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  1. Not terribly far beyond the proper reaches of human kings and elven high-ladies lay the cold march lands of Masas-Wilgate, so named for the treaty that established the swathe of land, without the permission of its inhabitants, as a buffer between the dark dwarves of Mount Masas and the humans of the prosperous city state of Wilgate-Bywater. The war for the mountains had waged for only a short time, both the Masanian duergar and the Wilgatian humans vying for the same resources that the veins of the rocks might offer. There were great treasures in the mountains, and also great dangers.


    Masas Duergar Settlement


    The war parties avoided a certain part of the mountains, not wanting to bring a third and most ravenous party into the conflict. That party was the gnolls of the city of Sah. It was a rather large city, spanning in front of a large cavern which branched further into the mountains. The lower classes of folk tended to live outside of the caverns, making their homes in the sides of the rocky mount or in small yurt homes, while the more fortunately born and bred lived within elaborate homes hewn and smoothed from the very rock of the mountains. The homes of the lesser folk were built of stone and wood, some reclaimed from raided frontier settlements and unwary traveling merchants looking to sell their wares in the typically small, peaceful settlements about the cold, evergreen-strewn plains between the mountain ranges of Masas and Gnoll-Horn.

    Lower Class Sah-Gnoll Dwellings

    Upper Class Sah-Gnoll Dwellings

    One of the more fortunate folk, a son of House Dun'Ririmgashba by the name of Meryg (Mare-EEK), grew restless with his martial training. His weapon, a hand axe of sturdy design, caught the sword of his elder brother, Udokas (OO-doh-kahs). Meryg tossed his brother's weapon to the side with a grunt and brought his off handed short sword about underneath his brother's chin. He smirked, though he had not won. Udokas brought a foot underneath Mergy's own legs, sending the younger gnoll splayed upon his back.

    Meryg growled and struck the ground. “Again!” he yelled, demanded. “Steel!”

    Udokas chuckled. “You're better use as a training dummy than a soldier, Brother.”

    The young gnoll growled and tossed his weapons upon the ground before charging his brother and meeting him head-on in a grapple. The two of them laughed and tousled with one another until a voice broke their echoes.

    “Udokas! Your father needs you. And you,” the older female said, eying Meryg with a great measure of disgust, “you're not a fit sword for this house. Go tend to whatever it is you tend to.”

    Meryg frowned as Udokas patted him upon the shoulder and departed with his mother in tow It wasn't true, Meryg told himself as he picked up his weapons and dusted himself off, he could be just as good of a blade as anyone else.

    Still, Meryg was a bastard. He was not even properly of the house of Dun'Ririmgashba. Rather that his surname was the surname given to all bastards of his father's house. His surname was Khalye. There was no prefix to his name to denote his place as a proper nobleman's son. He was simply Meryg Khalye, and that surname, along with the way in which his scars were upon his face, denoted his place clearly to any who might see him or learn his name. Warrior, priest and noble class gnolls were scarred upon their faces at birth, a clear denotation of their station at a glance. Some others were scarred as well, though scarring the common folk was not nearly as common place as it once had been. Still, some folk kept up tradition.

    [OoC: I did that to give you a choice about whether or not you wanted her to have scarification. I love the stuff for caste purposes, but she doesn't have to have it by any means. Common folk could just be left blank, everyone in the pariah having certain ones and then everyone above the common folk having them, skipping the biggest caste group for ease or something.]

    Bastards did not, as his father's most favored wife out of his four had said, tend to much. His days were filled with martial training, some studies and, where all else failed, wandering about the safe caverns of the realm of Sah. Today, he thought, he would see the low-folk market outside of the cavern. He had not been in the open daylight in some time, so the thought of the sun's warmth against his fur, even in this cold land, gave him some measure of excitement.

    He put his weapons upon his belt and donned the cloak bearing the sigil of his father's house before he set out for his day among the lesser folk of the outside.
  2. (She'll be blank, since she's not allowed to show her fighting side in public.)

    Today was a peaceful day in the market, there weren't too many people wandering the shops and it was sunny. Even in this cold area the sun felt amazing in every gnoll's fur, one of these gnolls was at the center of the market, a gray furred female who had bright red eyes and she stood out in the crowd that was around her. This would explain why not many others were going through the shops, gnolls of her colors, both eye and fur weren't all that common, even less common was the fact she danced. Not war dances or ritual dances, just dances to entertain whoever would take a liking to watch her. Ryna was her name, the gnolls of Sah knew her well, she was part of a family known for being full of cowards, she was the only female in their family at this point and despite the fact her brothers and father were known as cowards, Ryna was known for standing out, being a wonderfully obedient daughter, and her odd beauty.

