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  1. You are a high school student who is the best of the best in your field. You are scooted out by a school made for the best of the best, Hope's Peak Academy. Here you well find students like yourself and are helped to excel even more in your field. On your first day you get as far as the front entrance when you lose conciseness. When you wake you are in a bed room and when you try to find out where you are, there are fifteen other students doing the same. There is an announcement to go to the castle court yard, where you meet the being behind your kidnapping. What you find is a talking, walking stuffed bear named monokuma, who tells you that he is your head master and trapped in this amusement park. The only way out is to kill a fellow student and not get caught in the class trail. If you succeed you graduate and leave this place, but everyone else well die. If you are caught and found guilty, only you well die for disbursing the peace. This amusement park has everything you need to live happy lives and you are allowed to stay, you'll never be able to connect the outside world if you tho. So whats your choice, live here forever or kill a friend to try to get out?

    Hello and welcome to my first role play. I'll start off with the rules first.

    -You can not escape
    -Your character has the chance of dying
    -No god modeing
    -Romance is allowed, but no sex scenes please.
    -If your character plans to murder, first you well have to contact both GMs, and the victim so that the four of us can discuss how the murder well go down.
    -If the students can not find the killer, then the trail well be restarted and new evidence well be given in the OOC
    -Iwaku rules of couse
    -If needed rules well be added.

    Character Sheet








    Extra Info:

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or my co-GM @GreenSea

    3/8 girls 6/8 boys
    For info about the game
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  3. Damn it infin! Time to think of something else...
  4. I wanna be guitarist... I'll make a CS
  5. Sorry, I just need to deal with another RP atm so the CS should be up tonight, hopefully.
  6. The Shy Girl here!!!
  7. I call theatre/drama/actor person!
  8. DAMN YOU ALL!!! =="

    CALLING GAMER! if it isn't valid then MARTIAL ARTIST
  9. will have it tomorrow
  10. Name: Krystal Richardson
    Gender: female
    Age: 15
    Talent: Guitarist
    Personalty: Can be nice and a bit quiet towards strangers. Does have a short temper, but tries not to say or do anything too drastic.
    Background: Her parents split when she was around twelve, which was when she got into guitar. Before going to Hope's peak high she would play her friends and sometimes older brother if he was in a good mood.
    Extra Info:

    I'll add more later when I can actually think.
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  11. For the love Of Togami. I'm gonna have to make a Super High School Level something. (I almost want to Make Ishida Kyondo an independent character... But, they're so much a combo of both, I'm not sure what does a Moral Compass + a Bosozoku (Bike leader) Makes.)

    By The Way, I'm not a Mutant and I don't have a stand.

    (I'm actually brainstorming, because. Danganrompa. I love Danganrompa.)
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: James Croshar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Talent: Anything that revolves around computers.

    Personalty: He is calm and quiet. He prefers to analyze everything before talking and can be considered rude. James is melancholic and likes books and computers, his talent.

    Background: James doesn't talk much about his past. From what we know his father left him at the age of 3. He got into computers when he was 5 and can repair any virus and stuff like that.He had a suicide attempt at 14 and got into the school when his mother wanted him to be more "social"

    Extra Info: He can seem depressed at times.
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  13. Name:Van "Destoro" Alvarez




    Talent: intermediate Fencing and Observant

    Personalty: He can be an annoying person as he compared his wealthy life from people's misery but nonetheless there are times where he can prove himself that's he's really needed. Cracking some sarcastic job is what he'll do to pass time by, especially to the ones who has "no name" in them.

    Background: He was born in a royal lineage of the king in south East America, his father was a CEO and mother was a High end fashion designer. With a noble blood runs within, he often being stay away from normal people by his parent. Just like in any movies and comic, Van is a prodigy in Fencing though it's name ends within 4 year after he injured a person. Up until now, he only can hold his Espoc for awhile due to enormous trauma and the blame he got.

    Extra Info:
    -He's effing arrogant like hell
    -He proclaim to be a Super High School level Fencer but later on to be revealed that he's Super High level (censored)
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  14. (Fixing discoverd its High school)
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  15. You have my interest, I'll get to work!
  16. Accepted

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  17. Name: Isamu Hiraku

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Talent: Anything Business

    Personalty: Isamu is smart enough to know when to fight but he over estimates himself which could be his downfall, he rather talks out situations instead of using his fists. Getting his own hands dirty is a last resort for him, but if given no choice he would kill someone. If he ever were to make friends he would protect them but he finds that hard to do because of how he ends up making people dislike him before he has a chance to befriend them and show his other more likable side.

    Background: Born a reasonably rich family business was in his blood, his father told him that business was the most important part of life and so was making your own money, for that reason the only way Isamu would ever gain money from anyone he would have to earn it himself. His first job was in a local shop at age 12, he wasn't satisfied with how the place was being run so he asked his father to make an investment in him to help him buy the store and in return he would pay him back within the next year. And not only did he gain the same about his father game him he doubled it. 2 years later he had made an entire chain of stores owned under his father's name since he was too young to own properties so when he did leave for Hope's Peak Academy.

    ((Ps. you said well instead of will at the top))
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  18. I'll take a spot. I'm not sure what my talent will be yet. I had business in my mind since the first post and was disappointed when I saw the last post. Lol
  19. Accepted
  20. Sorry, I was disappointed when I saw that computers was taken, and business is all I have left after that.
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