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    You have always had an uncommon interest in something ordinary--whether it was cooking, carpentry, gardening, or some other mundane craft. Family, friends, and teachers always laughed, until the day when it was discovered that your obsession was actually due to your magical ties with that interest. Magic is not uncommon, but ambient magic--which is drawn from the mages surroundings and craft items rather than self-created power--is, and it can be exponentially more powerful, not to mention dangerous. Some mages are stronger than others, but ambient mages can increase their power simply by interacting with common things, shaping their magic into beautiful garments or deadly potions.

    Because it is harder to discover, you could have come to know your power at any time during your life, though the later you realized the more your power would try to tell you by breaking out against your will, or bringing you together with items that you could draw magic from. Whether there was a teacher in your area or you had to travel in order to study, you came to terms with your power and learned to control it. For all the rocky start, you are proud of your learning and accomplishments and know your power well.

    Now, however, there are rumors spreading that ambient magic cannot be controlled, despite the fact that you know otherwise. Due to the public's fear and the jealousy of traditional mages--who cannot control as much power as ambient mages--law enforcement is seeking out ambient mages and attempting to detain them, with interesting results. Some fight back, and others hide, but as an ambient mage you know you must protect yourself, and find yourself banding together with four others like you. However, bribes are offered and information is leaked until you are forced to wonder if there is a traitor in your midst, or if you are simply too few against too great a foe.

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    Lorwick is the second largest city in your Empire, big enough to get lost yet far enough away from the capital city that the rulers aren't knocking on your door. This is where you and the other ambient mages you have befriended have chosen to hide.

    This is your run of the mill medieval fantasy city--so there's no such thing as electricity or telephones, but you've got your magic to make fancy lights and communicate. Think candles, human-powered water pumps, and message runners. Weapons are usually swords, daggers, staves, and the like. Gunpowder does exist.

    Horses and carriages are normal forms of transportation. Most common people walk.

    Gold, silver, bronze, and tin coins. 50 tin = 1 bronze, 25 bronze = 1 silver, 10 silver = 1 gold. Think of bronze coins as today's five dollar US bills.

    Cooking is done at hearths in the home or food is purchased from inns and taverns. Markets in the center of the city sell everything from produce to meat.

    There is a slum on the south side of the city, districts where commoners, merchants, and artisans live and work in the central areas, and to the north side of town a "richer" area where people of noble birth might live, as well as very successful citizens.

    Lorwick has four seasons, with autumn and spring being significantly shorter. Spring is very rainy, but it doesn't snow too much in the winter. Summer highs reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Other notes:
    Religion is practiced in the home and is polytheistic. Wednesday is a day of rest, regardless of religion. Once a month, on the first, a grand market is opened on the east side of the city.

    One in ten people might have some form of magic, one in five mages has significant power. Ambient mages account for perhaps two percent of all mages. Some are stronger than others, as with traditional mages. In a large city such as Lorwick, perhaps 50 people are ambient mages. Ambient mages can use power from items that pertain to their magic, or place magic into items created with their craft [a sword created by an ambient smith mage might be spelled to be unbreakable].

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    Please choose one of the following types of ambient magic OR create your own [pending approval]. Magic is attached to a trade, so there's no such thing as a "fire" mage, but there can be Smith mages that work with fire, etc. You have quite a bit of freedom to outline your character's skills within their magic, but please don't make them incredibly overpowered and make sure they have faults and shortcomings. These mages will generally be over the age of 18, as they are trained in their craft and working in some type of cover enterprise to hide from the powers that be. It is possible that they will discover child/untrained ambient mages in the future, but keep in mind that ambient magic is very rare in this world, and traditional magic [performed with spells, runes, internal power that must be built over time] is much more common. I would prefer if no more than two people had the same power.
    • Carpenter [woodworking, perhaps skill with bows/arrows and other wooden weapons]
    • Smith [one type of metal or a combination, some control of fire, perhaps skill with metal weapons]
    • Tailor [weaving, spinning, making garments, control of thread]
    • Cook [cooking, baking, potions, and poisons]
    • Artist [painting/drawing/sculpting and their tools]
    • Musician [power born in music, singing, instruments, etc.]
    • Dancer [power generated in the act of dancing for various purposes]
    • Weather [power drawn from the atmosphere, storms, air, etc.]
    • Garden [control of plants and growth, making medicines]
    • Nautical [control of water, some interaction with birds and aquatic animals]
    • Rock [power from stones: precious and common, control of earth/rocks underground]
    • Animal [power from a certain type of animal, ability to communicate with some animals]
    • Glasswork [power to create glass objects with various techniques that have magical power]
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    The only playable characters are ambient mages. You are free to interact with the city and create NPCs to fit your needs as long as they make sense in the setting. As game master I will occasionally present challenges, distractions, and give updates on the public opinion of ambient mages. If your character does something silly and outs themselves as an ambient mage the government may come after them in one of these posts. They may also give you an opportunity to "go to the dark side" so to speak and turn in your fellow mages. Just look for updates and use them in your posts!

