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  1. 'Captain! Life support is failing!'

    The ship shook feverishly, but the last remnants of panic were fading. The creatures on board, humanoid, biped, stopped where they were. They all knew they were going to die. Their mouthless faces showed the knowledge, but remained calm. Grey eyes were as cool as steel, their minds quiet. It was easy for their commander to reach out to them, sending words of encouragement.

    'My people,' it started in a masculine, alien voice. The words were not in English, Chinese, or any language spoken on Earth, but in their own tongue. 'It has been an honor to lead you up to this point. Your families will remember you, your kin will regard you all as heroes, fighting here for them...' One figure stood from its station, cold eyes scanning the view-screen that revealed their imminent defeat. Death was not something to be feared, and yet, this one being's heart raced, pounded in its rough, scaled chest, the vibrations traveling through it's exoskeleton. It didn't want to die. It was afraid. Nostrils flared and decorated dreadlocks fell over its shoulders as it looked back to its commanding officer. There was nothing but silence, but the look that they saw in each others eyes was enough. The older Sectid nodded, and the younger of the two moved, nearly tripping over the console as it ran. It didn't have to die. None of the others gave it a second glance, understanding. It was young, even at half a century; it didn't need to die with the rest of them. It's time would come.

    The Sectid climbed into the escape pod, the door sliding shut behind it, several different lights coming to life. The coordinates didn't need to be set. The lever was pulled just as the corridor exploded, usable oxygen combusting into super hot flames. The light was blinding, and red warning lights flashed as the small ship took off. Their warship failed then, exploded just outside of Earths atmosphere. No one noticed the small vessel that held a single life, and no one tried to stop it as it went hurdling towards the planet below...

    The metal rubble, all that was left of the tiny ship, was pushed and shoved out of the way. A three-fingered, grey hand clawed at the sand desperately, dozens of cuts and scrapes oozing a silvery liquid, wetting the ground. Eventually, the creature managed to dig and claw it's way out, sporting a deep gash over it's left eye and another wound along it's left shoulder. The sky was dark, with a single moon. It was unimpressive, insignificant compared to the nighttime scenery from the Sectid home world. The creature loathed this planet, hated its inhabitants.

    Gripping the wounded shoulder, the young Sectid stood, catching sight of what appeared to be a major city. After a moment, after examining its surroundings, it slowly began the trek in that directions. It was still dark, it would be easy enough to get in unnoticed. Finding a quiet, abandoned place would be the safest way to go, to hopefully find first aid. Metallic blood still ran down the creatures arm, dripping from its fingertips to stain the sand.

    There was hope. It was still alive, even if it was stranded on an foreign planet inhabited by hostiles. At least those hostiles were advanced, and at least this particular Sectid had the ability to build, and to fly. It just needed supplies...



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  2. After a long day of school and being busy with a great amount of homework, Nicky was finally free for the weekend. Her parents always wanted her to do the weekend homework on Fridays, they figured she wouldn't get it done otherwise. The were probably right. After all, Nicky was going out now. Not with anyone or to any place in particular. She just wanted to take a walk around in the city. It can be quite beautiful during the night, especially when you find the areas that no one ever realizes are around. Those were the places she liked the most. You would never know what would come out, and it was more fun at night.

    Nicky grapped her coat, after her mother pleaded and headed out the door. She practically jumped down the steps and onto the sidewalk. She took a breath in, taking into her lungs the fresh air. It was still good, this city wasn't too large, they didn't have to worry about poor air. You could even see the stars shinning in the sky on nights like these. Though Nicky thought she might have saw something else in the sky. She shrugged it off, figuring it was just her usual imagination trying to make more of something that wasn't even there. She headed down the sidewalk, casually walking down the street. There were a few other people but around where she was at, there wasn't too much to go to. The shops and food places were farther in. She turned the corner, towards the park that was perfect for a night like this.
  3. There was no one around. The alien stumbled slightly as it stepped up, onto the sidewalk of the city. It was nothing compared to home. Their towers were bland, grey, without color, without art, without passion of any sort.

