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    Please post all character skeletons, questions, and OOC chatter here!

    IC Thread:
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    You have always had an uncommon interest in something ordinary--whether it was cooking, carpentry, gardening, or some other mundane craft. Family, friends, and teachers always laughed, until the day when it was discovered that your obsession was actually due to your magical ties with that interest. Magic is not uncommon, but ambient magic--which is drawn from the mages surroundings and craft items rather than self-created power--is, and it can be exponentially more powerful, not to mention dangerous. Some mages are stronger than others, but ambient mages can increase their power simply by interacting with common things, shaping their magic into beautiful garments or deadly potions.

    Because it is harder to discover, you could have come to know your power at any time during your life, though the later you realized the more your power would try to tell you by breaking out against your will, or bringing you together with items that you could draw magic from. Whether there was a teacher in your area or you had to travel in order to study, you came to terms with your power and learned to control it. For all the rocky start, you are proud of your learning and accomplishments and know your power well.

    Now, however, there are rumors spreading that ambient magic cannot be controlled, despite the fact that you know otherwise. Due to the public's fear and the jealousy of traditional mages--who cannot control as much power as ambient mages--law enforcement is seeking out ambient mages and attempting to detain them, with interesting results. Some fight back, and others hide, but as an ambient mage you know you must protect yourself, and find yourself banding together with four others like you. However, bribes are offered and information is leaked until you are forced to wonder if there is a traitor in your midst, or if you are simply too few against too great a foe.

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    Lorwick is the second largest city in your Empire, big enough to get lost yet far enough away from the capital city that the rulers aren't knocking on your door. This is where you and the other ambient mages you have befriended have chosen to hide.

    This is your run of the mill medieval fantasy city--so there's no such thing as electricity or telephones, but you've got your magic to make fancy lights and communicate. Think candles, human-powered water pumps, and message runners. Weapons are usually swords, daggers, staves, and the like. Gunpowder does exist.

    Horses and carriages are normal forms of transportation. Most common people walk.

    Gold, silver, bronze, and tin coins. 50 tin = 1 bronze, 25 bronze = 1 silver, 10 silver = 1 gold. Think of bronze coins as today's five dollar US bills.

    Cooking is done at hearths in the home or food is purchased from inns and taverns. Markets in the center of the city sell everything from produce to meat.

    There is a slum on the south side of the city, districts where commoners, merchants, and artisans live and work in the central areas, and to the north side of town a "richer" area where people of noble birth might live, as well as very successful citizens.

    Lorwick has four seasons, with autumn and spring being significantly shorter. Spring is very rainy, but it doesn't snow too much in the winter. Summer highs reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Other notes:
    Religion is practiced in the home and is polytheistic. Wednesday is a day of rest, regardless of religion. Once a month, on the first, a grand market is opened on the east side of the city.

    One in ten people might have some form of magic, one in five mages has significant power. Ambient mages account for perhaps two percent of all mages. Some are stronger than others, as with traditional mages. In a large city such as Lorwick, perhaps 50 people are ambient mages. Ambient mages can use power from items that pertain to their magic, or place magic into items created with their craft [a sword created by an ambient smith mage might be spelled to be unbreakable].

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    Please choose one of the following types of ambient magic OR create your own [pending approval]. Magic is attached to a trade, so there's no such thing as a "fire" mage, but there can be Smith mages that work with fire, etc. You have quite a bit of freedom to outline your character's skills within their magic, but please don't make them incredibly overpowered and make sure they have faults and shortcomings. These mages will generally be over the age of 18, as they are trained in their craft and working in some type of cover enterprise to hide from the powers that be. It is possible that they will discover child/untrained ambient mages in the future, but keep in mind that ambient magic is very rare in this world, and traditional magic [performed with spells, runes, internal power that must be built over time] is much more common. I would prefer if no more than two people had the same power.
    • Carpenter [woodworking, perhaps skill with bows/arrows and other wooden weapons]
    • Smith [one type of metal or a combination, some control of fire, perhaps skill with metal weapons]
    • Tailor [weaving, spinning, making garments, control of thread]
    • Cook [cooking, baking, potions, and poisons]
    • Artist [painting/drawing/sculpting and their tools]
    • Musician [power born in music, singing, instruments, etc.]
    • Dancer [power generated in the act of dancing for various purposes]
    • Weather [power drawn from the atmosphere, storms, air, etc.]
    • Garden [control of plants and growth, making medicines]
    • Nautical [control of water, some interaction with birds and aquatic animals]
    • Rock [power from stones: precious and common, control of earth/rocks underground]
    • Animal [power from a certain type of animal, ability to communicate with some animals]
    • Glasswork [power to create glass objects with various techniques that have magical power]
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    The only playable characters are ambient mages. You are free to interact with the city and create NPCs to fit your needs as long as they make sense in the setting. As game master I will occasionally present challenges, distractions, and give updates on the public opinion of ambient mages. If your character does something silly and outs themselves as an ambient mage the government may come after them in one of these posts. They may also give you an opportunity to "go to the dark side" so to speak and turn in your fellow mages. Just look for updates and use them in your posts!

