Among the Deceased. (SIGN UP AND O.C.C THREAD)

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  1. "The world is in ruins. The streets are deserted, the shops are looted and the Human population?
    Devastated. "

    "The cities are infested with rotting, decomposing corpses with a taste for flesh and only few people are still left alive in this damned world. The human population is scarred so deep will it be able to recover?
    Follow the story of our survivors as they see if they are strong enough against bandits, the undead, and perhaps even themselves.
    How will they survive?
    Its up to you."

    Okay, setting aside the cheesy intro of mine...

    Welcome to my Zombie Apocalyptic Roleplay Sign-up/ OCC Thread!

    So I've just finished playing Telltale's "The Walking Dead: Video Game"
    ( I know I'm horribly late but school has deprived me of my gaming hours. Sadly. )
    And I loved it, the zombies, the gore, the storyline. Everything. All these thing added and up and I was like
    "To hell with it! I'm making a damn zombie roleplay."
    So this roleplay will allow ten survivors at a time, and whenever a character dies, the roleplayer is allowed to make another one who joins in later or to leave permanently if he or her wishes. I (and possibly of you,) will be controlling NPC's like Bandits and such and I (and possibly you again,) will create spontaneous events that will affect our group. But its not like a plot twist every day. I also control loot that our group looters have find.
    This thread will be for recruitment and OCC talking between accepted roleplayers.
    So yeah thats the gist of it. Now Scroll down for our rules and Character sheet will ya?! c:


    1.) Romances are allowed, definitely. But it all has to be consensual. However if you decide to make a plot twist,
    Show Spoiler
    A char. get prego, etc.

    You must inform me ahead of time and make sure your partner is okay with it.

    2.) Vulgar words are definitely allowed. But no over using it.

    3.)Do not complain about your char. dieing, just make a new one or leave.

    4.) You are able to message me about twists that you'd like to see happen.

    5.) No Racism.

    6.) Please, if possible make your roleplay at least a paragraph or two. c:

    7.) You are able to apply to become my "moderator" of sorts, you'll pretty much be allowed to make twists happen and accept char. sheets (As long as I agree btw.) Only one person will be a mod at a time.

    8.) No judging other roleplayers, if you have a problem or someone violates a rule, message me or the mod.

    9.) Make your characters "screwed up" somehow. No perfect characters, yadayada.

    10.) No "automatically badass" chars. Everyone should develop into strong chars throughout the roleplay. This also effects skills, default equipment, and how they act because of the apocalypse.

    11.) And finally, ENJOY~

    Archetype List
    Scrappers (1/3)

    Looters (2/2)

    Hunters (1/2)
    Policemen (1/3)

    Scrapper Archetype - This archetype are normal people who have adapted and learned how to kill zombies with many different weapons. (Knifes, Guns (Nothing too advanced), Swords, etc.) [ALIGNMENT: Lawful - Chaotic]

    Looter Archetype - This archetype are usually quick and nimble on their feet, they usually go on supply runs by parkouring and using light weapons ( EQUIPMENT: Pistol (rarely), Throwing knives, knives ) [ALIGNMENT: Neutral]

    Hunter Archetype - This archetype are people that usually come from the country and are well prepared due to their hunting prowess and hunting weapons. Sadly most of their fire arms are loud.( EQUIPMENT: Bow and Arrow, Swords, Shotgun) [ALIGNMENT: Neutral - Chaotic]

    Policemen Archetype - This archetype are former policemen with access to guns and are well prepared against bandits due to their experiences against unlawful humans. ( EQUIPMENT: Pistols, Revolvers, Shotguns) [ALIGNMENT: Lawful - Neutral ]

    Skills List
    Gun Prowess - Accuracy and ability with guns is increased
    Bow Prowess - Accuracy and ability with bows is increased
    Knife Prowess - Accuracy and ability with knives is increased.
    Swords Prowess - Accuracy and ability with Swords is increased.
    Ingenuity - Able to create dangerous weapons with the right materials. (HUNTERS GET THIS AUTOMATICALLY)
    Combatant - Overall fighting skills improved (POLICE GET THIS AUTOMATICALLY)
    Parkour - Ability to move through the city stealthily, (LOOTERS GET THIS AUTOMATICALLY)
    Foresight - Able to formulate plans quickly. (SCRAPPER GET THIS AUTOMATICALLY)

    Character Sheet

    Name: (Derp)
    Age: (Appropriate, youngest being fourteen.)
    Appearance: (I'd prefer a real-life photo not anime this time.)
    Nationality: (Derp)
    Personality: (How does he/she act during the Apocalypse?)
    Bio: (How was his/her life before the Apocalypse?)
    Weapon of Choice: (Which weapon is your character the best in?
    Archetype Skill: (Skills list.)
    Chosen Skill: ( Skills List.)
    Archetype: (How can your character help our group)
    Alignment: (Effects how your character's act.)
    Starting Equipment: (Must be practical. Nothing to badass at first)

