Amusement Park of Despair

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  1. You are a high school student who is the best of the best in your field. You are scooted out by a school made for the best of the best, Hope's Peak Academy. Here you well find students like yourself and are helped to excel even more in your field. On your first day you get as far as the front entrance when you lose conciseness. When you wake you are in a bed room and when you try to find out where you are, there are fifteen other students doing the same. There is an announcement to go to the castle court yard, where you meet the being behind your kidnapping. What you find is a talking, walking stuffed bear named monokuma, who tells you that he is your head master and trapped in this amusement park. The only way out is to kill a fellow student and not get caught in the class trail. If you succeed you graduate and leave this place, but everyone else well die. If you are caught and found guilty, only you well die for disbursing the peace. This amusement park has everything you need to live happy lives and you are allowed to stay, you'll never be able to connect the outside world if you tho. So whats your choice, live here forever or kill to try to get out?

    Hello and welcome to my first role play. I'll start off with the rules first.

    -You can not escape
    -Your character has the HIGH chance of dying
    -No god modeing
    -Romance is allowed, but no sex scenes please.
    -If the students can not find the killer, then the trail well be restarted and new evidence well be given in the OOC
    -Iwaku rules of couse
    -One character per rper

    Character Sheet





    Super Duper High School Level:



    Extra Info:

    Rei Ichiyusai
    Name: Rei Ichiyusai
    Nickname: Ri-Ri, Rei-tan
    Age: 19
    "Super Duper High School Gamer”
    Picture: View attachment 78353
    Rei is the only child of a indie game designer Kazuma Ichiyusai. Ever since she was a toddler she beat every video game put in front of her. She broke a hundred high score records at the age of 13. Unfortunately Rei's parent's had died in a fire at her father's company when she was 15. After the death of her parents she locked herself in her room beating all the games she could. At the age of 19, Rei was recognized as Japan's best gamer after beating more than ten thousand games in 3 years.

    Dangan Ronpa Wiki
    (For lore)

    ~Student lists~ (ONE SLOT LEFT)
    Female Students
    1: Rei Ichiyusai @Kuroka Mocha Nekoccino GM/Monokuma
    2: Lucy Holmes @AmerillaRose
    3: Claire Wisp @Citrus
    4: Sarah kumiko @Kuroda
    5: Chieko Kagome @Starrynightsky
    6: Mako Sakita OmarynKenviir
    7: Miyuki Mine Verite
    8: Philé Medici Mapelle

    Male Students
    1: Imasu Hiraku @Silverdawn
    2: Jack Montague @KeatonWorshipper
    3: Midori Kuroda @Tensa Hiruma
    4: Kellyn Alton The Silver Paladin
    5: Ichirou Kita smdzTheCakeGodL
    6: Ishikawa Matsuda TootToot McBumberSnazzles
    7: Kane steel Kawazoe gem
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  2. Name: Isamu Hiraku

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Talent: Anything Business

    Personalty: Isamu is smart enough to know when to fight but he over estimates himself which could be his downfall, he rather talks out situations instead of using his fists. Getting his own hands dirty is a last resort for him, but if given no choice he would kill someone. If he ever were to make friends he would protect them but he finds that hard to do because of how he ends up making people dislike him before he has a chance to befriend them and show his other more likable side.

    Background: Born a reasonably rich family business was in his blood, his father told him that business was the most important part of life and so was making your own money, for that reason the only way Isamu would ever gain money from anyone he would have to earn it himself. His first job was in a local shop at age 12, he wasn't satisfied with how the place was being run so he asked his father to make an investment in him to help him buy the store and in return he would pay him back within the next year. And not only did he gain the same about his father game him he doubled it. 2 years later he had made an entire chain of stores owned under his father's name since he was too young to own properties. Once he heard about his acceptance to Hope's Peak Academy he was glad that he was finally able to have a challenge in life, not knowing about what was going to happen.
  3. A character approaches!