    He came upon a clearing, lifting his head to see. There were street lights, silver blood glinting under them as he continued on. There was pain. A trickle of fluid fell from his chin, staining the tattered garments that covered his chest. Somewhere to hide, to rest, to be unnoticed. That's what he needed. Everything became hazed, but steely eyes found a curved structure, with just enough spaced covered where he could hide himself. It wasn't much, but, if he bled out before a human military found him, it wouldn't matter. So, the young Sectid hobbled over, concrete suddenly turning back to sand as he drew closer, eventually collapsing in the shade.

    In his mind, he doubted he would ever see sunlight again, doubted that he would live another day. If this was the way it was happening, why hadn't he just stayed on the ship? Why hadn't he stayed with his people? Dying like this, hiding, it was shameful, he was a disgrace.

    Silver blood seeped into the sand, just a hint of shine showing from under the playground equipment he laid behind. Blood loss was getting through to him, darkness creeping in around the edges of his vision. Sectids had no tear ducts, didn't have the spare water to shed for the sake of emotion. This was the end, and the youngster couldn't cry, not like the humans could. He mourned, but it was physically impossible for him to shed tears for his people, his comrades who had died on the ship. There was no way...
  4. Nicky had made it to the park, walking peacefully on the sidewalk. The lamps gave just enough light to see, though Nicky never minded the dark that much anyway. She found it strange though, there seemed to be something on the ground. She at first thought it would just be some drink that a kid had dropped, it was a park after all. But it seemed strange, something Nicky had never seem before. She began to follow it, she couldn't help herself, couldn't stop herself. It seemed to be leading to the play set that she tended to like to use the swings that were near. She could see the play set in the distance, unsure if anything was there yet.

    Upon coming closer, she thought she could see something hiding away. Her eyes widened, seeing...well she didn't know what she was seeing. She gasped as she slowly made her way closer. What is that?! Where the words screaming in her head. She half wanted to run away, the other part of her wanting to get closer to it. Is it an alien of some sort? Nicky was fond of those sort of things, she liked the unknown and mysterious. She could tell that there it was hurt though, she didn't know what to do with it. "Uh, hey?" She said, at first unable to make out the words. She was slightly shaking but it did look like it needed help. The strange fluid she had stepped in, she know knew what it's blood.
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  5. The creature opened it's eyes again, looking up to the human. He wasn't supposed to be found yet, he was still alive, still breathing. There was still information to be had from him.

    A heartbeat thundered in his ears, nostrils flaring as it panted. A three-fingered hand was raised, a green glow coming from the golden gauntlet around his forearm. The glow sputtered, intensified, then extinguished, the hand dropping back to the sand. The energy blade wasn't working, it would be useless in self-defense, or even suicide. He couldn't kill her, he couldn't kill himself; panic rose in his chest.

    White noise was played directly into Nicky's mind, a failing attempt at communication. The look in his eyes was fear, despite his mouthless face, the horn stubs that ran down the back of his head, the blood that ran over his eye and from what was his nose.

    'Kshhch, kchshh,' the noise played. 'Chssssch mssch..." Something happened, something changed. A thought came to him, and some of the fear left him. He had left the ship because he wanted to live, he hadn't wanted to die. He didn't want to die. 'Chsshhhlp... Sch, sch, elp... Help..."
  6. Nicky wasn't sure what it was trying to say to her at first. Wait?! Was it in her mind? Finally she could understand a word, help. Still afraid and unsure she got slightly closer to the creature. "What do I do? How do I help?" She said to it, hoping it would understand. "Will regular medical treatment work. Oh, I don't know. I have to do something." She continued on, half of the words were more thinking out loud. "I'm not a doctor, definitely not an alien doctor."

