Ambush on Cackle Pass vs Royal Escort

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  1. Mucky clouds over-bared Cackle Pass. The sun reined the day over the horizon. At the junction to one of either Cackle Wood of Fortress Redding, the grey'd cliff faces and aged mossy path were witness to a bloodied skirmish. A royal escort caravan lay toppled and amputated; it's craft and contents littered from cliff edge to cliff wall, or claimed by it's assailants. T'was the sight of a terrorist ambush.

    The hush of the wind was broken by shifting stacks of groaning wooden wreckage, and from the underneath of it...
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    ... Miss Iseis of house Balnlenel freed herself from the collateral. Standing at unease, she took ten on her surroundings. Amidst it all, amidst the remains of the caravan, she could see no visible others- not even dead bodies. Blood did stain here there and elsewhere, but those to whom the blood belonged too had simply gone.
    "How... How can this be?"
    Iseis pulled her dice'd left spaulder from her shoulder; it's protection spent, her shoulder wound revealed. She also discarded her left gauntlet, which though un-trounced, pulled down at her injured arm with it's weight. Her helm too, unequipped, dropped, rolling to a stop at the spurs of a caravan wheel. Her left arm in the firming grip of her right, she paced reluctantly towards the edge of the pass and looked down to the bottom, confirming with her own eyes the deaths of two knightly escorts.

    "Shhh-!" Iseis' stomach pulled her backwards, spinning to punt off a length of caravan axel in frustration.

    Iseis perched on her knees for some time. Then, the presence of another caught her ear. She remained still, unsure of where the noise came from at first...
    "W-who are...?"
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