Amhráin na gréine

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  1. "Tinsal's Pub?" Fallyn Murray raised an eyebrow at her new friend Brenna.

    Brenna nodded. "Yeah. You need a place where you can relax a bit, and Tinsals is the place." It was true; Fallyn desperately needed a break, which was why she was here in Mullingar anyway. Her grandmother was all irish, and after hearing that Fallyn was on the verge of a mental breakdown - ironic, considering that she was a psychologist - she arranged for Fallyn to stay in her cottage in Mullingar, County Westmeath, since she was now living in Dublin for her own job. Fallyn had agreed, and so here she was.

    She sighed, "I might come down there tonight. I might as well, considering that everyone seems to know who I am." In actual fact, she had no intention of going to the pub where everyone would be whispering about the American woman come from Chicago to stay in Old Maude's cottage. Apparently news travelled fast.


    Darcey Tinsal yelled through to her brother Markie, "Oi! We got customers out here! Get your butt out here and actually help!" She rolled her eyes and continued to make up pints of beer for the men at the counter, with the occasionnal snap at their only waitress to get moving with the trays.
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