Ambrose Academy for Students with Special Needs

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  1. Ambrose Academy for Students with Special Needs

    The dark grey sky looms over Ambrose Academy as the new students begin to arrive at last... Or are they new? Miss Knight wondered just how long some of these students had been here. It felt like decades... The campus itself was very old. It felt ageless. The Residence Hall, which Miss Knight now gazed at from the Medical Research Facility, was three stories high and arranged according the the Kirkbride Plan. Staggered wings spread from the four story central tower. On top of the tower was a belfry housing a tarnished bell used to ring out the hour. By now, several small cracks had developed along the edge. But these were dwarfed by the huge split, shaped like a bolt of lightning, that she could see now.

    Glancing downward, she studied the quad below. Tufts of withered grass stuck up between the paving stones of the central plaza. A fountain that at one point may have been quite beautiful lay empty in the center. Paved pathways reached in each of the four compass directions. One led back south to Miss Knight, in the Medical Research Facility. The northern path to the back entrance of the Resident Hall. And on either side were the classrooms. Two mirror-image buildings, two stories each with a Victorian style mansard roof. The western building housed maths and sciences. The eastern held language and arts.
    The large bell tolled the hour. Its discordant twang echoed throughout the campus. Miss Knight jumped a little, just like she always did, and quickly turned around to check if the Hospital Director had seen her. He hadn't. He was still buried in his paperwork, thank God. If he was ever to see her startled...

    In any case, it was time for a new school year to begin. She was sure of that much, at least. She sighed, a common occurrence, thinking about the challenge of educating the students and caring for the multitude of ailments and afflictions said students carried. It was quite a burden. She just hoped that no mysterious incidents would happen this year.
  2. Miles Taylor Bio (open)
    Full Name: Miles Taylor
    Preferred Name: Miles
    Age: 16
    Grade: Junior
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Cis
    Sexual Preference: Never had a partner, but he assumes he's straight.
    Appearance: Wheelchair bound modern teenage boy. His overall appearance is quite unremarkable. His dress is pretty average: Jeans, a tee shirt and a hoodie when he's not in school. His light brown hair is usually a little messy. He hasn't had use of his legs for years, so it's hard to say how tall he would be, but it's safe to say that he's not too much taller than average. Moving around in a wheelchair has strengthened his upper body, so he can lift more than the average boy his age. His most striking feature (aside from the wheelchair) is his deep green eyes.
    Personality: He's reserved and quiet, but amiable to strangers. It can be a little difficult to get to know him, but once you do he'll open up and reveal his true feelings. In reality, under his friendly verneer, he actually has a little depression about the accident, not to mention resentment to the drunk driver that caused it. He tends to assert his independence even when it would be best for him to ask for help. It's just a side effect of being wheelchair-bound for so long. He usually makes an effort to help those in need.
    History: He came to the Academy from Chicago, where he'd lived with his older brother for the last few years. Prior to that, he lived with various other relatives. His parents died in the same car accident that cost him his legs. Since he was so young, he doesn't remember, but apparently it was a drunk driver. His brother heard about the Academy and sent him to live where he'd have assistance and medical attention when he needed it.
    Disability: As mentioned before, he doesn't have use of his legs. A car accident when he was very young permanently and irreparably injured

    Miles rolled up the ramp to the Resident Hall, nervous. Damn it, he thought to himself, Why the hell didn't Zach come with me? Zachary, his older brother, had sent him to the Academy on a train. Didn't even say 'bye' or 'good luck.' He reached the front doors and stopped. Well fuck. He hadn't been thinking, and there was no way he could open the door in his current position.
    Before he had a chance to move, the doors opened, revealing the front desk and expansive lobby. A large, ostentatious chandelier commanded the attention in the otherwise barren room. Miles approached the front desk, jumping a little when the large door shut behind him.
    The receptionist barely glanced up when he arrived. "Do you have all your papers in order?" "Uhh yeah..." He handed her the thin packet that contained his application information and medical charts. She quickly flipped through them, then recited a speech that had obviously been rehearsed. “Welcome to Ambrose Academy. We provide care to students that require special attention and provide for their utmost safety and comfort. You’ll be in the-” she quickly glanced down at the paper, “Physical ward to the right.” She pointed to the left. “Please make yourself comfortable in your room, number… 117. Someone will be along later to help get you settled. Have a nice day.”
    After that, she went back down to her paperwork. Miles sat there for a moment, a little dazed. “Um… Thanks.” He thought about which direction to go, finally settling on right. He followed the right hall, labeled "West - Physical," to his room, where his bag was already waiting for him. The room was small and basic, with white walls and a single window. A bed on one side of the room was mirrored by a counter and sink. A quick investigation of a door in the corner revealed a toilet with handles on the walls. At least they consider the students’ needs… He settled himself on the bed with a little difficulty and flopped back on the stiff mattress. Guess this is where I live now.
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  3. Show Spoiler
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    Full Name:
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    Kira Schatten
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    Preferred Name

    Age: 17

    Grade: 12th

    Gender: Female (both when born and currently)

    Sexual Preferences: demisexual, prefers males

    Appearance: Kira is 5'5” tall and thin, with wavy white hair that falls to her chin, rosy skin, and pale blue eyes. Her face is heart shaped, with well defined cheekbones and a small although not disproportional nose, big round eyes, and an average mouth.

