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  1. It was the beginning of a new school year. Who knows what shenanigans would ensue. The school looked the same, save the construction of two new dorm buildings due to the increase of freshman and transfer students for this school year. Walking up to the building, carrying a large backpack and two suitcases, was Anastasia Petrova ,a tenth grader. She headed into the building and headed to the auditorium where they were holding the school's welcoming ceremony. It was pretty boring really and most kids thought it was a waste of time. In fact most just though incoming freshman and transfer students should only attend and not the whole student body. It sucked even more,because they couldn't go to their assigned dorm rooms first to put up all the stuff they had with them. Anastasia didn't mind much really though. She entered the auditorium and sat in the far back of the auditorium where she began drawing designs for cakes and such. You see, Anastasia's major was the culinary and pastry arts. She was much or interested in the pastry arts though and she always liked coming up with designs for new sweets and everything. Such things suited Anastasia very well.
  2. Adrias Summerset Looked around for kids he knew from last year. H found some teachers and walk about with his stuff. he groaned at the assembly taking up his time, he had many clothing lines to start. Wondering if the freshman actually paid attention, he didn't last year. by the food tabel he noticed Anastasia Petrova, a girl he sat with at lunch alot last year, Adrias slowly approached Anastasia, greeting her with a tune from his blues harmonica, the same tune he played when they first met.
  3. Among the freshman was a brown haired girl named Katherine. When she found out she couldn't drop her things off at her dorm room before going to the auditorium, she had wished that she had disobeyed her mom just that one time. Her mom had made her back many things. She had a bag of clothing items, her purse, a small bag with art supplies, another with supplies for writing, and finally, a toiletries bag. She didn't think she could carry the bags much longer, and 2 of the bags were about to slide of her shoulder. Katherine was about to get irritated and had to resist shoving someone just standing in the middle of the walkway out of the way before the bags could fall and block everyone out for a few minutes.

    Katherine had gotten pass the person and bolted to a seat next to Anastasia. And just in time, the bags fell onto the floor in front of her. Katherine let out a slightly relieved sigh. "At least they fell here..."
  4. Adrias slowly looked at the Freshman, her art bag had fallen at his feet, slightly irritated but being polite he neatly put the items that spilled out bag in the bag and handed them to the girl next to him and Anastasia Petrova. "This fell.."
  5. Katherine had her hands on her face. She took them away and smiled. "Thank you..." she said quietly and took the things. "I'm sorry you had to put them back in the bag, you didn't have to do that. But either way I'm grateful," she said smiling softly.
  6. Adrias smiled, "Its quite fine, im Adrias Summerset, Fashion major, 10th grade."
  7. Anastasia looked at the two. She knew Adrias but the girl looked new. Maybe she was a freshman? Either way, the appearance of a new person was quite intimidating for her and she sort of shied away. It was pretty natural for her to do this, so no one was really surprised. Anastasia decided to at least say something to the girl. " there" She said with a sort of shy smile to the girl.
  8. Adrias smiled at Petrova, "i see you took my advice from last year about your wardrobe, much better. brings out your eyes" he said shyly and softly. Adrias took out his book of sketchs for his clothing, he had been working on a slim dress with a bow at the hip, a showing back and lace edges
  9. "Hello, Adrias. My name is Katherine!" Katherine said happily...She looked over to Anastasia and smiled. "Whats your name?" she asked softly. Katherine was smiling back. Knowing Adrias was a fashion major now, she looked at Anastasia's outfit and smiled. It was a very nice outfit she was wearing, much better than Katherine's plain blue dress, she thought.
  10. Adrias looked at Katherine's dress, it wasn't horrible, actually quite nice, but he knew he could make better, he had made CK brand seem thrifty. Adrias began sketching Katherine in the blue dress, and adding his famous touch to it.
