An abomination to humanity...

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  1. ...has to be grapefruit. The smell is like mildew crusted soap, it tastes like toilet cleaner, and it is blasphemy to consider them delicious citrus fruit.

    Right next to that is raw onions. And then beets.

    These three foods are detestable unto my lips and must be extinguished from the world.

    What foods do you guise hate?
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  2. I dunno, I think the three of them tossed together with just a touch of olive oil would make a very tasty side salad.

    Seafood (be it fish or shellfish) is the true abomination. Why anyone cracked open a shell, looked at the snotty mass contained therein and said "I want to eat this!" is beyond me. Don't get me started on Lobster. All that aside, I spent several years as a chef at a seafood restaurant serving people overpriced abominations.
  3. Mayonnaise.
    Fucking mayonnaise.
    It's in everything. I can't buy any sort of premade sandwich. And it is fucking vile. I nearly puke if I even smell it.
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  4. Papaya. >:[

    I HATE papaya. Hate it.

    Won't even let my brother bring one in the house. ><
  5. [​IMG]

    Someone get a young priest and an old priest in here right now.
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  6. The only thing I won't eat are raisins or prunes or dates. They're too sticky and sweet. I've eaten most things except for insects, and not in the form of featureless slabs of meat in groceries.
  7. Honey. Shit makes me puke, literally.
  8. Mustard
    Raw tomato
    Tuna (just the canned garbage, not all tuna)
  9. Fuck cheese. Especially that Geneva Convention dodging chemical warfare agent called feta. I work around sewage all the time and fucking feta smells way worse.
  10. I'm in the repulsed-by-papaya boat with @Diana. It tastes like a cantaloupe bred with a pumpkin, and while both are tasty individually, the combination is repugnant.

    Black licorice is gross to me, and I'm going to toss fennel in there, too, because they taste the same. I don't know why my rabbit loves fennel so much. Gross.

    Also, I hate coffee. The taste is bad, and the smell of it makes me feel queasy, and smells that make me feel unwell tend to also cause me headaches. Stale coffee smell is an abomination.

    Finally, I'm going to add cow's milk to this list. My body may have made me hate the taste simply because I'm lactose intolerant (and potentially allergic since eating copious amounts of dairy makes my eczema worse), but I don't know how people can just straight up drink cow's milk. It makes me feel gaggy.
  11. Fennel and star anise make me gag...

    Also, dill with anything that isn't fish is just horrendous.
  12. @Lady Bernkastel, I thought anise and fennel were the same thing? I've only ever had fennel that was labeled with anise. What's star anise?
  13. Also, coriander. Fuck coriander.
  14. It's this thing:

    Show Spoiler

    Beautiful to look at, awful to taste. It's a spice that has the same pungent flavour as fennel, except it's even worse. While it's described as tasting like liquorice, I actually enjoy the flavour of even black salt liquorice, but I guess it makes sense to not like it in my food much like I wouldn't want jelly beans in my food...
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  15. @Lady Bernkastel, that spice looks like poison... very pretty poison... ^;_;^
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  16. I like star anise, but I much prefer its fragrance in potpourris.

    Star anise is used in a handful of Thai soups, I believe. I've found and I fucking love the smell and flavor.

    You must be eating the imported papayas. That stuff tastes like shit. I love fully ripened FREEEESHHHH off the tree papayas. Which I don't get much of since I live in Texas. :/
  17. @Levusti, I don't know if it's because I know I hate the taste, but I'm not a big fan of the smell of fennel, so if star anise smells like fennel, I don't know that I'd like it much, unfortunately.

    Well, I lived in Iowa (midwest; Great Plains; middle of nowhere) in the United States at the time I had papaya, so I'm pretty sure the only option was imported papaya.
  18. ......Most veggies, espically onions, greens......And rice. It's not the taste.....It's really not. For some reason I cannot stand the feel of rice in my mouth. All of the aforementioned things make me nearly puke. Even when I force myself to eat greens (I have attempted to eat salad. wasn't pleased)

    As for what I just don't like:
  19. Tomatoes! Omg...they're freaking horrible. I hate the taste of them. The texture of them is horrible, especially when they're cooked. I will not eat anything if it has the smallest bit of tomato in it.
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  20. Ya'll folks are finicky.

    There's nothing I won't at least try.

    My line is drawn at something that may still be alive or is horribly rotten but eaten anyway for tradition.
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