    Personality: Kira is difficult to predict at times and most people consider her insane. She's quite reserved and enjoys alone time, as well as weapons and visual art. Sometimes she gets a bit overwhelmed by her situation, but lately she has been learning to cope with it.

    History: At a young age, Kira was thought to be schizophrenic because she saw spirits and ghosts, and as a result was shipped off to a mental facility. Not much is known of the institution, except that due to neglect, abuse, and unauthorized testing on patients it was shut down when she was 15. Though her new hospital was exceptional, she was too far gone by that point. The combination of tests that had been performed on her resulted in her having an incredible lack of trust for others and a general lack of morality, for the only living people she had known for the majority of her life had made her miserable. She and her ghostly friends eventually thought of a way to convince those who kept her hospitalized that she was healthy, and at the age of 16, she was released and lived with her parents. Though she had therapy and attempted to re-join society, at the age of 17 she snapped, killing many classmates of hers and wounding even more. After that it was decided that she would go to a special facility- one very few knew details about, but authorities thought she could do well in as long as she was relatively well behaved.

    Disability: Diagnosed as a schizophrenic, she sees ghosts and other various entities. There are times when they can upset her quite a lot, her exact reaction depending on what upset her.
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  4. Saker Thyne (open)
    Full Name: Saker Joan Thyne Preferred Name: Saker Age: 22 Grade: Doesn't have a grade. Works as a nurse. Gender: Male Sexual Preference: He prefers not to have any "sexuality." Appearance: Saker has thick and dark gray hair. His youthful face the only thing letting him pass for being in his twenties. His eyes are similar to his hair, gray in color but a little lighter with a soft tint of blue in them. Apart from his widow’s peak, his hair is nothing too interesting in style. He combs it back from his temples, and doesn't really have a set way of parting it. He would have tan skin, but he spends so much time indoors that what would have been tan is now practically white which only makes him look older. Saker has a thin build, weighing in at only one hundred and forty five pounds. He’s on the short side, barely five foot ten. He has an upright posture until his neck, which is slightly craned forward, due to his tendency to look down. His face is practically square, thinning out slowly after the cheekbones. His left ear is pierced, but other than that there are no unusual markings about him. Personality: He doesn't like talking, and when he does he seems quite condescending. He's never been outside of the Academy so his world revolves around it. He seems to have the mentality that there is no other place in the world, and because he's been there so long he assumes he knows everything about what there is to know. New students tend to hate him for his backhanded directions and advice. He often starts out with something kind and informative and then ends with something mean and aggressive, as if being nice is a conflict for him. He likes to isolate himself, especially when he's in a bad mood. He's not sociable, and there's no sweet side to his personality that's just "waiting to shine through" as many people had said about him before. People who attempt to get him to "come out of his shell" often find themselves subject to his abusive nature and burning hatred. He's sarcastic, but not in a playful way. He's soft-spoken, but not in a sweet way. He's only bitter, isolated, and rude. He often isolates himself to go off and work in the kitchen with the cooks of the school, enjoying all kinds of cooking and especially baking. This unsual artsy behavior inside a some what tyrannical character is almost comical, as well as many of his other...Softer...Hobbies. History: Saker was born in the Academy. His mother was and still is a patient there, which is one of the reasons he took up becoming a nurse. He has violent tendencies, but they were even worse when he was younger. He showed interest in becoming a nurse, and no one had the heart (or the guts) to turn him down. Although he grew up at the school, he’s not taken seriously by most of the students or the other nurses. Although he is cruel, he is very immersed in his job to a point where it could almost be considered an obsession. Recently he has taken up being the person nurse of some of the students, unable to handle many students at once without losing his temper. He'd only had one really close friend while growing up, but he left before the idea of friendship could be set in Saker's mind. As a result, Saker still doesn't understand the idea of having a long term friend, and he seems content with not needing any, having cut off many ties even with his own mother within the school, blaming her for his lack of social security. Disability: He’s a nurse.
    Saker was in the middle of changing bed sheets when his least favorite part of the year came, the first day of Academy. He rolled his eyes as he continued with his task, moving from room to room. He listened as each new student came in and threw their selfish fits through the thin walls of the building, chuckling softly to himself. He may have hated having to try and answer the questions and meet the needs of these kids, but he still managed to get off on their unhappiness at the same time. He spread the clean sheets over one of the small beds, the last one for the day. Just in time, too. He didn't want to be going in and out of rooms while new students were doing the same. He had a slight fear that a student would walk in on him while he was changing the bed sheets. Not because he thought it would be uncomfortable for him or anything, no. But because he didn't want to have to actually talk to any of those kids. Everyone new always seemed to want to be given a private tour, and who better to ask than the chump of a nurse they literally found “waiting” for them in their room on the first day? He carried his new pile of old sheets out of the room, throwing them into his large rolling laundry cart. He pushed it down the hallway, mentally looking over the new students, undoubtedly judging all of them. He cringed, also assuming the new kids would think he was some sort of “servant” due to his laundry cart, not to mention they usually did regardless of what he was carting around. He grunted softly, ditching it as soon as he could. He walked down the hallway the other way, checking his watch. Eventually he was supposed to go and pick up his assignment for a new student to watch over constantly this year. In other words, he was waiting to accept a long term babysitting position for some little brat who probably couldn't even feed itself without a little coaxing, if at all. He was hoping for someone with a physical disability this time, usually he was allowed to leave them alone more than with the mental freaks...He let out a soft sigh..He was already exhausted. If this kept up, it was going to be a very long year.
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