    She pulled out a cloth from her pocket. She had forgotten it was left there from a project for school. She wasn't sure but she has to wipe that blood away and try to stop the bleeding. Nervous it touch him, but knew she had to. She bent down, touching the ground with her knees, getting closer to him. She raised her arm and slowly brought the cloth to him. She began to try and wipe some of the blood away so she could see what parts were injured. "I want to help you."
  7. He flinched when she first started to get closer, his chest heaving. The panic was returning, and it was near impossible to hold still as she whipped away the blood.

    'Secret... No doctors,' he thought to her. The less people who knew about him, the better. Technically, even this one human, whoever she was, was too much.

    Shame began to replace panic. Disgrace. Rejection. His will to live began to falter again. All of the others, dead, gone; their families would never see them again, and here he was, being touched by a human. The very species who had just killed thousands of them was wiping away his blood.

    Sirens started blaring in the distance as the police were informed of the crash. The preverbal cat was out of the bag, and they were expecting him to be there. The panic returned. He needed to be gone or dead by the time they found this place.

    'Sshhch. Secret. Must leave!' He started to move, pushed the cloth away as he used his good arm to try and sit up.
  8. Nicky tried to continue to clean him off but the sirens suddenly in the distance made her jump. She was used to those, but this time she had a feeling they were after this guy. She didn't know what to make up it but she couldn't just let him run off hurt like that. "But you can't you're too hurt." She said to him. "I know you probably don't want them to see you but you won't make it if you run off like that. You have to let me help you." She looked around frantically. "I know a place we can go not far from here. They won't know." She turned back to the alien.
  9. Steely eyes turned on her, unknowing wether or not she could really be trusted. But, what choice was there? He couldnt stay where he was.

    The darkness began to edge back into his vision, and he had to concentration to push away the feeling of fatigue. It took a moment for him to get onto his feet, after the way he had given up just minutes before. Wetted sand was pushed out of the way, corded muscles straining to lift the weight they were charged with. A pronounced hip bone left a mark where the Sectid had laid, the grains slick with grey blood. He was still bleeding, but not as profusely as before.

    'Show me...'

  10. "Right. Just..." She paused and looked at the area he was just lying on. "Just a second." She said and began to move her foot around in the sand. She was trying to cover any trance of his blood. That would be a dead give away, just like how it brought her to him. "Alright." She said, when it seemed to be all covered up. "It's this way." She was hoping he could walk okay, she didn't think she could lift him and give him any help. She began to walk, slightly in front of him to show where to go. She tried to stay where the light wouldn't hit as much. After a little bit of walking, hopefully not too much for him the sidewalks were disappearing. "There's a cave over here. No one goes to it." She said to him. She continued on, more trees and rocks appearing that man made structures. Finally they came to the cave she spoke of. It was a mixture of rock and trees. "We can hide in here. They won't know." She said, walking inside the dark cave.
  11. He had had some problems following behind her, fatigue occasionally taking over for a few moments from the blood loss, which was still happening, though not to the extent of before.

    It... Seemed safe enough. Hesitantly, he followed her inside, holding onto his wounded shoulder as he went. It was dark, quiet, suitable.

    Did all humans have places like these? Back on the Sectid home world, there was rarely any use for such places. Secrets were rare, and those who were mated had no need to hide. Lastly, caves were exceptionally low on sunlight, which he would need soon.

    Either way, he followed, metallic eyes scanning what little he could see, searching for a place to rest, for anything useful.
  12. Nicky turned to watch the alien go inside of the cave. "It's not much but they won't go looking here." She said to him. Now, maybe you can tell me how to help your wounds or something." It was dark so it would be hard to do things but she had to do something to help him. At least the moonlight shinned in a bit, making them be able to see somethings. "I'm pretty good a patching up small injuries since I get them all the time but I know nothing of what to so for you."
  13. He looked around for a moment longer before finding a clearing on the cave floor and sitting down. The tubing that connected one thing to another on his gauntlet came unplugged, and he pulled the whole thing off, setting it in front of him. Using the few fingers he had available, he pried the green gem from its place, revealing wires and coding chips inside.there was just barely enough light to work by, but the alien managed, taking the pieces he needed and pushing the rest aside.