    Ryna's family bore no surname as they were lower caste warrior gnolls and her father didn't feel it entirely necessary to have a surname, they would, after all, be low in the system for a long time. Ryna didn't mind the problems that others had with her family, she loved them, that was all that she needed anyone to know. As an odd female gnoll she didn't mind hiding her true personality behind her dancing and her friendliness. The dancing because she truly enjoyed it and this was obvious in the way she twirls around in the long dyed dress she wore, the only one she had, it was purple, the skirt was wide and flared with every spin, twirl, and step she took, also hanging from the arms were possibly long silk clothes that would make her seem like Ryna could fly off at any moment.

    She must have been there for a long time because by the time anyone new comes around she's done and bows politely to the crowd who seem pleased with the show Ryna had given them before they all walk away, not many attempting to talk to her and the gnolls that did were mostly males, after all she was a popular gnoll in her own right but no intelligent son of any family would pursue the only daughter of a coward's family, that was asking for ridicule. After a time Ryna laughs and waves them all away before going to an untouched basket of berries and dried meats, they weren't the best looking food items one would find so it could only be assumed that they were donations, which also explained why she had been dancing only moments before. The red eyed gnoll looks into the basket and smiles to herself before she starts to head off down a path that leads to where most of the run down yurts were.
  3. The young bastard had come into the market place in just enough time to see the last movements of the young woman's dance. It had been beautiful, what he had seen, and he wished to see more. If there was anything that caused the soft spot in his heart to beat, it was the body of a young woman in motion. Still, he knew she was likely not of high blood. Even if she was, she would have more likely than not been of a rival house, for his father's name had more enemies than friends due to his bullheadedness.

    "Excuse me," he spoke, approaching the young woman from behind briefly before darting about in front of her. He produced a bit of coin from the purse at his side, and a smile that, although certainly on the goofy side of looks, would have made the shine of the coins seem a bit duller than a moment before. "I only got to see a moment, but I've got no doubt that the rest was better than the end. The middle's always the best part of a dance, from what I know."

    "Are you a professional? An entertainer at one of the lounges or something?" he asked further, speaking of the entertainment lounges where food and drink were served and where the smoking of cave mushrooms and sex filled the air with the most interesting mixture of scents. "I mean, from the little I saw, you're plenty good enough to be."

    He rolled his shoulders. "I'm Meryg Kh-- Dun'Ririmgashba," he said, nearly giving away his lower, bastard status. He lied, giving his father's surname as his own. "The son he doesn't much speak of, unfortunately." That part, at least, was true.
  4. Ryna is stopped by another gnoll similar in age from the looks of it and he had produced a coin as he spoke of her dancing routine that he had apparently caught the end of and it had interested him. Despite the way he had smiled she smiles back at him, it's as calm a smile as she can produce but it softened her features her red eyes staring into the other gnoll's slightly duller eyes. "Meryg Kh'Dun'Ririmgashba?" She asked having caught at least the sound of the 'Kh' and it makes her laugh a little. "Are you a new family that arrived?" She asks him with a polite bow, she knew of the 'Dun'Ririmgashba but surely had never heard of a Meryg before only a son named Udokas.

    Her smile is innocent as she responds to the other gnolls question of if she danced in one of those lounges or not, "I do actually. It's one of the few feminine things I enjoy..." She let the sentence hang in Meryg's ears still smiling as she let him take that how he would. "I am sorry you didn't get to see the whole dance though, I seem to pull in a crowd when I actually do dance; that is the goal though. My family is poor you see, it's just my father and I. Speaking of myself, my name is Ryna, simply Ryna there's no fancy surname for us. I am quite willing to show you what I can do though, if you're really curious enough, I might be able to show you a few other things." Ryna of course never did clarify what 'other things' she could possibly show the male gnoll but she left the invitation in the air having found the other gnoll's flub on his own name to have been rather cute, her more sadistic side took over and she wanted to tease him a bit more.
  5. "It's just Dun'Ririmgashba. The cave dust's been getting to me a bit lately, I've got a bit of a scratch in my throat," he said, rolling his shoulders in a light shrug. He was fairly proud of the white lie he was attempting to use in order to foster his larger, blacker lie about his social status. "So no, not a new family at all."

