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  1. You are a high school student who is the best of the best in your field. You are scooted out by a school made for the best of the best, Hope's Peak Academy. Here you well find students like yourself and are helped to excel even more in your field. On your first day you get as far as the front entrance when you lose conciseness. When you wake you are in a bed room and when you try to find out where you are, there are fifteen other students doing the same. There is an announcement to go to the castle court yard, where you meet the being behind your kidnapping. What you find is a talking, walking stuffed bear named monokuma, who tells you that he is your head master and trapped in this amusement park. The only way out is to kill a fellow student and not get caught in the class trail. If you succeed you graduate and leave this place, but everyone else well die. If you are caught and found guilty, only you well die for disbursing the peace. This amusement park has everything you need to live happy lives and you are allowed to stay, you'll never be able to connect the outside world if you tho. So whats your choice, live here forever or kill to try to get out?

    Hello and welcome to my first role play. I'll start off with the rules first.

    -You can not escape
    -Your character has the chance of dying
    -No god modeing
    -Romance is allowed, but no sex scenes please.
    -If your character plans to murder, first you well have to contact both GMs, and the victim so that the four of us can discuss how the murder well go down.
    -If the students can not find the killer, then the trail well be restarted and new evidence well be given in the OOC
    -Iwaku rules of couse
    -If needed rules well be added.

    Character Sheet








    Extra Info:

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or my co-GM @GreenSea
    For info about the game
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  2. A character approaches!

    Name Jack Montague
    Gender Male
    Age 15
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Talent Ping Pong
    Enjoys Puns
    Likes having friends
    Will do almost anything for bacon
    Background He grew up in a middle-class home with his mother and stepfather. He had an easy life, without any real conflict. He quickly learned that bacon was delicious. He wanted to know more about it. He wanted to know everything about it. Why it was so good, why it existed, everything. And so he did. He learned everything he could about bacon. He wears bacon deodorant, and always keeps an Altoids tin of bacon candy in his jacket pocket. His hero is Sir Francis Bacon, whom he thinks is the true author of the works of Shakespeare. Always has a ping pong paddle in his other jacket pocket, and hates it when people call ping pong "table tennis".

    A character approaches!

    Name Darlene Capulet
    Gender Female
    Age 15
    Talent All things attraction. She specializes in knowledge of gravitational forces, magnetic attraction, and seduction, which she puts to use to help her get her way.
    Conniving when necessary
    Cruel to those she takes a disliking to
    Background She grew up in an odd family, to say the least. Her father was the head of a corporation, and her mother a prostitute. Of course, they had plenty of money because of her father, but her mother enjoyed her work. She lived for the thrill of pleasure. Darlene, on the other hand, despised her mother for it. She felt that her mother was wasting her talents. Her mother was beautiful, by anyone's standards, and that was passed down. Darlene felt that she should have been using her seductive abilities to better herself, and not for self-enjoyment. Darlene used her good looks and impressive charm to get whatever she wanted. An A in a class? Easy as taking candy from a baby for her. Any boyfriend she wanted? No problem. She worked hard, and mastered her craft, realizing that all forms of attraction were necessary to properly convince her victims, and so, she learned of them. She learned that gravitational pull was very important, and bigger masses sucked in smaller masses. This lead her to decide to gather suitors around her, to attract others' interests. She learned of magnetism, and worked that to her advantage. She would find a person the exact opposite of her target and use them to attract the target. She enjoyed her talent, and used it as she felt it fit.
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  3. I hate how Copy/paste works.
  4. Name: Isamu Hiraku

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Talent: Anything Business

    Personalty: Isamu is smart enough to know when to fight but he over estimates himself which could be his downfall, he rather talks out situations instead of using his fists. Getting his own hands dirty is a last resort for him, but if given no choice he would kill someone. If he ever were to make friends he would protect them but he finds that hard to do because of how he ends up making people dislike him before he has a chance to befriend them and show his other more likable side.

    Background: Born a reasonably rich family business was in his blood, his father told him that business was the most important part of life and so was making your own money, for that reason the only way Isamu would ever gain money from anyone he would have to earn it himself. His first job was in a local shop at age 12, he wasn't satisfied with how the place was being run so he asked his father to make an investment in him to help him buy the store and in return he would pay him back within the next year. And not only did he gain the same about his father game him he doubled it. 2 years later he had made an entire chain of stores owned under his father's name since he was too young to own properties. Once he heard about his acceptance to Hope's Peak Academy he was glad that he was finally able to have a challenge in life, not knowing about what was going to happen.
  5. Both are accepted!
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: James Croshar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Talent: Anything that revolves around computers.

    Personalty: He is calm and quiet. He prefers to analyze everything before talking and can be considered rude. James is melancholic and likes books and computers, his talent.