  11. Sarah Arcan was hesitant to walk into the orientation so late. But she knew that if she did not she would probably get lectured by one of the teachers about responsibility again. So she tentatively pushed open one of the doors and quietly walk in finding a seat in the back. She did not have many friends so she decided to not worry about finding them anytime soon. She sat down quietly her light blonde hair flowing down her neck and back. She was wearing the school uniform for the girls and was disgusted by it. She hated wearing something so plain and boring. But she dealt with it and listened to the monotone voice of the speaker and quickly became bored. She had heard the same thing several times and decided to examine the room. She notices several people in a group conversing quietly to themselves and wishes that she had some friends to talk to. Her bright blue eyes lock on the small group and she watches as the one boy in the group sketches a girls outfit. Obviously major in fashion of some type. The other two she could not figure out by watching them so she just looked down into her notebook with fresh culinary ideas. She would spend the rest of the orientation going over her thoughts.
  12. Adrias wondered if the school year would be different then last year, he was bored, lonely and insecure, though not about his work, he was damn good at that. it was meeting new people, especially girls. they seem to never notice him for him, just if he would make the prom dress. He would love to find companion ship, but doubted it. he realised he had no actual friends, this upset him, with that the blue dress was done and sketched.
  13. Katherine blinked and looked up at Adrias. "Oh? What are you doing...?" she asked with a head-tilt. Adrias seemed to be looking a bit saddened. "Hm...? You ok?"
  14. Sarah nearly fell asleep in the uncomfortable seat she had chosen. "When is this thing going to end?" she thinks to herself and sits up stretching. She then looks back over to the group of people and thought she might as well waste some time at trying to meet some people. Though she almost was certain they would not give her a chance just like the rest of the people they would huff and walk away. But it was worth the risk so she stands up and begins to make her way over to the group. "What am I going to say" she thought to herself as she approached them. "Just say...hi yeah that is it just say hi." she reaches the group and smiles though it was more of a nervous grin. She steps up and waves hesitantly. "umm....hi..i am Sarah."
  15. Adrias looked at Katherine, "I had an idea for your dress, this is what you would look like in it." Adrias then notices the girl approaching, nervous smile, beautiful figure, lovely eyes, yet sad. he understood. as she greets herself Adrias stands up and holds out his hand, and smiles while blushing. (What am i doing? why did i stand up? i look so stupid.) "Im Adrias Summerset, creator and owner of Sunset clothing. its a pleasure to meet you, Sarah"
  16. She takes hand and shakes it quickly. She lets go and looks around the group. Her smile fades and she looks down blushing slightly. She wanted to kick herself for even thinking of saying hi but it was too late now. Now they knew her face and when they would see here they would probably laugh and remember the day the awkward girl said hi. Though the boy seemed nice. He stood when she came up which she thought was slightly odd. An old form of politeness but she was not sure if he meant it that way or was just deciding to stand up.
  17. "Oh nice!" Katherine said smiling at the picture. "It looks very nice!"

    Katherine noticed Sarah walk up and once she introduced herself, she waved to her. "Hi Sarah! I'm Katherine,"
  18. She looks up and slightly smiles again. "umm..Hi Katherine." she then returns her gaze downwards and watches her shoes twist back and forth on the ground beneath. " any of you know when this orientation ends?"
  19. Adrias looked embarrassed and sat quickly, breaking out his sketch book, he really liked Sarah's eyes so he drew them, as he draws he speaks softly "Any moment it will end then i can get settled, if anyone wants to meet up then feel free to knock on my door, its 109 single room." Adrias made sure he didn't have a room mate, he bought out the studio room for his quarters and workshop, it was one of the most expensive rooms in the school.
  20. The thought of meeting up with him made Sarah somewhat happy though she would never proclaim it in such a way. She did not say anything to him about it either she just made sure she remembered the number. 109 is she was correct it was down the hall from her private dorm. Her dorm was a culinary dorm. Meaning it was stocked with all the things one would need to make any type of food one can think up. The kitchen in it was supposed to be amazing but she was not sure since she was not allowed to see the dorm yet. She looked up remembering she was still standing there and she decided to go sit once more for the rest of the orientation so she waved "Goodbye" and turned to go to her seat once again.