Amusing messages we get on dating sites

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  1. Or not so amusing. These are the horror stories of dating sites. From butthurt creeps who refuse to back down after a clear 'No', to those people who threaten us through the computer, we've got plenty of stories. What are some of yours?

    A recent conversation on a dating site that I frequent:

    Gay man on site: "Hey, I love deep conversation. We should seriously meet up over coffee and blow each other...'s mind lol. But seriously, let's meet"
    Me: "Typically I like talking to someone before I even consider meeting up with them. What do you want to discuss?"
    Them: "Although I fail to see the logic in not meeting it's so much more efficient to discuss things when we're face to face unless you're horribly disfigured and it distracts from the conversation. Are you're a bot and never plan to meet?"
    Me: "Or I am a human being that prefers to get to know someone before meeting them in person. If you get mad about that then there is no conversation. And I hate Trump, he's a hateful, racist person who fits the definition of fascism.
    Logic in not talking face to face; I can delete conversations online and pretend they never happened."

    Something tells me that he's not going to get the point.
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  2. Shit the sites I've been on you have to pay to see what they sent you.
  3. So paying for dick pics basically?
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  4. I had this ordeal happen to me once. This didn't actually happen on a dating site, but just a chatting app, though I mean let's be real - it was basically a dating site. Except unlike OKCupid, I didn't have a 'hide me from straight people' option. Also it's not really all that amusing.

    Also, so many dick pics. Sooo many dick pics.
  5. God forbid I ever join a dating site of any sort *hugs anybody who's had terrible experiences with it*
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  6. I tend to be a person who avoids randomly flirting with people because of how fragile and superficial a lot of "On a whim, blind date, I knew you for a week" relationships can go...

    Online dating sites just seems like it'd be those problems taken to an extreme.
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  7. I've had people give me their numbers, ask for sex, say hey sexy multiple times, demand to meet. I had some dude ask about my feet, and another flipped out on me when i didnt respond fast enough. For days. I blocked him. Have made new account, he messages me again and gets snippy when i didnt respond. Blocked him again.

    Ppl r cray.
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  8. It wasn't a dating site as much as a "social" one, but the most amusing was a nice, pleasant, and interesting conversation that somehow transformed immediately into "let's meet up at a hotel" from the person I was conversing with.
  9. Oh my god I've gotten these. People who seem pretty cool when you read their first message, but then you don't reply right away and they turn into savage beasts. Like dude, chill, I've got other stuff to do. Also got the feet thing. And my favourite was a dude who asked what I'd do if I saw him wearing my clothes, and when I didn't respond, he said he just really wanted to dress up in lady's clothes. So I told him I couldn't help him but I'm sure he'd find some nice straight lady to dress up for. He still asked if maybe I'd watch him dress up or just come with him to buy a bra. Nice lad.
  10. I actually kind of get the sentiment. A lot of the time, starting a conversation online is nothing more than an awkward hassle. Just like people flirt in real life for nothing but confirmation (which isn't bad, per say) if my limited time on Tinder taught me anything it's that a quick five minute chat and "Hey, you seem cool, let's go for a drink." Generally gives a better impression of a person than trying to have a long conversation until one party loses interest due to the lack of direct feedback or another match. Long conversations are often time-sinks with low chance of pay-out (be that romance, friendship or sex.) Get them enough and you're bound to start feeling frustrated. That's not to say the guy in your example is anywhere near proper or date-material, because that dude needs to up his game because, but I understand the sentiment, at least.

    I don't know I don't do this enough to have a collection of "You must see this." history of messages. I can tell you bad dating stories instead, but eh.
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  11. If I was that desperate, it most likely would be my friend.
  12. on tinder as a bisexual;

    "Hi, wanna have fun with me and my gf?;)"

    "Hey, my boyfriend wants to experiment, interested?;)"

    *Insert 5000 more threesome requests*

    thank god I'm no longer single and finally got to retire from tinder.
  13. It's times like these I'm glad I feel no desire to seek out a romantic partner and therefore I don't feel the need to search for one online.

    I do not envy the rest of you. o_o"
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  14. For me, I don't think dating sites can let form the friendships and closeness that I need before taking the step towards a relationship. I can't date someone who I don't trust or I haven't been friends with for a long time, to be honest. Those kinds of sites? People there are looking for relationships and when they meet people there, they're probably expecting more than just friendship.
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  15. Basically the biggest reason no one is ever going to spot me on such a site, or in a speed dating panel, or on a blind date, or anything else remotely similar.
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  16. Its not a dating site that I am on, just a normal media site, but messages I tend to get are guys wanting me to dominate them or be their 'anal princess'.

    First off, I am not a back-door-girl. So no to the anal princess bit.
    Secondly, I prefer to be dominated in bed. I don't want some slave boy following me around all the time, especially if I have to take care of them. That is like having a kid and no thank you to that one!
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