    My character [a cooking mage] owns and works in an inn called "The Thirsty Marquess" in the near center of the city where the ambient mages often gather. Feel free to start out there. Your mage may be new to the city and looking for support or an old hand who has been allied with the ambient mages for a while. It's up to you!

    Miscellaneous Rules:

    • No god-modding, power playing, or "Sue" characters.
    • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation while giving your fellow players something to respond to.
    • Please spoiler tag anything inappropriate or just don't roleplay it at all [i.e. time skip].
    • One character per person to start. More may be created at a later time if the roleplay calls for it.
    • Don't "leave for dead" -- 1x1 roleplay in the thread and leave everyone else behind.
    • No spam or advertisements.
    • Not a rule, but I would really appreciate posts in default/"none" colored text, or at least not white. I use a light colored board style because Obsidian hurts my eyes.
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    character name - age - gender - magic type - player - skeleton

    Chazlin "Chaz" Groos - 32 - male - cooking - liddi - skeleton
    Kailani "Kaila" Nuwatii - 24 - female - nautical - NorwayFOO - skeleton
    Alexis Oretia - 16 - female - musician - Infinity - skeleton
    Amell Ritka - 29 - female - weather - Dragon Rebellion - skeleton
    Edward Rommelo - 23 - male - carpenter - Erulen Ducard - skeleton
    Finley Rheinstein - 23 - male - glasswork - mind tuna - skeleton
    Vulca Velimna - 25 - male - rock - Jent - skeleton
    Darius - 18 - male - scholar - Effort - skeleton

    Ambient magic © Tamora Pierce
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  2. Chazlin Groos

    Chaz stood behind the bar, examining the small crowd that had gathered in the slow time between lunch and supper. A huge hand wiped a rag around the inside of an ale jack, cleaning it thoroughly before replacing it on the shelf. The big man smiled, content with his business and happy to run it even after years of the same work every day. It was comforting to him, and the Thirsty Marquess was one of the most popular inns in town, allowing Chaz to make a decent living. The bar he stood behind ran the entire length of one of the short walls in the rectangular common area, facing the huge hearth that travelers crowded around in the winter. The area between the two was full of mismatched wooden tables and chairs, stools, and some carefully disguised wooden crates. His inn was not fancy, and no elaborate decorations marked the Thirsty Marquess' white-washed wood walls, but high style was not was Chaz was trying to sell anyway.

    The big man took a break from his work, checking in with the kitchen staff who were working on the evening meal to his exact specifications. He noted that it was a little slow, and he might need to hire another helper or two in the coming weeks. With the barest motion of his hand he saved a soup that was about to burn, nodding to the boy tending it as he quickly returned to his post. Chaz smiled at all of his employees and they returned the favor, happy to work for such a fair employer. When some would cut wages or demand too much, Chaz made sure to hire enough people to do the job easily and pay fairly as long as a person performed their duties. "It will be busy tonight," Chaz mentioned to them, having seen the clouds growing restless for a storm on the summer night and knowing that his establishment was always packed when the weather turned foul. It didn't help that it was Tuesday, when employers often paid their workers before the citywide day of rest on Wednesday. Many would come to the Thirsty Marques to drink away their troubles.

    After checking on the kitchen Chaz returned to the common area and walked towards the hearth, hoping he might convince some of the crowd to rent a room for an evening or more, and so he could see the supper crowd arriving and pick out anyone who might cause trouble later. Chaz didn't like to throw anyone out of his inn, but sometimes he had to for the good of his other patrons. He smiled to the crowd as he approached and took a seat on a sturdy wooden chair.
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  3. Alexis

    The inn door closed silently behind her. She crept in, trying to avoid arousing attention, suspicion. A large cloak was wrapped around her, and a hood concealed most of her face, but she was small, and obviously young. Her footsteps echoed softly through the room as she walked forward, the rowdy patrons were too busy to notice her, and as she approached the counter, she pulled a small bag filled with coins out of her pocket and placed a few on the counter. "A meal and a room for the evening..." she said quietly, the kind of person who wanted to avoid talking.