    With that, he went back to the subject of her dancing. "I'm curious as to what you showing me dancing and a few other things might cost, Simply Ryna," he said, only a half-teasing tone to his speech. Things were not for free among his people. Everything had a price, and gods help anyone who tried to get away without paying the price for something. One but simply had to look at a street-gnoll with a missing hand or eye in order to see that those laws were heavily practiced.

    "Would this," he muttered, producing a small handful of silver pieces from his coin purse, "be sufficient? Or is a lady like yourself worth more to the tone of a gold piece?" He knew just by looking at her that she was no copper-whore, a rather cruel nickname given to less-than-expensive company-women. In fact, he felt a bit cheap for offering her silver. Despite what, from what she said, was no doubt a humble upbringing and life, she was rather golden-looking. Then again, he was a young man; nearly every female tended to look like gold for a time.
  6. Ryna smiles politely at young gnoll and giggles, it's a girlish and cute giggle that would allow anyone to lower their guard around her. "So Meryg Dun'Ririmgashba...Hmmm, I don't think a royal's son should interact with a low gnoll such as I but..." She looks at the handful of silver and smiles, it was more than what she had, she might actually be able to get the new item she'd been eyeing for so long. "That's plenty, I'm not a high class dancer, although, if I may say so myself, I am more skilled than they are." Ryna was a confident one it seemed and without much else to warn him she lightly takes his hand and leads him down the path further to the yurt where her and her father lived. "Wait here, I'll return momentarily."

    Ryna dips inside the fairly small building and Meryg can hear her talking outside though it's not very clear he can hear her put the basket down, hear an older gnoll chuckling, some clanking of metal on metal and then he can hear Ryna coming back out. With a smile she peers out of the small yurt with something long wrapped in a brown cloth held to her back. "Ready to go? I'd like to go somewhere more private than one of the lounges, if you don't mind." It was really curious as to what she would need something that was so long for to show off her dance, which was the only thing one could logically think was why she had an item of that length.

    Quickly and with light feet she leads Mergy down another path, that led more towards the caves that everyone in the area knew to be abandoned. That's what they believed anyway, few knew the market that was run from the caves, but more often than not they weren't used too much. Would offer perfect privacy for whatever Ryna had planned. She looks over her shoulder just to be sure Meryg is following her, her red eyes were slightly narrowed and she seemed to be enjoying his company. "I'm actually glad to have someone pay a bit more attention to me than to just simply watch me dance, oh yes, if you ever want to see me work, shall I tell you the lounge I work in?" Ryna actually quite enjoyed when people watched her, which was one of the reasons she did it. Somewhere in her head she's idly wondering if this gnoll would tell anyone about the other thing she had to show him, well she would just have to hope for the best, even if it was for only a little silver she wanted to dance for someone; it had been quite awhile since she had danced for someone without a hundred sets of eyes staring at her.
  7. Meryg thought the long, wrapped something a bit odd but ultimately paid no heed to what the female could possibly have. She did not seem to be the thieving type, so he doubted very much that she would have a weapon to his throat any time in the near future. Maybe eventually, but not this day.

    He stepped up in his walk, falling in beside her and listening as she spoke. He took in the surroundings as she led him to the more shady parts of the realm of Sah. He thought it a bit odd that she would bring him here, but he was more than able to defend himself. Again, he was not worried for his throat on this particular day. At least not by any outside of the high-born caverns.

    "Which lounge is that?" he asked, ears perked. She was beautiful at a glance, and the thought of watching her dancing, the hose of a hookah smoking with the mind-altering cavern mushrooms in his claws, made him more than slightly excited. "I've been to a few, but I never saw any woman as beautiful as yourself." In truth, he had gone to the lounges so that he might find the whereabouts of his birth mother. That, unfortunately, had been to no avail.
  8. "Stars of Sah, you've heard of the lounge yes? It's actually slightly higher quality than where I should actually work, but I'm skilled, so they make an exception." Ryna shrugs slightly as she leads him into one of the caves; which is lit softly and has a violet cover over the entrance. When one walked in it had a few things inside of it, a comfortable place to sit, markings on the floor, and off in a corner a table where she placed the wrapped item and smiled. She was a little excited, she hadn't ever gotten a chance to show off for a higher class gnoll before, in both her dancing skill and the secret skill she had, she couldn't wait to test her blade skills against a higher class gnoll who received better training than she herself had, but her father had taught her; against her mother's wishes.