    My character [a cooking mage] owns and works in an inn called "The Thirsty Marquess" in the near center of the city where the ambient mages often gather. Feel free to start out there. Your mage may be new to the city and looking for support or an old hand who has been allied with the ambient mages for a while. It's up to you!

    Miscellaneous Rules:
    • No god-modding, power playing, or "Sue" characters.
    • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation while giving your fellow players something to respond to.
    • Please spoiler tag anything inappropriate or just don't roleplay it at all [i.e. time skip].
    • One character per person to start. More may be created at a later time if the roleplay calls for it.
    • Don't "leave for dead" -- 1x1 roleplay in the thread and leave everyone else behind.
    • No spam or advertisements.
    • Not a rule, but I would really appreciate posts in default/"none" colored text, or at least not white. I use a light colored board style because Obsidian hurts my eyes.
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    Magic Type:


    Physical Description:
    Magical Abilities:

  2. Name: Chazlin "Chaz" Groos
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Magic Type: Cooking

    Physical Description: Chaz is a heavyset, bearded man with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. His complexion is ruddy, most likely due to his common exposure to cook fires and hearths. He stands at an impressive six feet, two inches tall and makes an imposing figure in almost any situation with his bulk. It is most common to find him wearing a plain leather shirt, breeches, and boots under a burn and stain marked cloth apron liberally decorated with pockets that hold various cooking implements and knives. For all his intimidating figure, Chaz is almost always seen with a smile on his expressive face and a handshake ready with his meaty paw.

    Magical Abilities: An ambient mage whose power stems from cooking, Chaz has studied to have a wealth of knowledge on almost every edible plant and ingredient he has come into contact with. He naturally prepares delicious food that has his inn's guests coming back for more, and can alleviate most issues in a dish gone wrong as long is it is not completely unrecognizable [examples would include removing the lumps from a soup or loosening an overworked dough]. While he knows how to bake, most of his skill and magic lies in savory creations and is focused on taste rather than artistry. Where Chaz excels, however, is in the creation of poison from edible materials. Even if a plant or ingredient seems harmless, his power allows him to cook it into something deadly with a few adjustments. His power also only lies in dead/picked plants, and he has no skill with growing things or gardening. His magic is also unrelated to living animals in anyway, though he is skilled in the preparation of meat and can tell if it has gone bad or is still good to eat. Finally, he has a kind of "sixth sense" for the type of food a customer will enjoy, though it is something that he has trouble explaining this even to other mages. Overall he is of median power, though his skill with poison makes him a very dangerous individual.

    Personality: Chaz is a jolly man and is always smiling and joking with customers and employees alike. People gravitate to him, and not just because he can make them a delicious meal. He is extremely extroverted and loves being with people while he loathes being alone, often going out of his way to spend time with strangers and friends alike to avoid solitude. Chaz has a soft spot for children and anyone who seems down on their luck, often offering them a free meal and a kind ear to relieve their troubles. When he is alone he feels insecure and worries endlessly about problems, both his own and those belonging to others. He can be self-conscious about his appearance, but for the most part he tries to hide this from others. Chaz lives in a world of possibilities, and becomes enamored with ideas, allowing him to motivate others. In addition, Chaz is infallibly honest. He struggles with deception and finds it hard to poison people, rarely using his skills unless he is sure the cause is just.