    Alexis was used to avoiding people, and she did an effortless job of being ignored in this inn, yet she felt eyes staring at her. She always seemed to feel that though, no matter what she did. She paid it no mind and took a seat at the bar, waiting for a meal. As she did, she hummed a tune under her breath, to relax and calm her down. This was a new town, a new start, and there was no worrying about meeting people here. After all, she moved towns every few weeks, and this would be no different. Enough to make a small bundle of coin, see the area, and find out where the next city was. Her journey would almost certainly not end here...
  4. Kailani "Kaila" Nuwatii
    Kaila stood at the center of town feeling a little overwhelmed being surrounded by such a large amount of people. She bit her lip slightly trying to spot a help wanted poster in the area which seemed to be near impossible with the large crowds of people blocking her view. She found a few such as courier, black smith assistant, royal guard and farm hand but all of those were either uninteresting or far too dangerous for an Ambient Mage. She didn't want to stand out in any way...

    She looked up at the clouds with a frown on her face. It looked like it would storm soon. Of course thanks to her powers she had an umbrella at all times but as stated before she didn't want to draw any unneeded attention. Once again she scanned over her surroundings to find an inn or at least a place that may offer a room for a night. She had enough coin to stay a night or two... She figured she would get a job as soon as possible and only stay at the inn during the days she absolutely must. Just her luck, first day in town and she already needs to get a room...

    At any rate she couldn't find anything right away and ended up stopping a stranger to ask where an inn was. She was given directions to an inn called 'Thirsty Marquess' which sounded more like a bar for the rich than an inn, at least in her opinion. Still it was a good place for information and hopefully the owner would be lenient on the price. It was worth a try at the very least...

    She found herself walking into a nice but almost run down inn and felt almost out of place. There were a handful of drunks, some mysterious cloaked person sitting at the bar, a few rather rowdy men laughing in the corner, all of whom didn't seemed to be nicely dressed. The majority of people the patrons seemed to be male. Then there was her, female, fairly nice dress, rather calm looking, clearly not one strained with hard manual labor. She stood out like a sore thumb to say the least. Though she was used to this. She had, after all, lived on a ship for a good portion of her life. This kind of atmosphere was normal for her.

    She looked around quickly before spotting the bar on the far left side running along one of the two shorter walls in the rectangular shaped room. Slowly she made her way
    up to the counter, standing a seat away from the cloaked figure and smiled a little at the overweight man working the bar. "I would like a room, I don't have much money but hopefully we can work out a price." She hesitated slightly before speaking up again, "If it's not too much to ask could I ask you where I can find somewhere to work around here? I'm looking for something that doesn't require much muscle... perhaps cleaning... do you know if your boss is hiring?" She said softly not realizing the man in front of her was the head of the establishment.
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  5. Edward Rommelo
    Edward began to chuckle to himself, sitting in the corner of the bar, this bar is one of my favorite places in this town, he would muse to himself, wondering what the story of every patron, every staff member was, wondering, if at all, they found themselves contented with the trials and tribulations that brought them to this tavern. Not many people care to notice the out of the ordinary, the magic, he mused to himself still lost in though, though ever scanning the room to make sure no one really noticed his presence.

    He shifted in his roughly made chair, scoffing, "I could make better in my sleep" he stated a little louder than he may have intended. Catching the fact that he said it aloud, he went back to scanning the room, fearful that anyone would bother talking to him, or even go so far as to remove his hood to look at him. "Why do i do this to myself?" thinking once again "Why do i, with my fear of people as it where, why do i torment myself by being within and without of the crowd"

    He returned to scanning the room when he noticed a small hooded and cloaked figure, most likely a small female much younger than him, given what he could tell from the way the cloak kind of floated around her, he was entranced, never before had anyone made moving through a crowd look so effortless. He had too, if just to break his rules once, he had to get to know this person.

    He quickly dismissed the notion. "This is why people, like ma and pa took advantage of you, you are too easily entranced, you are such a fool" he would berate himself
    He took a drink from his cup, and went back to scanning, making sure he was felt but unseen.
  6. Vulca Velimna
    Today, of all days, rivaled to be his worst. Arriving later than the two, Vulca strolled slowly past the doors with sketchy garments fluttering loosely off him. Drained, his aged stare briefly watched over the various sort of people that congregated at the Thirsty Marquess, before settling down on a seat towards the center side of the bar. No, it had to be the worst, he thought to himself. Losing his recent shipment in the southern town was beyond ridiculous, and while it costed him little to make, the hours spent etching the inter-folded layers baffled the mage to no end. Of course a pyromaniac had to set the warehouse on fire, go figure.

