INTEREST CHECK Amoral Corporate Enforcer in a Futuristic setting, anyone?

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  1. I have the itch of playing the bad guys in a despotic corporation, we would all start at the bottom of the Machiavellian ladder and make our way up from there with ruthlessness and backstabbing. Obliviously we would get through a lot of characters that way, especially since the Corporation have a militant branch, but that's what's fun about it, right?
  2. sounds fun to me. I have been itching to do some action rp's
  3. Awesome!
    Do you have any ideas you think would make this better or even just a wish for something or other when it comes to the plots or characters?
  4. just to clarify would we have one character we use through the entire story? or a long list of characters that get killed quickly? Also how far into the future does this take place? since I have a collection of guns that I have been wanting to use
  5. There will no doubt be at least one death, but I doubt that will be a constant bloodbath, just a 'no one is safe' scenario. As for the timeline, I see it in a military state in the distant and nebulous future. No spaceships yet but an extremely militarized and technology reliant culture.
  6. **Raises hand** Interested!
  7. Welcome aboard, any questions or suggestions? The plot and all is still in the works, so all help is appreciated :)!
  8. so are the characters working together or against each other?
  9. They are rivals for the best position and various promotions, but ephemeral alliances can be made from time to time.
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