    Accepted Chars.
    NorwayFOO as "John"
    Cosmos as "Sister Meredith"
    Rufia as "Melody"
    RedWinter as "Irre"
    VerbalAbuse as "Jack"

  2. Name: John
    Age: 32

    Nationality: Unknown<o:p></o:p>
    Personality: At first he tried to save as many people as hecould but that quickly failed. He had seen so many of the people he promised toprotect get killed in freak accidents that he just gave up. He wanders mostlyalone or sometimes in small groups. He is very friendly regardless of his passbut some words strike him... when this happens he will walk away randomly fromthe group and give himself time to recover from the memories. <o:p></o:p>
    Bio: He had jumped from job to job normally ending up as asecurity guard or bailiff in a court. He had become the head of security for amall when everything happened.<o:p></o:p>
    Weapon of Choice: Revolver<o:p></o:p>
    Archetype Skill: Combatant<o:p></o:p>
    Chosen Skill: Gun Prowess <o:p></o:p>
    Archetype: Police Man<o:p></o:p>
    Alignment: He thinks of himself as calm cool and collectedhowever when under pressure he doesn't think ahead. He just likes to shoot downenemy’s, and with his revolver who can blame him? He has great accuracy. Atclose combat he can take on a couple of zombies or one human but groups willeasily overwhelm him. He is good at finding barriers that can slow down enemy’swhen he is shooting from his experience against a couple of bank robbers. He isalso able to take a couple of extra bullets after being shot so many times andblunt weapons are nothing to him… unless hit in the right spot of coarse but heis slow at running and isn’t good with sharp melee weapons or explosives... orbeing bitten by zombies.<o:p></o:p>
    Starting Equipment: Worn out bullet proof armor and arevolver with a small knife blade welded to the bottom. He also has a smallworn bag that he carries a couple of personal items and, when he is luckyenough, food. He has a small canteen of water that is strapped to his belt andhe is in a uniform that could be passed as a policeman without the badge.

    (Hope this isn't too bad ass. I tried to give him some big weeknesses to contradict his strengths.)

  3. He's pretty balanced to me. c:

  4. Re: Among the Deceased. (ROLEPLAY THREAD)

    Wooohhhh... my post got eaten by your post =O
  5. Name: Sister Meredith Jude
    Age: Twenty-seven
    Nationality: American

    Personality: Sister Meredith has always kept her faith however recent events have led to some challenges in keeping it. At times she is considered incredibly stubborn with her ways which will more often than not lead to trouble for herself or those around her. As time passes on, the Sister has begun to question her morals as people die around her by those in her company.

    Bio: Ever since she was a child, Meredith followed her mother to church and watched in awe as the Priest spoke and hymns were song. Something inside her heart felt touched and she decided to that serving God would be her greatest pleasure. When she was older, Meredith joined the sisterhood and became a devoted follower.

    As far as she is aware her sisters are dead.

    Weapon of Choice: Hammer (something to get possibly later on).
    Archetype Skill: Foresight
    Chosen Skill: Knife Prowess
    Archetype: Scrapper Archetype
    Alignment: Beyond good.
    Starting Equipment: A letter opener which is more like a sharp knife as small as a pen. Rosary and a bible.


  6. Cool. owo.

  7. Yaaaaay, =D.
  8. Name: Melody Lee
    Age: Seventeen
    Show Spoiler

    Nationality: American-Korean
    Personality: Melody was once a optimistic, cheerful half american-half korean girl. But when the apocalypse began, the first few days left such scars that she became a different person. She's become depressed and sullen. She sometimes have moments where her previous persona peeks through but those are rarities.
    Bio: Melody was the child of a Korean father whom married a lady from the USA. She was born between the countries so she knows how to speak Korean and English. When she was a kid she often climbed trees because she loved how the wind felt so high up and ran around nimbly. Upon reaching the teenager part of her life, her cheerfulness and personality caused her to make many friends in her current High-school and she was quite the socialite. When the apocalypse struck, her school was corned by the hordes and they had hauled up in the gym. Their makeshift barricades couldn't stop the hordes and when the zombies flooded the gym, Marley managed to escaped by "parkouring" herself out the window of the girls bathroom. Her best-friend tried her best to follow but as she reached for Marley's hand, she was bitten several times on her legs. Melody was the only survivor. She was scarred so deeply, blaming herself for the deaths. This caused the drastic change in her persona.
    Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives.
    Archetype Skill: Parkour
    Chosen Skill: Knife Prowess
    Archetype: Looter
    Alignment: Neutral
    Starting Equipment: Marley wears light clothing and carries knives that she uses to throw from afar at zombies.