    Told to mellow out by an financial adviser from the other town, he procured a small purse from a strapped satchel. Counting the coins inside it, he offered the desired amount for his usual Tuesday draught to the nearest bartender. "Same as last week, need something to tide me down for today... also a board as well," Vulca added. "My old place is a bit dingy at the moment. Perhaps a different room of rest will aid in my creatively for the Grand Market coming up." Fishing out some more coins, he laid them down while waiting for his drink.
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  7. Amell Ritka

    Amell wandered through town. The cloudy sky warned of a major storm and she didn't feel like wasting the energy needed to change that. The least she could do was keep the rain a bay long enough for her to find shelter. She would have to look for mercenary work tomorrow. Her large knapsack slung over her shoulder and her sword sheathed at her side, she began to seek out a place to wait out the storm. Before long she came across an inn. "The Thirsty Marquess?" She said to herself, "I guess it's worth a shot."

    Upon entering the inn, Amell's nose was greeted with the lovely aroma of spices and fresh bread. She made her way over to the bar, putting down a handful of coins. "A warm meal and some of your finest mead." She said to the person behind the counter, adding "and be quick about it!" as they took the coin. She sat down in on of the nicely cushioned bar stools and set down her knapsack. Her eyes went to the window. The rain had started falling heavily. She let out a sigh and turned her eyes to the food and drink that had just been placed in front of her.
  8. Chazlin Groos
    Chaz watched as the inn began to fill up, nodding to people as they entered the common room. He moved back to the bar, as he saw more patrons gravitating towards that area in search of a hot meal. Edward, a man that he knew to be a mage like himself sat on a corner stool, muttering about its construction. Chaz chose to ignore him, knowing that he would be served as usual. The first interesting person to appear that evening was a young girl, tightly wrapped in an oversized cloak. She seemed to attempt to be inconspicuous, but Chaz's well trained eye for trouble immediately locked on her. It wasn't that he really thought she would cause a problem, but anyone attempting to hide their identity could be a threat. Chaz did not approach her directly, but was intrigued when his ears picked up a well-tuned hum from her lips. Perhaps she would provide them with some entertainment later in the evening? At the moment, though, she looked hungry and tired. Chaz motioned for one of his more mild mannered kitchen boys, Rolf, to bring her a meal and perhaps discover why someone so young looking travelled alone.

    The next person to attract Chaz's attention was a woman as well, a raven-haired woman who stood a full foot shorter than the innkeeper. She didn't seem as intimidated by the male dominated room as he would expect from a young woman who wore valuable looking silver bracelets on her wrist. When she didn't immediately take a seat at the bar Chaz waited patiently for her to speak and nodded at her words. "The Thirsty Marquess is always willing to work with those who may have need of its services, even if they aren't wealthy," Chaz told her kindly. "If you're looking for work I'm sure the owner could find something for you, and perhaps that might contribute to the reduction of your bill." Chaz winked at her in a friendly manner, indicating with a large hand that she should take a seat. He met Rolf's eye to let him know that the newcomer should be served as well. "For now, enjoy a hot meal. We can sort everything out later in the evening."

    Chaz had moved on from the woman and was the nearest barkeep when a man that he recognized vaguely settled into a stool and produced coin for his evening refreshments. The innkeeper drew him a tankard of ale and called for the evening's special to the kitchen area. It arrived promptly as Chaz listened to the man and took his coin. "Business poor this week?" Chaz inquired with sympathy. "I'm sure we have a room available, if that's what you're after. We'll be close to the market at the beginning of next week, if that suits you." He considered the man carefully, knowing that he had seen him before but unable to remember if they had ever spoken of anything but the exchange of food and drink. As Chaz waited for the man to answer he leaned back and noticed a grumpy woman taking a seat at the bar and being demanding of his employees. He frowned ever so slightly in the hard looking woman's direction, hoping that she would mellow out after a meal and not cause him any trouble. It had started to rain hard outside, and he did not relish the idea of throwing anyone out into the elements.
  9. Kailani "Kaila" Nuwatii

    She watched as the large man nodded in her direction which brought a smile on her face, "The Thirsty Marquess is always willing to work with those who may have need of its services, even if they aren't wealthy," "Thank you, but I'm not sure you fully understand my situation." She frowned a little. It seemed her argument fell on def ears however as he continued. "If you're looking for work I'm sure the owner could find something for you, and perhaps that might contribute to the reduction of your bill." "I would be most grateful if he would do such a think for me." She said her smile returning to her face. So long as she wasn't jailed for not being able to pay her bill she would be happy. "For now, enjoy a hot meal. We can sort everything out later in the evening." Her eyes light up slightly as he mentioned a hot meal but she quickly waved her hand in dismissal, "No, I couldn't afford that. Maybe a loaf of bread? I haven't gotten a job yet so... I would like to play it safe." Her soft voice lowered a little as she continued to talk. The bar tender seemed to really be persistent, which wasn't a bad thing if he could get her a job... but she still wasn't comfortable with everything he was putting 'on her plate' so to speak.