    "Now, just go relax against those pillows, don't worry they're here for this purpose specifically. Most of us dancers have a private area where we can entertain; and it's not always inside the lounge." She explains this with a smile and giggles before stepping into the center of the markings and giving a polite bow, holding her purple dyed cloth dress out as she curtsies to Meryg. "Sit still and enjoy, ah but, don't touch." With a small laugh, Ryna takes a light step, there is no music but apparently something played in her head because she started a slow dance, designed to ask for a partner to dance with her, her steps were light and slow. Ryna showed no tiredness from her earlier dance, which had been a fast paced twirl of steps, but of course the other gnoll didn't know that this was how she would normally start, tempting one to touch with slow and suggestive steps, this tactic was designed to pull them in and hold their attention.

    When she was satisfied that he was indeed paying close attention to her steps grow slightly faster causing the slightly cut up ends of the dress to swirl outwards and the loose pieces of cloth hanging from her arms was lifting with the air that she was producing with each step, in this phase of her dance she twirls close to Meryg and smiles, it's just a brush but her claws graze the fur on his cheek before she playfully pulls back and resumes her dance. Ryna was always confident in herself, and it showed in how she danced, hinted smiles, her red eyes locked onto Meryg's, her hips swayed from side to side and that glimpse of the beauty he had seen before was far more obvious when she was happy and smiling. Dancing was important to her, as important as her blade skills, because both were things her parents had taught her.
  9. The male relaxed, as he was told, against the mound of pillows. Though it was much more of a cave than, say, a well-furnished and decorated lounge like the Stars of Sah, it had a personal and intimately sensual feeling in its air. It was a small space, a space for only two, and a space in which two could, and Meryg hoped would, become rather close to one another.

    Watching as she danced, he marveled at how beautiful she was. Her movements were light and feminine, the most airy and graceful he thought he had ever seen from anyone. He very much doubted that there was a dancer in Sah that might match her. Yeenoghu's Blood, he would venture to say that she out-graced elven women, and he had heard that an elven woman, the moon behind her, was a sight to die for. Still, he liked to think he would choose Ryna, right now as she was, over that sight.

    "Beautiful," he half-cooed, his claws playing at the fabric of the pillows and betraying his uneasiness and want to touch; however, rules were rules. He would not touch her. That was half of the fun of a private dance, he thought. It only made the moment when he could touch all the more sweet.

    Leaning back into the pillows and smiling contentedly, he became lost in her movements. He did not know her well enough to speak of her in the long-term; however, in the short-term, Meryg wanted nothing more than to be as near as possible to Ryna.
  10. (Just curious do you like Ryna? >w<' cuz yes I made her specifically cuz of you. so I want to know if you like her or not.)

    "Oh...I'm glad you seem to think I'm beautiful, that makes me all the more happy to dance for someone." Ryna's voice has a bell like teasing tone despite the activity she was doing, a skill taught from dancing in a lounge where if the men wanted to hear what their dancer sounded like they could without her panting from the work she was doing; and yes it was work, that most of the females or danced enjoyed. Her steps speed up once more, finally reaching the phase that he had already seen but there was more than what he had seen, she stopped for a mere second every once in awhile striking some playful or teasing pose that would show off her figure.

    As she nears the end of her dance, the fast paced twirls that had her spinning all across the cave. She finishes the same way she had in the marketplace except she stops right next to the other gnoll and with slightly huffed breaths she fell beside him that violet dress of hers flaring out as she sat upon the ground next to him. "Well...did you enjoy that?" Her smile was playful and endearing, a true smile that few dancers managed to produce right after a dance. Ryna's stamina was far higher than most dancers as well which is one of the reasons she could last so long in the lounges.

    Still feeling playful and not quite up to challenging Meryg yet she leans back against his arm obviously opening herself up to the touching rule. "It's still early but it's been awhile since I danced like that. It's not always the most fun when dancing in the lounge; where they regularly break the 'no touch' rule at least during dances. You seem to honor rules though, I quite like you." She tells him this with a smile and playfully narrowed red eyes, behind those eyes of hers though there seemed to be some sort of fire, one that made most people curious about her, very curious about her, it was hard to tell if she did it on purpose or accident though.
  11. The movements of her dance, increasing in speed as she went, kept him caught in a trance from which he thought he might never escape. He wondered how this girl was not the owner of her own lounge by now, for most of the owners were women and he could only imagine how much coin was throw at her feet in a night's time. Why, Meryg was half-tempted to toss a bit of coin at her feet at that moment. It was then that he remembered that he had paid for a private dance.