    Name Jack Montague
    Gender Male
    Age 15
    Talent Ping Pong

    Enjoys Puns

    Likes having friends

    Will do almost anything for bacon
    Background He grew up in a middle-class home with his mother and stepfather. He had an easy life, without any real conflict. He quickly learned that bacon was delicious. He wanted to know more about it. He wanted to know everything about it. Why it was so good, why it existed, everything. And so he did. He learned everything he could about bacon. He wears bacon deodorant, and always keeps an Altoids tin of bacon candy in his jacket pocket. His hero is Sir Francis Bacon, whom he thinks is the true author of the works of Shakespeare. Always has a ping pong paddle in his other jacket pocket, and hates it when people call ping pong "table tennis".
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Lucy Holmes

    Gender: female

    Age: 15

    Super Duper High School Level: Luckster

    Personalty: Lucy is a friendly girl who likes to be around others. Tho she puts everyone above herself in worth. She thinks of herself as an annoyance to others and well try to as helpful as possible. When she is comfortable with someone, Lucy is very kind and talkative, going on about her day and anything interesting she saw.

    Background: Lucy comes from a normal home; mother and father, pet dog, white picket fence, the works. She went to the local high school and would get average grades. All of this would have been fine if it wasn't for her older sister, Jessie. Jessie was the top of everything, top of her class, best dancer in her school, Jessie was the best of everything she tried. The only thing she wasn't best at was being a big sister. Jessie would tease Lucy for not doing as well as her or for being annoying because of her faults. Jessie would call her 'Lucky' instead of Lucy to insult her, because she wasn't as lucky as her sister. Their parents never noticed because Jessie was the perfect daughter when they were around. When Lucy won the raffle to enter Hope's Peak, Jessie was furious and teased Lucy even more. Saying 'you're not smart enough for that school, you'll just annoy everyone with your stupidity'. Lucy would then dread of going to hope's peak.

    Extra Info: Lucy's nickname name is Lucky, she doesn't like it. Lucy like animals as well.
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  5. Lucy is super cute
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  6. Thanks, I like her way more than Starr lol
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  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Michael John Mendiaz

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Talent: Theatre/Drama/Screenwriting

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Personalty: Michael is very hyper active and flamboyant, always wanting to be the center of attention. He's always cheerful and smiling, even at the wrong times. He'll laugh at alot of things, even to bad or sadistic jokes. But he's always wanting to cheer people up. He can be quite invasive and even if you're the most extreme introvert, he'll persevere into getting you into the social world. Hes quite perseverant and notjing seems to scare him, just put him into laughter.

    Background: We know his father was abusive to him and his mother. They lived in lower middle class. One day, when he was 12, his father's body was found in a nearby river. He was traumatized. He went into many psychiatric wards after his father's death, aswell as learning he had schizophrenia. He devellopped his love for theatre in the wards, reading through Shakespeares plays and starting to write his own. He soon was noticed by Hopes Peak, seeing as his treatment in the psychatric hopitals were near complete.

    Extra Info:Hes schizophrenic.
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  12. Name: Midori Kuroda

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16


    Talent: Super High School Level Chef.

    Personalty: Kuroda tends to be causally nice with people, but he also tends to be a pervert, and tends to say irrational things. To make it worse, he's not the time to think before he does something. He'd rather break the door open, then ask questions. But he likes cooking. To the point of avoiding fastfood if he can. He is also quite the lunatic, while lsitening to music.

    Background: He'd been raised in quite a normal family, being granted the title of ultimate chef, because he became one of the head chefs in the restaurant for 1 year, last year. The ratings were consistently good enough to get enrolled into the school. He also has an older sister.

