Amnesia's a bitch.

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  1. He, worked as an 'Entertainer'- Or rather.. Prostitute, to most. He goes to college, second year as a matter of fact. It was any kind of night, the usual. Few clients, a bit of money. Well, at least it seemed to be that way. Until a man with a gun had it point blank towards the young male.. Time seemed to stop, the clocks ticking could be heard as everyone outside stopped, hell even a pin could drop and everyone would scream and hide. The man pulled the safety, before finally shooting. In seconds, the young male was on the ground, bleeding from his right shoulder.. Just above his heart. Ambulance came just in time, the young boy was brought to the Hospital and sent into the E.R. The bullet was taken out safely, now all that was left was the Amnesia. When the boy woke up, he couldn't remember anything but his own name and Date Of Birth. A Doctor, about the age of twenty five, was standing next to the young male when awoken. He couldn't remember anything, his family, friends, where he worked. The Doctor wished he could help, and he triesd to, everyday he visits the boy.

    Sooner or later, the young boys heart's going to be stolen. And he's not going to like it, nor even realize it until the Doctor suddenly disappears.

    He reappears days later, on the news this time. Dead.

    But how could he be dead? When the Doctor was still visiting the boy at night?


    So, welcome to my thread! I have come back- After a very.. VERY short break. Anyways, what I am looking for:

    Submissive Characters whom are willing to be put into a bunch of hard problems.
    Nice, long posts- About a Paragraph+
    No one liners.

    And that is all~ Thank you for showing interest. ^^
  2. **raises hand and waves it around**I'm interested!
  3. I'd also like to do this one!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.