    "I try. You made it awfully hard though," he said, giving off silence for a moment afterward. "Keeping to the rules, I mean."

    Meryg let his arm drape over the female, then he let a hand wander to one of her legs. "But," he added, "I think it's time enough now to break the rules."

    [OoC: Sorry the post was a bit short. And yeah, I do like her. A lot. c:]
  12. (It's fine and I'm glad you like her~ Oh yeah...I meant to say sorry for the awful name... >.<' not totally creative but I couldn't think of much else...for the lounge I mean. )

    "I'm good at making it hard on people to keep to the rules I set. That's why the owner of Stars of Sah loves me so much." When her leg is touched she smiles, it's a gentle smile and she leans against his arm a little. "I also enjoy breaking the rules...but...that's more of a secret...exactly what rules I've broken." That sounded sinister in a way but at the same time the female gnoll with those bright red eyes made it sound inviting, she was purposefully being tempting, that should have been dawning on him by this point. Ryna doesn't give him much of a chance to answer though as she asks him an out of place question. "So...I'm very curious...would you tell on me...if I showed you one of the other things I'm good about breaking rules over?"

    That didn't sound very good, she made it sound like a challenge. How she had managed that was a mystery but she says nothing else, just keeping her sweet smile, though behind the smile, when one looked at her eyes. There was desire there, though it wasn't the same desire she had sparked in him and the sudden giggle would make that clear. "Don't worry, I just...want something fun to do, testing a particular skill I have against a higher born gnoll...who has had better training than I, well...that would be fun I think. Oh it seems I told my secret after all, maybe? Can you figure it out, Meryg Dun'Ririmgashba?"

    (I already warned you she was going to confuse you to a degree. XD hope you don't mind~)
  13. [OoC: No worries. I didn't mind it. The name or the confusing. c:]

    "The only thing I can think of that I would be more well trained at than you," he began, looking the woman over momentarily, "would be combat. Though, depending on how well you've managed to be trained, that may or may not be the case. We could fight, you could defeat me. It's a roll of the die."

    Standing, the male gnoll draped a hand lazily over the hilt of his axe. His fingers played at the leather wrapped hilt idly. "I think," he began with a smirk, "that such an unknown match might be made more interesting. A wager."

    He drew his weapon and gave a bit of a circular flourish with the axe before standing up straight. "I win, and you show me what other things you're trained in. You name your own prize. Only fair."

    "Unless," he said, "you're not talking about combat at all. In which case--" He cleared his throat and chuckled lightly.
  14. "All I'm looking for is a challenge. The fact you're from a higher class family than mine is one of the main reasons I took interest in you. Though you seem to be quite intrigued by me as well. Why is that?" She stands when he spins the ax her eyes lighting up as she moves to that green cloth she'd brought with her and uncovers it. Inside is a blade, long and elegant, very obviously a woman's blade that had to have been custom made for her. "Unfortunately this cost my father a lot, but he wanted to make it for me, even though I can handle a heavier blade, with this light one I'm pretty fast, best be careful." She warns with a playful smile and moves away from the table hold the blade in a slightly odd stance.

    "If I win...teach me some of the ways you fight but also...don't tell anyone. This isn't behavior a lady exhibits often. You understand? Of course if you beat me I'll show you some of the skills I've obtained from working in a lounge; that's what you're particularly interested in, yes? Or do you want me to teach you how to dance?" Ryna laughs a bit at that grinning playfully, though she stood in a strange stance for this particular bit of entertainment Meryg would still get the feeling she knew what she was doing even looking like she did.
  15. The male gnoll took a few steps back, putting a bit of distance between the both of them as he studied her stance and weapon closely. He had not been taught as formally as his siblings; however, he had been taught just the same. Ing, the martial-master of his family's house, had a soft spot for cripples, bastards and broken-things. Meryg was no cripple, but he was definitely a bastard; some would say broken as well, but he himself thought not. Ing had taught him how to use his axe both offensively and defensively. He had taught Meryg how to use his body, tooth and claw, as a weapon.

    The light sword that the woman handled, he surmised, would lend itself to an airy movement. It was like an elven blade in that sense, and Meryg had sparred against an elven blade numerous times. Still, Ryna's affinity for dance would lend her an advantage should her fighting style indeed involve such movements. Meryg thought it a safe bet that it would. It would be smart of the woman to incorporate what she knew into the art of battle. Dancing, Meryg knew, was just as much martial prowess as it was any other.

