American Gods [Also Seeking Co-GM]

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  1. It has been fifteen years since the war, and many things have changed. We have changed-- for better or worse, I cannot say. Still, the future is an uncertain thing, and life goes on, unconcerned with whether or not we are the better or worse for it. Life is, largely, unconcerned with us in general. We are oft forgotten in this ever-changing world, left to our own devices when belief cannot be found. But this is nothing new. No, nothing about us is new. We have been here for many, many years. We are gods; we are immortal. That is, until we are forgotten.

    Fifteen years ago, some of us fought against this fate-- perhaps you remember, perhaps you don't. In the end, however, it was revealed to us that someone we saw as a comrade was a man turned traitor. So driven was he by his own desperation, that he was willing to sacrifice his brothers and sisters. For some of us, yes, these are desperate times. Many of you are probably familiar with the idiom "desperate times call for desperate measures." But I ask you to weigh your options. Fighting amongst ourselves has never given way to success, and we gain nothing by thinning our ranks. The new gods come and the new gods go, drops in the bucket, so to speak. We may be relics of an ancient world, but we endure.

    True, many of us endure by doing things we may not be proud of. I know many of us struggle to succeed, eking out a living doing whatever we must, be it selling our services or even our bodies. It is difficult to watch some succeed while others suffer, but know they pay a price for their luxury. You see, as gods we are susceptible to re-creation; our mortal existence is forfeit to become an ideal that lives in the hearts and minds of worshippers and believers. We are many aspects of our original selves, shaped and molded by what people need us to be. I hold no contempt for my brothers and sisters who have managed success, though I do feel sympathy for them. They, more than any of us, have lost what they truly are-- a steep price for a stable life.

    All this, I must stress, is no fault of our own. Neither is it the fault of mortals. The world continues to change, and with it society. America has become commercialized and indulgent. This is a land of instant gratification. A land of technology, of expenditure, of driving want and need for the latest and greatest. We were brought to this land long ago, carried in the hearts and minds of explorers and immigrants, of slaves and prisoners. We did not ask to be brought to this land, but we are here nonetheless, and we must make do with what we have.

    Some of us are gone, but many of us remain, and I hope to see the preservation of our brothers and sisters. I do not ask that you suffer in silence, but I do ask that we not make the same mistakes over again.

    America is a bad place for gods.

    As such, I have a proposition for you…

    Hello and welcome!

    As the title states, I'm interested in creating an RP that works along the lines of Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods. I know that making RPs based on books can be difficult, as you run the risk of little interest or players that don't fully understand the concept.

    What I would like is for this to appeal to both those who have read the book and those who have not.

    I would also like to state that all of this is susceptible to change, and the concept may go through a few different iterations before I feel confident enough with it to open up a sign-up page. (If this even gets enough interest.)

    What I can say is that I'd like this to be an RP for advanced writers, as I'd like this to focus on both character development and storytelling. Due to many adult topics that may arise, I'm considering making this 18+, though that has yet to be determined. Obviously, it if is not, then I will set some limits.

    The players will be gods (from all over the world), brought to America by settlers, immigrants, slaves, etc. Time has brought hard times for many gods, as most are forgotten. Some are still respected and even worshipped, though it comes at the cost of modernization, knowing that they are not worshiped for who and what they are, but for an icon or indulgent celebration.

    There will be gods that are NOT playable-- though this will be determinate upon how closely the story stays tied to the novel.

    The story itself has yet to be given a solid plot and overarching goal, which is partially why I'm looking for a Co-GM in this matter. I am in need of some additional creativity and inspiration, as well as someone to help guide things along. This is something I would like to see get off the ground, but I, like many of you, am a busy adult and I do not feel comfortable taking this on alone.

    If you would be interested in being a Co-GM, I do ask you meet a few requirements:
    • Please be an adult member
    • Please be an advanced writer
    • Please be comfortable with saying no to players if necessary
    • Please be willing to encourage players when necessary
    • Please be willing to contribute time and ideas
    • Please be able to collaborate via PM 2-3x a week (exceptions happen and are perfectly fine)
    • Please be able to post IC 1-2x a week
    • You do not have to have read the novel, though it may be of help
    *Please PM me if you are interested in Co-GMing.

    Thank you for reading!

    If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them below.

    Please note that this thread is just to see if anyone is interested in the idea. Please do not claim roles in this thread. Thank you!
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  2. Ah, I remember this book. I'd certainly be interested.
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  3. If only I'd read the book. If only I weren't already busy enough. Dipper's even here. Hey Dipper.



    (I'm stalking this for the time being, anyway)
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  4. Seems pretty interesting.

    I'll be watching this.
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  5. Haha, no worries.

    I have a feeling this isn't going to get enough interest to really go anywhere. C'est la vie.
  6. So it seems. Several months ago I was ready to finally get my own group roleplay in action so I could get it out in the open by December. But everyone I wanted to invite was not available for one reason or another. But come end of the year and everyone was back in the game.

    School was also trying to telling me I don't have enough time do roleplay, but I decided to ignore it. I'll also not clutter your thread anymore.
  7. I can't seem to get any RPs off the ground, either. The only ones that I've seen so far that gain any traction are anime based.

    But, I'm still hoping this can get some attention too. I liked the book, and would greatly enjoy an rp based on it.
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  8. Yeah, same here. I'm involved in one right now, The Culling Season, that is advanced and not anime-based. I think it's one of the few. It's also an advanced level, which I think helps weed out many of the, uhm... "weeabo" folk.

    That sounds really awful of me, but I'm so sick of anime...

    Heh, me too. Buuuut, I know basing things off a book on an RP site is a bit of a risk. Either way, I wish more people would read it, it's so well done.
  9. It'd make sense that roleplays centered around anime and such would be successful. Roleplaying forums are like spawning grounds for that kind of stuff.