American revolution/Assassin's creed

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  1. This roleplay will be based slightly on Assassins creed 3 but mostly on the American revolution so if you've never played Assassins creed don't worry.

    I'm looking for a small group, maybe two or three people for this to be a team of assassins. Our team will be helping the American colonists break free of British control and claim independence from England.

    As far as writing, I'm not super strict or anything. Just please no one liners and try to be descriptive
  2. I'd be up to try! I have to say: third one was the WORST out of all of them, but I love AC waaaaay too much to pass up the opportunity to rp it ;)
  3. Glad to have you. In my personal opinion, the third was the best one
  4. Two and IV were the best, for sure.

    Although the social/online elements SUCKED.
    And Revelations is the worst

    Meh, I'll sign up.
  5. Alright, that should be enoughfor us to start
  6. May I apply? You said two or three people. And I have a small history with the games. I do think they could have saved the ACIV multiplayer by incorporating the naval combat. It was supposed to be a next generation game, so, you'd expect something extremely good. Not to say the campaign and standard gameplay (not mentioning the actual naval battles) weren't good. But I did prefer the first game. It had what I believed to be one of the coolest characters in the series, not for being suave or charming, or even fighting for a clear goal, but for being a coldhearted, clear-minded, assassin.
  7. Unfortunately I have already started this Roleplay with someone else, it was turned to a one x one. But if you'd like we could start a new roleplay. Maybe we could brainstorm and create our own assassins
  8. Cool. Cool. When would this be set? How many are involved?