    History: Chaz was an illegitimate child of a noble in the capital, raised in the household but treated as lesser in most respects. He was aware of his parentage from a very early age, and his father did not allow him to forget that he was not the man's "true" son. Though they were not better or worse than most nobles, they had very little concern for their children's wants and desires, and could be cruel in their lack of understanding for those who were not noble born. Chaz turned to food for comfort, often sneaking to the kitchens to help the cook and eat. The woman became a mother figure to him and taught him many basics of cooking and herb lore when she realized that Chaz was truly interested in the common endeavor. After a few years his magic began to show in small ways, but thankfully the cook was wise and knew that he had to be trained. When Chaz was thirteen she appealed to the noble family to find him a teacher, but they were unimpressed with her explanation and terminated her from her position.

    For two more years Chaz remained tied to their household before he ran away at fifteen. He traveled to Lorwick, forsaking any claim to noble parentage and looking for work as a cook. He found a position after a time at the Thirsty Marquess, and the owner rented him a room in the inn on a permanent basis as a deduction from his wages. He lived modestly for a long time, saving money scrupulously in the hope that he would someday run a similar business to his employer's. As fate would have it, the old innkeeper passed on when Chaz was twenty-five and left the business to his sister, who gratefully sold it to Chaz for a well-discounted price. He has been running the inn ever since, his freedom to cook whatever he wanted and interact more with customers growing business and making Chaz a wealthy man. This allows him to feed the needy when they come to him, and his is happy to do so. He has opened the inn as a refuge to ambient mages as well, hoping that those who are persecuted might live under his roof in safety.

    Other: none
  3. Any chance I can reserve a spot? I won't be able to post for 4-6 or so hours. But I would really like to be in this RP if at all possible
  4. Sure! I look forward to seeing your character!
  5. Name: Kailani (Of the Sea and Sky) "Kaila" Nuwatii
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Magic Type: Nautical


    Physical Description: Kailani is a slim girl with few curves that stands about 5'2. Her breasts are on the smaller side and her hips don't posses much of a curve however you could still describe her as having a hour glass figure, though it isn't very noticeable. Her eyes are the shade of a spring lightly light by the moon and her hair is as black as a starless night sky. Her facial complexion can only be considered a soft one and her skin is close to being unblemished. On her left wrist she wears two silver bracelets that she had gotten from her mother and father when she was younger. Normally she wears the color blue.

    Magical Abilities: She can speak to sea birds, such as seagulls, pelicans, penguins, auks, ext. She also can control small amounts of water, the most she has been able to lift is about a cup worth while the most she was able to move could be considered a couple gallons. She can also form ice though she hasn't fully been able to understand how. As of now she has only accidentally done so.

    Personality: On average Kailani is sweat, kind, and gentle. It doesn't seem like much bothers her and she tends to be more of an optimist than a pessimist. However if someone talks bad about themselves she can get quite worked up, to the point where she may even raise her voice and use a glare. I'm sure most people are well aware, the scariest glares come from the nicest of people.

    History: She led a normal life, well as normal a life can get when your the daughter of a traveling merchant, until they traveled towards the sea line and Kailani realized she could understand the birds. When she mentioned it to her mother and father they quickly told her to quiet down before rushing her off to private location where they explained to her that she was going away to a boarding school. She was quite upset but nodded and smile in hopes of making her parents happy. Before she left she was given two bracelets to remember her parents by. They are family heirlooms and the one thing her father would never sell.

    While in the boarding school she did her best to get along with everyone even if she wasn't permitted to see a good portion of the students most of the time. The boarding school hid away children like her, those whom possessed the powers of Ambient Magic. Rumors were spreading that Ambient Magic was uncontrollable and dangerous to the public but the head master of this school knew different. He was one of the most powers Ambient Mage's on the land. Kailani and the few other newly found Ambient Mage's were given direct lessons from this powerful master, though even he failed to protect them.

    She was turning sixteen when she was told she had to escape. The king had ordered all magic users in the school to be checked for unexplainable powers and though it wasn't clear how the Royal Soldiers were going to discover whom was an Ambient Mage and whom wasn't, the head master wasn't going to take any chances. So without complete magic training Kailani once again found herself alone against the world.