    "I wouldn't say no to a dance first, though you'll need your energy," he said in a teasing, slightly lecherous tone. "And, if you win, then we train together as you said. You wouldn't have any worry of me telling a soul that I was beaten by a lounge dancer." He gave a nearly noticeable wink to the woman as he said the last part. A worthy opponent was a worthy opponent, Meryg thought. There would be no shame in losing to Ryna. Still, he did not plan on losing to anyone.

    He flourished his weapon again and charged, thinking the best thing would be to close the distance. The less room she had to work that sword, the better. His axe, he thought, would be much more proficient than her blade at a close range.

    He gave a swing. Should she miss a parry or block, it would not harm her. He was not out to kill today.
  16. "That's one of the amazing things about the set of skills I practice Meryg, is that I have plenty of stamina, I told you before I am not opposed to other more feminine activities. I work in a lounge after all and I'm fairly sure there's another sort of 'dance' you would prefer to do with me anyway." There it was, her confidence that made her so charming, even if her family was not a famous or proud one, she was proud, more proud of her brothers and father than anyone, even proud of her mother, who had also been a lounge dancer as well. "Even if I won't tell will you?" She sounded serious just before he attacked and managed to hold the serious expression as she danced out of the way of his attack.

    The opening made her smile and with those fast feet of hers she dashed for Meryg, her blade readied to deal a blow as she swung at him with the side that wasn't sharp so as to not cut him and possibly kill him, she aimed at his side, she obviously was not aiming to kill him, though her eyes were lit with a bright fire that showed her passion, just the same as her eyes had showed when she had danced.
  17. Meryg had expected as much. A dodge against a charging axe-handler was easy enough to accomplish; however, he would not be struck so easily. Bringing his weapon about to meet her charge, he caught the blade with the head of his axe. They were locked together somewhat now, and Meryg used the opportunity to move himself rather close to the female.

    He smiled. "I would never tell a soul," he said. "On my honor." That being said, a bastard did not have much in the way of honor. Still, he had no plans about bragging over his victory or brooding over his loss.

    Breaking the two of them apart, he stepped back again. This time, he told himself, he would let her come to him.
  18. As she skidded back her eyes narrowed a bit, Ryna smelled a trap and was slightly distracted, thank goodness for her fur, the comment about never telling a soul on his honor was not something that she couldn't believe in; because those with honor were the ones she liked most of all. Ryna shakes her head lightly and takes a few slow steps towards the other gnoll; her dress gave her plenty of breathing room and movement range, probably because of it's style but she would use her speed to full advantage, if only she had a second blade though...she could duel wield, had done it before, it wasn't easy but it went with Ryna's style of fighting well.

    As she rushes at Meryg she examines him closely looking to see if he had a dagger or some other small blade on him, that would surely do for her plan. Her swing is much faster this time because she had spun on her clawed toes enhancing the speed of her movement.
  19. [OoC: I'm assuming you want him to have a dagger? x3
    Also, I didn't want to just give you a line or so, so I went ahead and kerfuffled that a little. Edit and such if you wanted something else to happen. No worries whatsoever.]

    So she took the bait, then. The look on her face told Meryg that she expected some sort of foul-play; and, he had to admit, that made him somewhat proud of his new-found sparring partner. Producing a small, ornate blade, the male gnoll moved to parry her movement. The sheer speed of her strike, however, was more than he had anticipated. He found that his dirk was dismissed from his hand by the connection of blade against blade; the clanging it made as it scurried across the cavern floor was unmistakable.

    The male recoiled and moved about again, noting a sticky warmth upon the hand, or arm, which had been holding the dagger. No matter, it was merely a flesh wound.

    He moved to strike back with his axe, his weapon moving in a side-to-side strike. Should that miss, he planned on catching himself and bringing it back about for a second strike. "Dodge this, then!" he growled.
  20. (No he doesn't HAVE to have a dagger; she was looking to see if he did. If he does it's totally up to you!)

    Ryna had taken the blow and rolled with it; on the ground straight towards the dirk she had knocked from his hand. She was surprised he'd actually had it but was also pleased. Her fast hand gripped the second blade and she was on her feet again holding the dirk in one hand while her blade was in the other, that seemed very dangerous, especially with the way she grinned.

    Not giving him another moment she makes her way towards him, low to the ground so he'd have to swing down to hit her, but again her speed was her main ability so she was fast and right near his lower body quickly her muzzle just inches away from him and her red eyes looking up at him before she turns the dirk hilt up and swings it up at his muzzle, though not too hard so even if she makes contact it won't damage him much; though it might stun him.

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