there won't be much difference between skillsets at first as they are just out of middle school, after all!

    The pacing of the story will be the following; Training, Mission, Cool Down and then repeat, with each having a massive impact on character development, as training will build their body and hand-eye coordination, Missions their judgement and reaction speed, and finally with the cool down their ability to keep focused and their nerves, bollocks any of these steps and you will have a hard time, that's for sure! As you surely noticed, each part have two things that will be important, with Cool Down carrying on until Mission and so on, making it so that each elements are intertwined together. These things will all be gauges to refill each time, with a matter of luck with a little dice throwing for each skill mixed with Effort and Technique, both of these will be directly calculated by yours truly by looking at each post and seeing if each of these two variants was Lacking, Poor, Average, Good or Excellent, those values adding from no point to ten points to a variant, and thus will be evenly separated into each related gauge. I hope I didn't lose anyone by this point, but promise that this will all make more sense later on. For now, just remember this: Each Gauge hold a maximum of ten points, with two gauges being identical to fill as each gain of point will be split evenly. Half of these points are a matter of luck, the other of skills and ingenuity. Those are all that matter at first, those are your 'odds', so to speak. Which is used for what is up to me, so don't worry about it.

    Now comes the long term skills, those will be gained after each completed Mission, with you either choosing a new skill or bettering one your character already have. These skills are up to you to create, and up to me to approve and implement. Far simpler, huh? Alright, moving on!

    Each character will be paired with another for an entire cycle, so there will be heavy need for cooperation here, at least OOCly.

    Know that while this is technically a School RP since most of the scenes will pass in the school, this is also an Action and War story as well. There will be your traditional elements of friendships, rivalry and teamwork mixed with darker stuff, so think about that before shouting you want to join, okay?

    That's it for now, I'll hopefully make it all cleaner, clearer and prettier if this end up a thing. See ya! :)
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