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  1. You wake up without any of your memories in some kind of shelter. You look around to see more people waking up. As you get up, you hear gun shots outside and when you try to move to run away, you fall and hit the ground hard. There, around your ankle, is a shackle that is keeping you chained to the ground. You hear crying from young children and you look to see about a nine month pregnant shackled beside you. She looked weak and... hungry.

    Speaking of hunger, you seem to start to thirst for food... no, something else. The thought of food made your stomach turn. You couldn't even think of food without wanting to throw up. Something was different. What was the last thing you remember? Even the thought of remembering your past made your head hurt.

    Suddenly, the door opened and a man, or a women, walked down the stairs. It was so dark that you couldn't tell what this person was but you hear them cock their gun as if they were getting ready to shoot their next victim. You hear them breathing through some kind of mask. It was coming closer to you as if they were approaching you. You wince but then you hear the women beside you screaming as the creature grabbed her.

    You scream out loud but then quickly regret it. They released the women and release you from your shackles. They pulled you out of the shelter and pull you out the night air hitting your face. You look at the man/women but their gas mask covered their face. Their clothes were even bulky so you really couldn't tell.

    Suddenly he/she shoved you to the ground and you feel the gun against the nape of your neck. This was it. This was your time. You breathe in the air and suddenly, you realize something is wrong. You look up to see the world was a wasteland. What kind of land was this? Or what kind of land did this use to be? Hundreds of questions rushed through your head as the air felt heavier and heavier the more you breathed.

    A strength rose up inside of you and you managed to throw back the masked human as you ran and they chased. They wouldn't let you escape but you seemed much faster than them and eventually, you stopped and turned to see the person you would soon fight. You ran toward them and they ran toward you until the two of you collided...

    Welcome to Amnesia! As you can tell, this is a role play where you randomly wake up in an unknown place surrounded by unknown people. You have these weird cravings and are stronger and faster than the normal humans. Years before, World War III practically destroyed the world and humans are forced to rebuild. Luckily they had steel shelters that protected civilians from most of the damage but they lost millions of loved ones in the war. There is a lot technological advancements still and its helping the humans rebuild.

    But this role play is not focused on the destruction of the world. Its just a minor plot point that you will face. You and a group of others are survivors of lab experiments. Ten or twenty years ago, people started to disappear. Women, men, children, infants.... didn't matter who. No one knew what happened to them. It was as if they disappeared off the face of the earth. They were all pronounced dead. In reality, they were all taken to an underground lab and experimented on. The scientists were all corrupted individuals who were trying to create the perfect race. They all knew about vampires and the myth that revolved around them and they wanted to create an exact replica of vampires. They wanted disease free creatures of the night to save the world from destruction but any failures, they cremated. After the war, one individual came to execute each surviving successful vampire one by one because vampires were never made to exist. That's their reasoning.

    After the vampires escaped together, some separated and some stayed together and their main goal was to create more of their kind. They were organized and quickly learned how to create new vampires. Meanwhile, they were also being hunted by this hunter who swore off their kind.

    They knew nothing would stop them, however.

    People can jump in whenever and when there's enough people, I will be choosing someone to be the hunter.
  2. I fell to the ground with a thump as we ran into each other. So many questions I want to ask. Who am I? What am I doing here? What is here? Grabbing my head, I let out a small yelp as I noticed the masked person. Big mistake. I could run so fast, but I was so tried, my legs... giving in on me. Scrambling to my feet, backing up slowly, not wanting to go too fast, and wear myself out. I probably look scared out of my wits, because I am. From what I can see, I've got short brunette hair, but I'm a girl. I remember that at least. I felt ill, I wanted to go towards them, like a magnet, but instead of obeying, I am angry. Why did they have a gun? I knew guns were bad. I wanted to rip it out of their hands and use it on them, see how they like it. I don't remember anything... nothing about me... where I come from, who I know. Are they protecting me? No. They can't be. If they were, I wouldn't have had the instinct to run, surely. I speak... I don't know why, but I speak. "Leave me alone..." I sound pathetic, broken. It makes my rage grow. I want to hurt them. I don't just want to hurt them... I want to kill them. It's a pretty awful first impression... but I feel like we've met before...
  3. They smirked, or what seemed to be a smirk. They were laughing? Someone came up from behind them, however, and hit them in the back of the head with a shovel. The man or women soon collapsed, unconscious. A young boy, no older than fifteen, stood there panting. His ankles and wrists were bruised from the shackles and he had a bullet wound in his leg. "We need to find... food," he managed to say. There were fangs protruding from his mouth. He then quickly added "but first..." He grabbed the person's gun and ran back down to the basement. He started freeing all the women, men, children, and even the youngest toddlers that were almost infants but not quite.

    When he got back to the surface, he started tying up the person to one of the poles outside that might have been used to tie horses to. He didn't quite know what they were though. He soon collapsed against the wall to the nearby house. "How long has it been? I don't even remember my name... I've been awake for a couple of days now and every time I fall asleep, I just hear these terrifying screams." He was scared but he was a survivor and he was also caring toward the younger children. He wouldn't leave anyone behind. They were all in the same situation, after all. Unlike a lot of the other children, he was strong and might even be a fighter. He was also brave and tough and wouldn't let anyone stand in his way. But was this his old personality from before the amnesia or was this a new kind of personality?

    He heard a child crying and he carefully lifted the young boy. "It's alright. I've got you. It's going to be OK." He looked at all of them. "We need food... and not regular food. When I woke up, that person forced me to kill an innocent animal before firing his gun at me. It was as if he was trying to prove something. Luckily, he only hit me in the leg but it still hurts like a bitch." He glanced at the wound in his leg that was almost nearly healed. "What if were not human anymore?" He was terrified of what they were and didn't like it anymore than them but if he died, what would happen to the rest of them? He was probably the most put together out of all of them. He wouldn't let any one of them die, especially in his care. "What happened to us?"

    Ooc: I'd rather third person to make it less confusion for the reader and other people joining. Sorry if the intro was confusing.
  4. OoC: Okay

    The girl watched with horror, the shovel coming into contact with the head of the person who had mocked her. With a satisfied smile when she heard the crack of a skull and the person was knocked unconscious. The person who had helped her - a boy around her age, or maybe a year or so younger- though she did not know this, said something about food. "There is food," she stated, still sounding frightened despite the danger being gone temporarily. Before she had the chance to continue, he had left... and with her prize, the gun. Surely she could ask for it later. She did not understand why he was rescuing everyone. Strength in numbers and all, but... he seemed fine, and two can take down many. She thought that with practise, she could take down the world.

    As he address them all, she repeated herself, "There is food." She could not see it herself, but she knew where it was, somehow. "We are human," she insisted. It had not once crossed her mind in this short time that she was not human. She looked human. Her electric blue eyes scanned round the people... all like her... relying on someone else. It disgusted her... but she knew it was the best way now. If they were caught, there wouldn't be enough guards for all of them.

    "We are bad?" she suggested. They were tied up for a reason, perhaps they had done wrong. How had she linked those two together? Did it matter? She turned her head to the side in confusion. Going up to the boy, she held her hand out, requesting her prize.
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