    Never the less a warm meal was placed before the seat next to her before she even finished what she was trying to say. She sighed and sat down figuring if anything she would be caught doing the dishes that night. She looked up at the rather large man whom cheerily continued to mingle with the guest, a hint of wonder on her face as she slowly ate. She felt like this man didn't have much of a reason to be smiling so much, to be so cheery, to be so kind. It was almost like he had something big that needed to be hiding. She shook her head and inwardly scolded herself, she didn't know anything about this man so she shouldn't be thinking things like that! But still, something was... different about him then... well others.

    She hadn't realized it at first but her mouth was watering even after the food had gotten into her mouth. What he had served in front of her had to be one of the most delicious things her tastes buds have ever had the pleasure of getting acquainted too. Thought at the same time she wasn't sure if it really was just that good or if it was just because she hadn't eaten a warm meal in over a year. She smiled a little to herself at that thought as she looked down at the food that was put before her.

    She wasn't able to finish the meal in front of her. She was used to eating maybe half a loaf of bread and have a little water to go with it, compared to what she normally ate it was no wonder why she wasn't able to finished even half of what was put in front of her. Her smile once again faded feeling a little rude to leave such a large portion behind. She figured she would waist some time to let her digest a little before trying to eat a little more. Hopefully she could eat a little more than half... though that might be pushing it.

    She turned to the cloaked person sitting next to her with a smile on her face, "Hello, I'm Kailani." she said not sure if she would get a response. "Do you come here often?" She wasn't really sure what she was going to say to the person next to her. She just decided striking up a conversation would be a good way to get 'distracted' from her food. She really hoped the person next to her would be chatty. In hindsight she could have picked a better person to converse with. Someone wearing a cloak indoors was probubly someone who liked to keep to themselves.
  10. (Sorry first post was so short, was one of those "need to wait for reply" posts, also don't forget to update on OP that I changed my age)
    Alexis Oretia
    She bowed her head in thanks before digging in, the meal was one of the best she had ever had in an inn. 'This is great, I may have to stay here longer than I planned if the food is going to be this good', she thought to herself, taking a moment to look around the inn without seeming conspicuous. The only ones who stood out to her were a man in a chair in the corner of the bar, who seemed to be talking to himself; 'What an odd fellow, I wonder if he realizes he can be heard?' she thought. The others were three people who sat at the bar near her, someone who seemed to be a merchant, another woman with a large knapsack, and the first one who sat down, a black haired girl in a blue outfit. She turned back to her food, and began to dig in, when a voice interrupted her.

    "Hello, I'm Kailani, Do you come here often?"

    "No, I'm... new here". She said it in a quiet tone, the tone of someone who didn't like talking. "I'm just a traveler, going from place to place, I'm sure you'll forget all about me when I'm gone..." Was it a bit morose to say? Maybe, but Alex didn't really want to make friends. At least, not in a place she was leaving, because she knew she would never, ever come here again. She shook her head and decided to at least be pleasant, as much as she hated social encounters it would be better than drawing attention by being a jerk. "Are you a regular here too? I'm an entertainer, I'm looking for somewhere to play while I stay in town". She took a drink from her mug, thankful it wasn't anything alcoholic, the one time she drank it ended with her gagging and puking on the floor after only one cup. "I'm only going to be here for maybe a week or two though, so nothing permanent, you know?"

    This place did give her eerie vibes though, something about it at least felt different than other inns she had been in. Maybe this was an inn meant for regulars, not strangers like herself. She might be overstepping her bounds being here, but it was the only inn she could find, and sleeping on the streets would be a terrible idea, especially with the current weather. Alex had to figure something out though, and even if this was an inn meant for regulars, she'd just come and go without interacting with anybody, try not to draw attention too much.

