American Horror Story: Coven (prior knowledge not necessary)

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  1. Soo..I just finished marathoning American Horror Story: Coven on Netflix and I'm wanting to rp!! This is really just an interest check, but I'll put a little bit of what I'm thinking down for the roleplay, along with a few rules I can think of.

    Ok. I'm thinking something very similar to the series: A school for young witches, BUT there's a bit of a twist. Just across the way a school for warlocks has popped up, since young warlocks seem to be appearing from across the United States.

    The Witches are taught to stay away from the Warlocks, and vice versa, until The Supreme, in fear of a common enemy, approaches The Preeminent and asks for his help. He does so, on one condition: that his students, as well as him, get to move in (for reasons such as better living conditions, strength in numbers, or just to be a dick.

    Soon witches and warlocks are learning from each other and building relationships together.
    There will only be up to 12 roles

    The Supreme
    3-4 witches
    The Preeminent
    3-4 warlocks

    *please remember that one witch and one warlock will be a Supreme or Preeminent to be, so they will be getting stronger as the heads get weaker.

    I'm making a posting minimum of 2 paragraphs. It's what I want, ok?!?

    Those are really all the rules that are impertinent at the moment. If I garnish enough interest, I'll completely edit this to accommodate a better plot/roles/rules/anything else I can think of.

    Feel free to claim roles as well if you're interested!! But keep in the minimum post length!!
  2. Ohhhh YES! I just finished coven this week on hulu! I would absolutely be in full support for this! I'd love to claim a young witch!
  3. Awesome!! Tell your friends!! We could use some more people!! XD
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  4. Also!! Prior knowledge of the show really isn't necessary. Its pretty easy to keep up if you haven't seen/heard of it before
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