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My name's Ambra, and I'm back in business! I'm super ready to roleplay with a bunch of you guys.


I'm a twenty-three year old college student with a job, but I still have a bunch of time to write. I have a cellphone that I can also use to write with, but I really prefer to write out lengthy posts on my computer. Usually, this happens at night, but I might not get a post up few days since I have other hobbies. My hobbies include playing with my six dogs, playing video games, hanging out with my BF, and writing my novel. Most of my ideas stem from my love of video games and animals, so if you see something that seems a bit familiar, then it's probably inspired by something else. Adding to that, my interests often lie within the fandom category-- as you can probably tell from the tag. Either way, I seek to develop a complex, cohesive RP that spans for a long time. Of course, it should also be interesting and fun!


I only roleplay with ages eighteen and up. Sorry, but there will be adult jokes/references/etc later on, and I don't want to make people uncomfortable.

I create multiple characters and expect my partners to do the same. There will be main characters, of course, but side characters will be important just as well.

I mostly roleplay heterosexual pairings. This means I'm unlikely to do MxM, but I'm never going to play FxF. I'll be sure to let you know if a specific plot puts me in the craving for some MxM.

My posting length and level is about high-casual to advanced. At the minimum I post two well-worded paragraphs, but I can write more. I request that my partners have a proper grasp of grammar and spelling, and so I will ask for posting samples when interest is expressed. Everyone makes mistakes, but I can tell when someone doesn't care about their writing.

I am not a dominant or submissive writer. If I have ideas for plots, I will make sure you know of them. At the same time, I do not want a submissive partner; I don't want someone who follows the story blindly, make me have to come up with everything, etc. At the same time, I love conversing with my partners, whether it be about the RP, future ideas, trivial things, etc. Please don't be silent in my presence-- your silence makes it seem like you're not interested.

I primarily play females, but I can make make male characters as well. Some of my plots will lead me to play more males than females, however.

I never play canon characters. I would want both of us to play original ones.

I never use faceclaims or realistic pictures for my characters. I would like it if my partner didn't use them. I'm also really picky over appearances, so take your time in making sure your character looks appropriate for the plot.

I know how it's like to lose interest in a roleplay. Please tell me if you don't want to continue. Don't abandon me. That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I will look through your post history to see your writing style. If you don't have any RP posts, then I will ask you for a writing sample. I don't want to waste your time or mine, so you shouldn't want to waste my time in turn.


Fandoms marked with a ★ are ones that I am decently interested in.

Fandoms marked with a ❀ are ones that I am really, really craving.

Fandoms that are crossed out are no longer available.

Dragon Age

I haven't played this game in a long time, and since I have no idea what kind of plot we can do with this, then you'll have to motivate me to do this. :^)

Final Fantasy

I've played XV, am currently playing XIV, and I've seen my boyfriend play VI, X, and XIII. I would prefer to make an original world, but anything is fine with me... for the most part.


My interest depends on what kind of Pokemon RP we do.

Modern: I don't have a plot for this, but if you come to me with a decent idea, maybe I'll think about doing it. That being said, I don't appreciate a kid-friendly modern Pokemon RP.

Medieval: I've done medieval Pokemon RPs before. A lot, actually. My interest in this is still kinda there, but you'd have to really motivate me to do one. If we do, it has to be Game of Thrones-y, with lots of angst, plot, and other GOT things. ★

Gijinka: I'd love to do this, especially in a medieval world (what's above applies to this one as well)! However, if we do Pokemon gijinkas, I would appreciate it if they were based off animal-esque Pokemon (like Luxray or Lycanroc) compared to human/ghost Pokemon (like Gastly or Haunter)-- aka, Pokemon that would look weird in gijinka form. ❀


Fandoms marked with a ★ are ones that I am decently interested in.

Fandoms marked with a ❀ are ones that I am really, really craving.

Fandoms that are crossed out are no longer available.

Dragon Shifters ❀❀❀

I'm really, really, really craving this. While I don't have their world set up, I have their appearance/personality/culture and religion set up. I would love it if we could plot something around this.

Farrow's Gift (May be renamed) ❀❀❀

The year is 2227. It's been two hundred years since Alexander Farrow I opened Merlin's Codex and released magic into the world. It's been two hundred years since he's conquered the world with Fafnir, the Mooneater. It's been two-hundred years too long. This story takes place in New York City, where embers of resistance begin to spread. This story is based off my novel, it is my baby, my life. This is the type of RP that I am willing to do some MxM with some coaxing. I have the whole world laid out. I'll send it to you through PM if you're interested.

Howl to Me

Wolf shifters in tribes. They have pointy wolf-ears and tails in human forms. They shift into wolves. I have nothing written on this, so we'll have to plot from scratch.