    Blood continued to ooze from the wound over his eye, running down the side of his face to drip off his chin as he worked. Pieces were placed together meticulously, and it was several minutes before he finally stopped, having built a sort of prod from the parts of his gauntlet.

    'Need help,' he communicated directly into her mind once again, pulling the metal shoulder pads off and setting those aside as well, revealing the gruesome wound in his shoulder. The chest piece was next, removing the last of the tattered and blood-stained cloth and placing it out of the way.

    Despite the relatively humanoid shape, there was no genitalia to see on a Sectid body. Even the young specimen that sat on the ground in front of Nicky was bare, the only indication of gender being the more-or-less flat chest that came with the humans standards of male.

    He alien shifted again, reaching the makeshift contraption out to the human girl. 'Cauterize...' He placed it in her hands, then turned his back to her and pulled the dreadlocks to the side, over the uninjured shoulder.
  14. Nicky watched him. She felt kind of strange just watching an alien undress but it didn't seem to be a dig deal after all. She took the contraption from his hands. "Okay. I'm sorry if it hurts or anything. I have never done this before." She said. She looked at the object and tried to understand how to use it. After a moment, she looked at the wound. She did as she was told, half afraid that it would hurt him more. Once finished she pulled his invention away from the wound. "Did I do it right?" She thought out loud.
  15. During the process, he couldn't deny the pain. He couldn't ignore the searing agony that ran through him. A three-fingered hand came down on the dirty ground in a fist, a distraction. It hurt. It burned.

    In the end, the creature leaned back, the shoulder wound steaming from the cauterization. He took the jerryrigged tool back from her, his mind gone silent. He had nothing to say. It was over, it was fixed.

    He turned, looking up at her. The bleeding had stopped on his shoulder, but the wound on his head still oozed slightly. He would be fine.

    'How long until the sun comes?' He asked, silver eyes looking her over.
  16. Nicky looked at the clock on her wrist. "Probably around six hours until it starts to get lighter out." She said to him. It was only 10:00 after all. She wanted to stay and help him but she would have to go home sometime. Her parents would think something, again, and everything will end badly for her. Though technically, something did happen but she wasn't going to go telling everyone she meant an alien. "I'm going to have to leave you here tonight. I can come back in the morning though."
  17. He nodded, turning back. It was late, and it was time to rest. However, sleep would likely be nearly impossible, not after the developments of the night, not after all that had just happened.

    He looked up at her, waiting for her to leave.
  18. "Okay, I'll be back." She said, turning away and walking to to entrance. "Oh, wait should I bring something back? Do you eat anything?" She asked, turning back to him just as she was at the exit of the cave.
  19. Eating was a sensation that the alien had never experienced before. He had no mouth -- how could he 'eat'? It was physically impossible. For a moment, he doubted this humans observational abilities, and that thought showed in his eyes as he looked down at her.

    'I do not eat,' he informed her simply, turning back to where the cave went farther in. Perhaps, if he was still there, still alive, he would explore this formation, the cave. Curiosity took over for just a moment as he took a step closer. Perhaps, it would be worth it. But, for now, he was going to wait for the human female to leave.
  20. "Okay, just making sure." She said and headed out of the cave. She was careful at first, making sure there was no one around. The hiding spot seemed to be working good. She made sure there was nothing that could lead anyone there than headed off back to her house. It didn't seem to take long, perhaps she was rushing and she didn't realize it. She opened the door, slamming it behind her and run up the steps to her room. She quickly got change, then hopped into bed. She stared at the ceiling, recapping what had just happened to her and this alien. She closed her eyes, she would have to go see him tomorrow.
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