An Accident Waiting to Happen

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  1. Two bestfriends have been friends since they were in diapers. However, when the boy becomes famous and goes off doing his famous things, the girl is dragged along with him and she just falls more helplessly in love with him. One night at a party, they have sex, but he leaves her in New York and they haven't seen each other next. When he comes back to New York and they're in the same club what will happen then?

    (I already had this before, it's just the starting location. Feel free to respond how you like)
    Mei Shitonobe
    23, November 23
    Lives in a studio apartment alone in New York
    Photographer, Parkourer
    Best Friend-Nami Cross
    Has a pet snake and a cat
    Not super up to date on famous people, more interested in photographers and art
    It was another beautiful and slightly cloudy day in New York, the wind snapping against the city. But even that couldn't stop Mei from wearing a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top, showing off her toned legs and stomach. She usually didn't plan her outfit, unless she was going out on her own. And then her goal was too look as bad ass and as cool as possible. today it was more of a sporty punkish look, with more white than black. Adjusting her choker, Mei walked up to her local corner coffee shop, yanking open the door.

    Giving a smile to the usual barista behind the bar, getting in line. Even though she knew everyone here, she still waited in line out of curtesy, and not getting yelled at. It wasn't long before she had reached the front of the line. She didn't even have to ask for her drink order at this point, she just selected a chocolate scone for the morning and waited for her hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and whipped crème.

    Sitting down at a table in the far corner, Mei waited for her drink to be called, long black fingernails tapping idly against her cheek as she watched the people of New York passing by. She was itching to get back to taking photos of people, but she had so many photos of people in this one corner of the shop it would look the same.​
  2. Nami Cross with sleepiness in his eyes stood in front of a steamed up mirror after taking a nice long hot shower his mind was restless ever since that night with Mei on the west end overlooking central park he could not shake her from his head

    "I need to find her" he said quietly to himself.
  3. Mei was totally happy with her coffee, thofin the toughest of a few nights ago made her blood run cold. She wanted to see him, but se was too stubborn to figure out how. He was attractive, but she had been his friend forever. She couldn't just jump a gap like that. Well, they already had, but he had probably already move on, even though she longed for it again.
  4. Nami slumped down in his chair not wearing a shirt just yet but he figured it was time for him to start his day he grabbed a shirt from off a rack and exited the apartment in hopes of finding Mei

    "i wish i knew where to start my search"
  5. Mei brought out her camera, tucking a lock of black hair behind her ear. She couldn't go back to him, she knew that. It was too dangerous she would be the death of him. And him of her.
  6. Nami walked down the narrow street with ear phones in his ears with music blasting and deep in thought and just then he spotted a nice coffee shop and so decided to stop in for some coffee

    "i really need some coffee in order to wake up"
  7. Looking up, Mei froze in her shots, recognizing a familiar face that showed itself in her photos. Looking around her, she looked off to the left, nodding as the person who brought her coffee. Sipping gently, she let the tension roll through her shoulders, trying to get it out.
  8. Nami opened the coffee shop door slowly as he felt a tingling of anxiousness for which he did not understand but just then he caught a familiar face out of the corner of his eye

    "Mei?" he said to himself
  9. Looking up as she heard her name, she ducked her head back down. She pretended to be interested in her work, sipping her coffee as though she had something important to do.
  10. He turned his head the other way towards the counter where he wanted to order his coffee his legs were just not able to move

    "oh great i can't move now" he said out loud.
  11. Looking around, Mei was thankful he hadn't come over to talk to her yet, but he didn't seem to be moving either. Kicking up her feet, she mumbled to herself, scratching at the back of her head.
  12. He tried moving his feet but it was no use his feet were stiff as a block of maple wood and he was starting to sweat out of total embarrassment

    "oh man this is not how i wanted today to start"
  13. Looking behind her, Mei swallowed down a little bit of a laugh. He looked so embarrassed sitting there, and people were starting to notice. Giggling a little more, she swallowed it back down, trying to focus back on her drink.
  14. The embarrassment was starting turn into a tinge of annoyance and a little bit of anger and just then he said in a shout

    "Will one of you fucks help me out here? i can't move my legs"
  15. Looking behind her, Mei turned towards him and stood up. "For the love of Christ keep your voice down. You'll wake up all of New York at the same time." She mumbled, looking up at him and trying to help him get unstuck.
  16. Nami looked over at his shoulder and he was not dreaming it was really her his childhood friend he was shocked but very happy to see her

    "that'd be great Mei thanks"
  17. "Yeah, yeah. Just be quite." She mumbled gently, looking over at the crowd and then back down at his legs. Gently unsticking them from the floor, she smiled. "There, done."
  18. He smiled at her but then fell down to his knees they felt so weak after being stuck there for about 20 minutes and just then he said

    "i'm sorry Mei for that night"
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  19. Mei ignored his words, just looking down at him on the floor. "How on earth did you even get yourself stuck on the floor." She mumbled, looking over back at her coffee.
  20. Nami looked down and picked his shoe and felt the bottom of shoe and what he found on both was a rather large piece of gum "umm i stepped in two big pieces of gum it looks like"
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