Amorist High

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  1. This is a role play about a high school in Tokyo, Japan filled with crazy out to get you girls that are cute, loving, scary, brutal, crazy, stalker-ish and all of the above, that are after 10 guys whether it be trying to kill them in intense battle to tackling them to the ground cause they want them. The choice is yours, have fun, be creative, and just injoy :D

    Looking for 9 more Male's and ton's of females.

    Name:Frost Uchia
    Siblings:Little Sister
    Relationship status:Single
    Personality:Very Shy and Mysterious
    Other (if you want to add mething extra):like's Sea Weed Chips

    Frost Uchia Just Moved To Tokyo and had awoken from his slumber. It was his first day of school today and he was wondering what to expect while getting up to get ready. he had long white hair with sky blue bangs and pink eyes which was different then most kids. he threw on his sinny jean's and white v-neck then grabbed his back pack and procceded to walk towards his school. finally ten minutes later he arrived to the school headed toward the office and got his class schedule and went to class.
  2. name: raven
    age 16
    rs: single (like to stay that way till i find the guy)
    Personality:shy, kind, helpfull and like cookies
    extra: she from sad famliy (poor) she don't talk about it much. she knows kufu (she a black balt). but she easy to take down sometimes

    raven ran to the school. she saw a boy with white hair and wonder why. with her black eyes. she want to the office and want to her class now know she was not late at all. thank god i'm not late. she sat next to him. waering the school uniform.
  3. I stared at the girl who sat next to me and then looked around an notice i was the only guy in the class and felt a lil weird about it. soon the teacher walked in and told us to open our text books and get to work. i didnt get straight to work i proceeded to doodle.
  4. raven takes out her books and got to work. she sighs. she finish faster then the class. well she is the class president and the president of the school. she very good in class, she will kick anyones butt if they be jurks and she is alone. she looked at the boy nexts to her and saw he was doodling. "your going to get..... never mind" she lookes away with a smile. newbie to the school.
  5. I Proceeded to look at the girl who had said something then gave the picture to her and it was a picture of a kitten wearing dj head phones and said my freind will email me the assignment later.
  6. "um...thank you" she smiles alittle. she then heard the ball ring and she got up to go to gym with the picture. she smiles and wonders off in space. then her friend alice yelled "RAVEN, wake up." raven smiled and said "yes." "you where off in space did a boy kiss you or something" she said taking the picture out of raven's hand "give that back" she yelled and tryed to get it out of her hand. "aww it so cute who did it" alice looked at her with an evil smile like she knew. raven tock it out of her hand and looked at her "a new newbie and you know what funny he's the only guy in class." alice smile got bigger "you like him." (mostly this is my realy friend nexts to me telling me to do this) she blushed "no." she walks out of the changing room and want to class but alice is her buddie and they talk about the newbie. (what what first long on i did)
  7. Name: Ryu
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Grade: Senior
    Relationship Status: Single
    Personality: A "no-nonsense' type of person. He usually never instigates conversation but will talk to you if you start it. He prefers reading in the corner rather than really interacting with other people. He believes that one shouldn't dilly-dally with information and should always go straight to the point. He may come out as too blunt or harsh sometimes but it is never in his intention to hurt anyone.


    If he had his way, Ryu would have gotten to his class first thing in the morning. The only problem with that was the fact that he would go against school policy. According to his letter he had to report to the registration office to finish handing off his papers and only then would he be escorted to his classroom by one of the staff.

    It was already break time by the time that the process was over and he found himself being led to the classroom that he would be staying in for the rest of the school year.

    Adjusting his glasses, he followed quietly and looked at the mirror to make sure that he looked decent enough despite feeling haggard. His short brown hair was still tidy and his glasses look smudge free. His uniform wasn't creased despite all the sitting that he did during the waiting time and that was always a good sign. That was enough for him.

    As he was escorted to the room, he inwardly sighed. It was about time that he got there. Quietly, he walked over to the seat that was available: a seat at the very back of the class. He supposed he would have to do. Placing down his bag by the bag hook, he sat down and waited until the break came to a close.
  8. gym class was over and she want to change then want back to classes there was no one there but a boy in the far back. she run up up to him and smiled " hello my name is raven you must be new." she holds out her hand.