    Extra Info:
    Kuroda likes to do some Kendo, so he has a shinai in his room. And for some reason, he keeps a frying pan on his table. He's okay at swimming, and he actually enjoys ramen when he's feeling lazy. He also tends to listen to music, most of the time.
  13. [​IMG]

    Claire Wisp



    Super Duper High School Skill
    Gifted Mathematician

    Closed up and Silent
    Cruel and Cold
    Harsh and Blunt
    *Holds Grudges

    Since she was little, she was raised in a rich house hold and so she wouldn't be surprised if others haven't heard of her family's name. However, there are rumours saying that she has only been using her money to bribe others, which is genuinely not the case. Her parents dislike her and are always looking for ways to get rid of her, thus attempting to enrol her in this academy. She knows how to handle most negative situations, and Despite her intentions, she may come off as suspicious and raise more suspicion about herself, and her good deeds may be done in a negative way. However, she is also hard to read as she suffers from paranoia and bipolar.

    Extra Info
    As a child, she practiced acrobatics along with some martial arts, learning about energy flow and how to pressure point some people. However, due to her personality, she is usually on the side lines and passively observing; even if one were to be murdered right before her eyes, she will maintain the monotoned voice and dull expression.​
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  14. [​IMG]

    Daiki Matsui



    Violinist | | Pianist
    Basically he excels in the music industry.

    Daiki is more of a silent watcher than he is a talker, causing him to seem very shy and possibly a bit skittish. He can get angry very quickly, though it isn't anger issues, it's all just a fake. He likes for people to avoid him at all costs, just so problems don't come his way. If someone were to know him, like actually know him, they'd know that he's actually very loyal and a bit of a sweet heart. Animals are probably his life, alongside with music and manga. He knows more about books than he does the streets, making him more of a bookworm than anything. Sadness is not a word in his dictionary, only solitude and caution. He's like a record player, old and forgotten about.

    Born in a family whom were forgotten, he was tossed around in the system. From family, to family. They'd only just lost track of him at the age of twelve, allowing him to go wherever he wanted. Hitching a ride on a train allowed took him many places, though soon enough, he was caught by the person whom controlled the train and was taken in. There weren't really many records on him, only that he was a foster kid who had become MIA only months before. Getting back into the system didn't take all too long, and they soon found him a family that they knew would keep him for a long time. At the age of fourteen, he was told that he'd be enrolled into a new academy. He didn't fight back, not caring if he left them or any so called 'friends' at his old school. Soon came the age of fifteen, and he was enrolled. Getting accepted seemed to be the family's most happiest moment, not like he was a bad child. They just couldn't take care of another kid anymore.

    Extra Info:
    There's not really much else to know.​
  15. Accepted
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  16. Keaton and I were talking, and he said I should join.

    Name: Doctor Kellyn Alton

    Nickname: The Archangel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19



    Super Duper High School Level: Doctor.

    Personalty: Calm and collected. Kellyn is also quick thinking and can react quickly. He cares and values human life over anything else in the world. He has anxiety, though, and can get easily paranoid. Kellyn also has an angry side, that can cause him to be impulsive, and make decisions he wouldn't usually make. He doesn't like when people make a fuss over him, as he likes to remain reserved.

    Background: Born to an American Father, and a Korean Mother, Kellyn travelled around a lot. His father was a Military Medic, and his mother was a doctor for the WHO. Kellyn was home alone frequently. As a young child, he snuck into his Father's study, and read his books on medicine. It fascinated him, and by 10 he had completed most of them. One day, his father caught him sneaking into a nearby hospital, just because it fascinated him. The job of medicine. His father then decided to ask him various medical related questions. He answered most of them correctly, and he became the youngest person to go Medical School. There, he excelled in everything, from infectious diseases, to Facial Reconstructive Surgery, to Sports Medicine, to performing autopsies. He gained fame one year before he came to Hope's Peak when he cured an African Village of the disease that was plaguing them. He was recruited for Hope's Peak Academy not soonn after.

    Chews on Gum all the time. When that isn't in reach, he chews on a pen. When that isn't in reach, he chews his nails.
    Frequently straightens his lab coat for some unknown reason.
    raps his fingers against the table.

    Extra Info: an edit: Speaks in medical terms a lot, and thinks of everything as if it were a disease of some kind.
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