    (Note: Your chars. can find different weapons and use them but their chosen skills just improve their abilities of the said weapon. Meaning, Melody could use a sickle if she wanted, but she wouldn't be as good with it than with her knives, yeah.)
  9. Name: Irre Essen
    Age: 18
    Gone a but Nutz.jpg

    Nationality: Caucasian (I guess...)
    Personality: Essen is crazy and unpredictable. Her thoughts are mixed and changed by the minute. She may appear normal one second, then attack the next. She is also very twitchy. And as an added bonus, she is a cannibal. (Please?)
    Bio: Irre always was an odd child and held strange thoughts in her head. She was sometimes given pets, but all died under strange circumstances, and hardly any of their bodies were found. When Essen Witnessed her family being slaughtered and ate by zombies, something must have went off in her mind. And a sense of understanding was found. She had always craved something, but never knew exactly what it was. But now she knew. She stole away with her fathers shotgun and went to fend for herself in this screwed up world. And her main source of food was people. She reveled in the blood of her enemies, then tasted her victory with the savory juices of fresh meat.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun!
    Archetype Skill: Ingenuity
    Chosen Skill: Gun Prowess
    Archetype: Hunter
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Starting Equipment: Just a shotgun and her trusty knife.
  10. A slightly insane cannibal who has a shotgun and a knife..

    Sounds awesome. Makes the roleplay even more interesting. As long as she doesn't cannibalize the other group members (If thats the right term.) and doesn't randomly kill someone in the middle of night, (Unless the person is okay with it.)


    Also a note for everyone:

    When looters loot things, all the items looted can be given to a hunter and thanks to the Ingenuity Skill, an improved weapon will be the result. Ex: Melody finds a barbed wire so she gives it to Irre and Irre wraps the barbed wire onto a bat.

    Also, sword prowess should now be effective to all melee weapons. And knife prowess is throwing knives only.

    Next, probably ought to get more guys along. Its three to one right now. LOL. If you know anybody who's interested in being a dude for the this RP please invite.

    And finally, Thank you all for putting in your C. Sheet! Thank you so muuuuch. And I hope you enjoy this Roleplay!
  11. I asked a friend and he seemed interested. Gonna remind him when I get back. If all else fails I don't mind playing a male, :).
  12. Thats Great! c:

    I might play one as well if it comes to it. I'm wondering about going ahead and making the role-play thread. Hmm.

    When I make it though, all the chars. should start off separated and meet up and stuff.
  13. Lol, ironically I was talking about Super Cat. But he got all lame and joined a whole bunch of Rps, that lame cat. ;~; And whenever you're ready! I'll prolly throw in a male NPC or something. :3
  14. Ahh. Super Cat. xD

    I'll probably post it in an hour or so..
  15. Name: Jack Tavish
    Age: 23

    Nationality: English
    Personality: Comparatively level-headed and calm. Emphasis on "Comparatively." Always abound with energy, and has a knack for surprises, claiming he "keeps you on your toes."
    Bio: In his past, Jack was a punk. He didn't skate, but he did parkour, and he was a member of the Archery club before he graduated High School. "Just a hobby. A way to blow off steam without giving people any trouble." He eventually became a bit of a bow junkie, and would build mobile archery courses to kill time. Other than a few concerts, his life wasn't very eventful, and he resented that. When the zeds hit, he hit the ground hard and ran. He didn't care about his old friends. He didn't like them anyway.
    Weapon of Choice: Compound Bow and Regular Arrow
    Archetype Skill: Parkour
    Chosen Skill: Bow Prowess
    Archetype: Looter
    Alignment: Chaotic
    Starting Equipment: Compound Bow and 15 Arrows, Flip-out Pocket Knife
  16. Alright I likey. c:

    Your accepted but lets choose between the brass knuckles or the pocket knife. With that bow your character is already packed enough.

    I think a weird relationship could develop between our two looters because the similarity of age. Awesome~

    Also I'm making the roleplay thread right now so prepare yourself for zombieees. *insert fail zombie groan*
  17. Alright, then, I'm ready. I scrapped the knuckles.
  18. Posted and I hope it's acceptable. =D

    All those NPCs are to be offed. <_< Soon. >_>;;
  19. Anything is acceptable in my books as long as its not a one liner. c:

    I can't wait. Haha.
  20. So, I gather we have Jack attempting to save a church full of people, John and Melody teamed up, while Melody is watching Jack, and the church contains Sister Meredith

    Confirming with everyone just in case I'm wrong.

    Also, we need our cannibal in the picture soon.