    It was all moot though, honestly, because the next day, she'd be in the center playing her flute, drawing the attention of people around to fill her purse with coin. Soon she'd be the talk of the town, and she'd get all the attention and then some. Alex shook her head, that was just part of the job, all she knew was music, and the only way to make music was to play for others, even someone as shy as her had to do it. Maybe she could try and work on her shyness while she was here... but sitting in this inn, with all these people, wrapped in her cloak, it wasn't happening now.
  11. Finley Rheinstein​

    Honestly, a rainy day? What a sour thing to ruin his day. He could take irritable customers on their own, but if you added a drop of rain into the mix, well that was a whole other situation. He grumbled in irritation, his long hair getting soaked by the downpour and clinging to his lithe frame. He had taken a break since one of his regular customers; an elderly old lady, decided that his work was becoming "inadequate." How dare she! If she knew just what skill he possessed...! ... Well, he would actually be in a heap of trouble. He shoved in hands in his pockets, moping to himself when he heard a door squeak, looking up to see the original sign of the ol' inn he passed now and then. He'd never actually stepped foot in there, but he supposed getting out of the rain was a good reason to check it out.

    "Sorry old man! Didn't see you there, it's crowded in here" he apologized, nearly slamming the door into a man who seemed incredibly disturbed by Finley's sudden appearance "Sheesh, this place must be good, it's packed." He mumbled to himself, bumping into a few people and uttering a couple "excuse me's" as he passed. He felt a little different, however. The whole atmosphere changed, or was that just him? He felt excited as he took a place at the bar, carelessly draping his slender arms over the counter and leaning forward. " Mm, could I request a drink? Anything you recommend would be fine," he called, disdainfully tossing his wet hair, accidentally spraying a particularly irritable seeming woman beside him. He didn't notice, however, too engrossed in his own position. He shivered a little, not dressed for the weather and drenched to the bone. He hated being wet like this, especially in such a public place, but at least the body heat would warm him up. But... his hair would be frizzy. What a shame.

    The red-head continued to scan the inhabitants curiously, catching the eye of a couple people he did not recognize in town before. Mysterious newcomers? Maybe he would just welcome them, and possibly get some customers in the process. But first, he had to pay for his drink. He put some money on the table, just managing to pay since he spent money like it was confetti, and thus went most nights without a warm meal. But hey, a drink would really do the trick. He sat bored, taking interest in an empty glass beside him, getting a little uncomfortable with doing nothing. He he twirled his fingers around the handle boredly, whistling a quiet tune before he blinked. Wait, the mug wasn't that shape before was it?! He could have screamed in confusion, but he didn't. he looked around, hoping that no one noticed the slight indentations from where his fingers were. He coughed, letting go and straightening up.

    "Err, sir, I do believe you have a... defective glass." he played off, trying not to look suspicious as he called after a heavyset man who knew what he was going.
  12. Edward Rommelo​

    After several new arrivals, and some mulling about in his own head, he finally noticed it had been raining outside, seeing that the newest arrival to the Macabre Inn was utterly drenched, upset that their eyes met, he quickly made it look like he was doing something else, rather than staring at the slender fellow drenched in rain.

    "Why does he stick out like a knot in wooden planks" he wondered to himself, "Besides, the only others to stand out where those two girls.." he recounted "three, did i really miscount, and that other guy... why do they stick out"

    "Stop this, stop getting involved and wanting to get involved, they dont want you, no one does, thats why we left home isnt it? The trees, the woods, the wood made to make this inn, they are the ones who actually care..."

    From the casual onlooker it seems he is having a coversation with himself... or having a seizure
  13. Amell Ritka

    Amell had nearly finished her her meal by the time the thunder began. The lovely aroma of the inn was mingling with the smell of freshly fallen rain and lightning was splitting the sky. Looking out the window, her hand made a quick flicking motion towards the door, making the rain pick up and a few more bolts of lightning illuminate the town.

    "What a beautiful storm." Amell whispered into her glass, draining the last few drops of mead from the bottom. Having finished her meal, she turned herself around to take a look at the other patrons. As her eyes scanned the inn, a few people caught her gaze. She felt as if she had seen them before. But that couldn't be; this was her first time in the area. Why did she feel like she knew them? One man in particular looked to be talking to someone who wasn't there. Perhaps there was something wrong with him?