    Background: James doesn't talk much about his past. From what we know his father left him at the age of 3. He got into computers when he was 5 and can repair any virus and stuff like that.He had a suicide attempt at 14 and got into the school when his mother wanted him to be more "social"

    Extra Info: He can seem depressed at times.
  9. Name: Mercutio "Mercury" Fitzgerald Domington

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16


    Talent: A joker, a comedian, cook and surprisingly a good talker.

    Personality: Funny, Fun-loving, Carefree, Always tells Sexual jokes, Happy go lucky and a bit of a moron yet a good and loyal friend.

    Background: Born into a Middle-class family, Mercutio's parents were loving and caring, His Father ran a cupcake and ice cream shop while his mother is a business woman, He childhood was not that awesome, often bullied for being different to 'Normal' kids for his wise-cracking behaviour and they took a toll at him, but always the Happy one he is he always forgets those who have wronged him and his parents want's him to change school and so Hope's Peak Academy was new home.

    Extra info: He's a goof ball.
  10. Ill be making boxing girl now. Can somebody send me this image's image URL? Im on mobile.
  11. Is my Character accepted ?
  12. oh yes he is!
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  13. [​IMG]

    1 2 3 -punch- 1 2 3 -punch- Oh! Hello! -punch- Sorry, you caught me in the middle of my training. Sure, I was just about to take a break.

    The name's Alexandria Gates. Pleasure to meet you. -takes off boxing gloves-

    Well, as you can see, I'm a girl. -grabs towel and dries her forehead-

    I'm 16. -gulps down water bottle- Ah.

    My mother was Irish and my father is Brittish. I was born in England and we moved here when I was 7.

    I believe I've always been interested in women. -gets out granola bar and starts eating it-

    I'm a professional boxer, kickboxing included and mixed martial artist but Im better at boxing.

    A fighter has to be quick on her feet and take6 no time to hesitate.
    Alexandra is very fast, both on her feet and when taking descisions without hesitation. She's very honest, insisting and can sometimes be seen as rude. She takes her space and is loud. This boxer will never accept cheating or any form of poor-sportsman ship. Shes an optimist and will always try to find the good in people. Not shy to share her opinion or hide her feelings. If she's mad or pissed at you, she'll tell you.

    Well, my mother was irish and my father was briitsh. I was born in London. My mother was a lawyer and my father was a boxing trainer for one of the big players. We moved here so my mom could study law here when I was 7 and we found it quite cozy so we stayed. We lived a good life here. I was good in school and we weren't poor nor rich, middle class is what I think they called it. My father started to teach me fighting at the age of 5 to better protect myself and to develop a hobbie. Since then I've bedn training all these years to become the best brittish female boxer.

    Extra Info:
    At the age of 14 she was almost raped. But her boxing and MMA skills helped her defend herself and land the guy in jail.
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  14. Just a quick question before I post:

    Uhm, so, how in depth should we go into things? Would you prefer a simpler character bio, or no?
  15. Whichever you prefer, just do what you think is enough please.
  16. Okay. Thanks :]. When I post it, if it's too long, just let me know.
  17. Name: Alice Cobain

    Gender: Female


    Talent: Alice's talent is reading. She perfected speed reading, and can now easily exceed speeds of over 3,000 wpm whilst reading. Along with this, she has a prodigious memory that allows her to remember what she's read, albeit imperfectly. Being an avid reader, she's read thousands of books, spanning all genres (except non-fiction history.. She finds it boring.)

    Personalty: Alice is a closed, apathetic person. She prefers the perfect worlds of her books to the flawed one around her. She also has an obsession with anime for the same reason. Considering herself to always be the smartest person in the room, when she does have to interact with somebody, she typically comes off as arrogant, narcissistic, and condescending, along with some other choice words. Despite this, she is somewhat lonely (not that she fully realizes it herself), and resorts to pining over anime characters or characters in her books.

    Background: Alice lived with her teenage mother and father for the first several years of her life. At the age of two, she taught herself to read, much to the surprise and joy of her parents. The year she turned five, though, her parents got divorced and she moved in with her father. Her father placed a lot of stress on the importance of school and grades, to the exclusion of all else. When she displeased him, he would often abuse her, both physically and emotionally. This caused her to withdraw into her books more and to develop her reading skills much farther. This continued until she turned eleven and was sent to live with her grandparents. While at school there, she bonded with a boy named Alex, who would go on to be her one and only friend. Alex was similarly gifted, but lived in a home with a lot of drugs. From the end of sixth grade to the end of middle school, she and Alex were using almost constantly. Once her grandparents found out, she was sent off to a rehab program where she was diagnosed schizophrenic, and then an "elite" school to hopefully be reformed. Surprisingly, Alice had maintained her grades and scores, even whilst under the influence. With two years of school under her belt, Alice no longer used at all, but withdrew from people even more than she had before, distraught that she wouldn't be able to see Alex anymore.

    Extra Info: She's sapiosexual.
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