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  1. I am a professional artist that requires constant poking & prodding likes to stay motivated! Character design & character art was my original love so I thought I'd set up shop here! This wasn't a part of Iwaku back when I first joined so I'm happy to see it! I'm still sort of moving things over to my social media accounts & my website so sorry there isn't much up right now.

    For more recent examples of my art, you can check out my Youtube channel here: UltraAmpoule (like, share, subscribe ;) )

    I also have an Instagram that I post things to semi-regularly: Ultra Ampoule (@ultraampoule) • Instagram photos and videos

    For character art style I would say semi-realistic or leaning more toward "anime" style. I do a lot of very fine lines. Currently all of my artwork will be traditional media as I can't find my Wacom pen since I moved! *tears* Coloring will be either or a mix of: watercolor, markers, colored pencil. Size is dependent on what you want.

    Pricing: For the base price you will receive a high quality & color corrected digital file of your art.
    Shipped piece: If you live in the US, I can pop your art in the mail for an additional $5. That's basically the price of an envelope & shipping. I can do international shipping after I set up my online shop so that you'll be able to enter your own address.

    Character Headshot (shoulders & up) 4x6

    Inked Lineart: $5
    Colored Lineart: $10
    Shipped Ink: $10
    Shipped Colored: $15

    Character Portrait (waist up) 4x6

    Inked Lineart: $8
    Colored Lineart: $13
    Shipped Ink: $13
    Shipped Colored: $18

    Full Character Sketch (full body) 8x10

    Inked Lineart: $10
    Colored Lineart: $15
    Shipped Ink: $15
    Shipped Colored: $20

    Commissions: OPEN
    Price: Varies/Depends on what you want.
    I'm open to drawing *almost* anything since I see it as practice.

    I accept Paypal as payment. As for contact I'm very easy to get in touch with on Discord or on Skype. Or you can just message me here.
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  2. ...and in return for reading all of that, the first two slots are free!
  3. Free awesome art! Holy crap!

    Pere lays claim to a slot before going to dig through characters and fill out a sheet. :D I'm going to have to choose carefully, because it is just so pretty~ :heart:

    EDIT: After a fair bit of consideration I have a good idea of what I'd like, but before I dump too much information I'm curious. By any chance, would you do duets? Two characters in a single picture?
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  4. First two slots free, you say? I have a whole collection of characters that need some art, if you're interested! Since you say you're open for most anything, do you mind if I toss one of my tougher ones at you?
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  5. Since you're the first to respond...sure! I'll give it a shot!
  6. I accept!
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  7. Ee! Thank you so much! I have three that you can pick from that are kind of tough, in terms of body type and proportions. Just ask if you have any questions, ok? <3 Thank you!

    Lady Luck
    Four feet tall and underweight, but with pretty big jugs. She should look feverish and tired.

    General Obsidian Shears
    Eight foot tall wall of muscle and grins.

    Empress Biocybera
    The outfit is right, but she should have this body type, but slightly bigger breasts. She's uh... gifted.

    The images are along the bottom!
  8. Thanks! I'm working to gather together an adequate description which may take a bit of time, but I'll have it to you soon!
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    Jack and Andy are a couple of ex-marines, who have ended up living together after they returned from war at around the age of 29. They are in a quietly romantic relationship.

    Andy (Andrew Kreuger) is 5'10", with a relatively average build, right around 175 pounds. He would have a build like a swimmer, mostly. Short blonde hair, hazel eyes, oval face, faint freckles, most often found wearing old jeans and flannel.

    Jack (Jack Coulson) is a couple inches taller than Andy at just over 6'. He is obviously fit, but more in the military sense of it than the bodybuilder sense. Aka, he lacks strongly defined musculature, but has a lot of muscle. Red hair still kept in a military cut, although it's grown out ever so slightly, green eyes, attractively square face with a scar on his chin from a childhood injury. He would wear a plain, tight fitting t-shirt, most likely a practical shade of grey or black, and dark colored cargo pants.

    If you are feeling up to a perspective and/or posing challenge, I'd love to see them in a "tender moment" pose, but nothing overtly sexual. Jack would probably be in the straighter position, with Andy moving to fit him.

    That's... not much to go on, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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  10. Hi, just to let you know, I've been working on your art & am almost finished! I just got delayed by a sudden illustration job & preparations for a gallery show :) Thank you for your patience!
  11. Hi! I have a few preliminary sketches that I'd like to post later to show you & see if they fit your ideas. I have a few questions about Jack, just to clarify the image in my head. I got held up by a sudden illustration job & preparations for a gallery show. Thank you for your patience!
  12. Oh man, so exciting! ♥

    And no worries. Jobs and shows are definitely more important. Take all the time you need!
  13. Ask away at any point! I'm more than willing to offer any and all clarifications, and am very excited to see what you've got. If you want to send me the sketches in PM to keep from cluttering up your thread, feel free. Otherwise, I'll keep an eye here. :heart:
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