    "You there," Amell said,"everything all right, or do you need a doctor?" She stood up from her stool, left a generous tip on the bar, and walked over to where the man sat. "I'd hate to have to take you to a hospital on a night like this."
  14. Edward Rommelo
    Snapping back into reality just long enough to notice his little rant grabbing the attention of at least one other patron of the bar.
    "You there, everything all right, or do you need a doctor?" the Stranger said
    "No, no no no, im fine, just having a little chat with myself is all" Nervously Laughing
    "You can go back to whatever you are doing, i didnt mean to cause any alarm" he was hurridly spouting word to make the stranger go away
    Inside his head "who is this person, what do they want, why are they talking to me" his thoughts raced in utter turmoil
  15. Kailani "Kaila" Nuwatii

    "No, I'm... new here. I'm just a traveler, going from place to place, I'm sure you'll forget all about me when I'm gone..." Kaila smiled a little trying not to look surprised when she found that the person under the cloak was actually a female. "I'm sure I won't forget about you." She started, "I have met many people and I always remember a face. Though, you have not shown me yours." She said leaning down a little trying to get a peek under her hood. "By the sound of your voice I'm sure your very pretty, I couldn't imagine why you would want to hide your face." She continued just trying to be friendly.

    "Are you a regular here too? I'm an entertainer, I'm looking for somewhere to play while I stay in town." "Your an entertainer? That must be a lot of fun." She said cogitating over the idea of being an entertainer. "That's even more of a reason why you shouldn't hide your face. You must be used to standing in front of people, you couldn't be shy could you?" She asked a hint of jest dripping into her voice. She suddenly realized she had forgotten to answer small girls question. "No, this is my first time setting foot in this city." "I'm only going to be here for maybe a week or two though, so nothing permanent, you know?" "I'm kind of jealous to be honest." Her voice changed slightly as she once again cogitated over the idea of being an entertainer, "I'm sure you have seen a good amount of new places huh? I would love to have the life of an entertainer, performing in front of people, seeing new places, new faces, making new friends all over the place as you go. Then one day you return and of course your would have plenty of stories to share." She rambled on a little trying to imagine what it would be like. Though it would do her no good, she wasn't talented in anything that could be used for entertainment.

    She took another bite of her food which was now starting to get cold. By now she was almost half way done with it. At that mark she would have to stop otherwise risk getting sick... which is such a crowded place would probubly be a bad thing. "Err, sir, I do believe you have a... defective glass." She glanced over at whomever was saying that and gasped a little as she saw the glass. Was that supposed to be just a fancy goblet or?... It looked strange. After looking a little closer she noticed the indents on the cup matched the size of his fingers. At first she thought it could have been small indents meant to help the user keep their grip but it seemed to fit his hand too perfectly. Still it could be dangerous to call him out as an Ambient Mage, and even if he didn't lash out at her she was sure he would deny it no mater how hard she pressed him. She returned her attention to the girl she had been talking to and smile a little, "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"
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  16. Chazlin Groos

    Chaz extricated himself from the conversation with the man before him, noticing that his inn was well packed, even for a Tuesday night. It must be the rain, he thought to himself, smiling as he walked up and down the bar to serve customers, keeping an eye on the common area and a cheery smile on his face. The two women he had Rolf serve were now speaking and he saw that the boy had gone to the common area to serve other guests. He heard them speak about being new to town, and the cloaked girl mentioned something about being an entertainer. For a moment he considered asking her to play, but the inn was already so packed that inviting more people inside might just cause a brawl. Chaz stopped his musing when he heard a curious statement from one of his patrons.

    "Err, sir, I do believe you have a... defective glass," the man said, and Chaz walked over to him, carefully removing the goblet from the man's fingers. He noticed that a few others were paying attention to his actions, so he kept his reply neutral.

    "I apologize that you were served with substandard glassware," the big man replied, looking at the glass carefully. He gestured to the nearest bartender and they brought the man a fresh glass. "Please enjoy this drink on the house," Chaz continued. He nodded as if that settled the matter, tucking the glass he had retrieved under the bar. However, Chaz was not satisfied. The man seemed nervous, and as the innkeeper passed by a few minutes later he quietly suggested to the man that he stay after the other patrons had cleared out. He was careful to keep a smile on his face and his expression open, letting the man know that he had no malicious intent.

    The night wore on relatively uneventfully after that, though Chaz did see a woman speak to Edward, an ambient carpentry mage who often scared the other patrons away from his position at the bar. Chaz never sent the man away, knowing that it was important for mages such as themselves to stick together, even if they were not necessarily friends. The common area began to clear out later on in the night, leaving fewer and fewer patrons as they either left with lighter pockets or retired to rooms arranged by Chaz or one of his employees. The man expected the woman he had offered a job opportunity to remain, and he hoped that some of the others that had attracted his attention throughout the night might as well.
  17. Hm, the rain. Daruis contemplated the sky as he sat outside when the rain had started. It meant he wouldn't have to water his garden any time soon. Where he sat was outside of his little cottage where he often went to meditate and rest his soul. He had built a platform outside with a little roof that protected him from the rain. However when a light breeze would pick up the rain would reach him. It was no bother to him though, it didn't not distract from his meditation.

    Several minutes passed, walkers by regarded him with a critical eye, as many people often did. He was known as a bit of a freak, his beliefs did not always align with those around him. Sometimes he gets the sense they think 'At least he's not an Ambient Mage.' He did not let these thoughts distract him, he calmly dispersed them from his mind and emptied himself. Until he felt there was something he needed to do.

    Darius took in a deep breath and let it out once more before unfolding his legs and standing up. He went inside his humble cottage and came back out again wearing boots an a cloak and began wandering through the streets. Another several minutes passed as his legs walked him down streets and finally he came to a stop in front of the Thirsty Marques. Nodding at the sign he opened the door and walked in. His boots quietly thumped against the wooden floor, it was more noticeable in the less packed portion of the evening, smiling and nodding at those he rcognized.

    There were quite a few characters he did not recognize sitting at the bar and felt a little excitement. New people, new secrets, new things to learn hopefully. Making his way to the bar he reached into a pocket and flipped a couple coins pieces onto it, the exact amount for a bowl of Chaz' stew and a pitcher full of water, a wordless communication to Chaz followed by a friendly nod. While he waited he turned deep gaze around the inn, a greeting on his face.
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  18. Finley Rheinstein

    "Oh, ah, thank you sir. That isn't necessary...! But I accept your hospitality. You have a great inn here, there's no doubt about it."
    Finley murmured, feeling a little guilty since he knew he was the one who tinkered with the goblet's shape. It was great getting a free drink, but he felt like he was scamming someone. He shifted in his seat, deciding that he would give the man something in return, be it fixing the goblet or something of that sort. He blinked in surprise when the innkeeper suggested he stay afterwards, feeling uneasy, even though the guy looked like he was trying to be friendly as he could be. Although, Finley accepted, denying such a thing would be rude. Maybe Finley was overreacting, he should just enjoy the night and calm down. That was the best option, since giving in to his discomfort would just result in worse things than a harmless talk.

    The glassworker looked up a couple times, noticing a man and a woman glancing at him , sensing a familiar, but puzzled expression of curiosity. He smiled, not wanting any more suspicion of him as he focused on not tinkering with the glass in his hand as he took a gulp of the liquid inside. He turned his attention to more important things, like the newest arrival and that his hair was getting drier and frizzy. He was getting a little bored just sitting there, so he thought about talking to the newest bar arrival. "Hello! Quite an evening, hm? This place has a nice atmosphere." He attempted to smile, feeling awkward since his communication skills were not a hundred percent.
  19. Darius looked around when he heard the voice directed at him. His eyes came upon a young man who seemed to be nervous. He smiled back at him, trying to make him feel more at ease. "Busy tonight" he said, his voice gentle like a breeze but strong enough to be heard over the din of the inn. When the pitcher arrived he poured himself some water in the glass it had come with. Refreshing and cool, just like the water from outside. Normally he got funny looks when he came into an inn and ordered water to drink, when it was raining, but it never bothered him. He gestured with his glass to the young man and then took a sip. "Passing through?"
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  20. Alexis
    "By the sound of your voice I'm sure your very pretty, I couldn't imagine why you would want to hide your face."

    "I just want to blend in" Alexis replied, looking at the counter. "When I'm not performing, and especially when I'm new to a place, I just want things to be simple. I don't want to be recognized, it's simpler and calmer this way". She blushed as she drank another gulp of water. "But thank you for the kind words, at least."

    She kept listening to the girl talk, answering her questions. "Being an entertainer is alright, traveling is perhaps my favorite part of it." When the girl turned away, she thought she was done, and continued until her meal was done. She began to look for the innkeeper, when she saw him, she beckoned to him, she needed to talk about arrangements for a room for a few days, enough to allow her to perform, earn some coin, and see the sights. It's what she did in every new town, and it's what she would do in this town. The inn got more crowded as time went on, more people came in, it was a little bit interesting to say the least. Most places got less crowded as the weather worsened, this place just got more hectic. She began to wonder if this was the place for her or not.

    "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

    "Oh, umm, nothing. I'm waiting for the innkeeper to come over." She looked back at the girl, and let out a rare smile. "If you'd like, I'll be playing in the square tomorrow at noon. If you want to watch, please feel free to come." With that, her smile was gone, and she waited to discuss a room arrangement with the innkeeper.
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