    After a while she finally decided to move near the ocean where she felt most at home, even though it was probubly one of the most dangerous places for her to live, and soon she found herself a job on a ship. Her job was simple, since she was a woman, she would clean the floors and dishes, but it paid enough for her to make due. After a while the crew started to notice she was rather good with the messenger birds that were used to communicate with other ships, light houses, their current employer should he be on shore, and other tasks that would require them to communicate with someone whom wasn't on the ship. Thanks to that she was given a raise to work with the birds on the ship. She still didn't make much but she was happy.

    Finally people started to become suspicious of her. When she scrubbed the floor no water dropped from the brush, and it seemed kind of odd how the water never got her cloths wet, even when the waves were harsh. The way she was able to work with the birds seemed odd as well, it was almost like she could understand what they were saying, what they wanted, and they understood her as well. Because of this suspicion she had to quit her job on the ship and she moved inland once again where she is currently looking for a job.

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  6. First roleplay signup is a go! (I wish I could art ;_;)

    Name: Alexis Oretia

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Magic Type: Musician

    Physical Description: Alexis is a short, young girl, decently long natural brown hair kept tied behind her head. A mousy appearance, small yet vividly blue eyes, she likes wearing simple clothing, shirts and pants, shying away from traditional clothing of her gender. 4'6" tall, flat as a washboard, and a disdain for makeup, Alexis could probably pass for a young boy if not for the long hair and very light voice. Smooth skin, agile, very thin and light with no added muscle or fat.

    Magical Abilities: Alex can play any musical instrument and even sing/hum in any pitch. She can flawlessly repeat a song after only hearing it a couple times, and she can imbue songs with emotions and feelings that can be felt by all that hear them. She's not (yet) strong enough to greatly influence the minds or actions of people, she can't stop you from doing something you were determined to do, for example, but she can subtly influence actions and steps taken by people by playing for them. A song of peace to calm an angry soldier down, or a lively tune to give courage to someone who needs to face down a tougher foe, even a soft, sad melody to open someone's heart and let them cry to troubling emotions they've tried to bury. She carries around a wooden flute carved out of a hundreds year old tree, which she plays the majority of her tunes, she can sing and play other instruments if available, but prefers the flute due to embarrassment over the sound of her own voice.

    Personality/History: A tomboy with a secret side for all things girly, Alexis (who calls herself simply Alex) was a lively young girl who wanted to grow up to do things that girls weren't supposed to do, one day she'd want to be a soldier, the next a captain of a great pirate ship. Yet she was born in a rich family, who already decided that she was to become an obedient housewife and be married off, the boyness crushed out of her. This changed when she was only 10, her parents poisoned at a great feast by a friend of her father: A wealthy aristocrat who envied their wealth and land and had worked his way into a position to inherit their estate. All this required was her death, and so that night soldiers appeared at her door to put her to the sword. Fearing for her life, she started humming a lullaby that her mother sang to her, and she watched in awe as the soldiers fell asleep right on her floor. She flung open the window, climbed down the side of the estate, and fled into the night, putting the terrible memories behind her. She forgot her own last name as she traveled to a faraway village, a place where the people didn't know about who she used to be.

    Alex worked anywhere, on farms as a farmhand, or in shops doing the most menial tasks, trying to get by. Evenings after she was done working, she'd retire to a nearby forest, making up songs and singing them out loud to the wildlife, who would cluster around to hear her sing, a picture straight out of a fairy tale. An traveling salesman heard her singing one night while passing through, entranced, he said he would give her much more money than she was making to sing for him in a traveling show. She agreed, and left that village, joining his traveling caravan, a motley crew of actors, performers, and entertainers. The first night she was to appear on a stage, nervousness struck her as the leader prepared for her a very.... revealing outfit, especially on a girl her age. He yelled and screamed at her to put it on and do as he said, and when she comp0lained that the stress and nervousness was too distracting for her to sing, he caned her and sent her to the stage anyway. It was a complete disaster. Tone death singing, nervous gasping, the audience booed and threw things, not the stereotypical rotten fruit but discarded food trays, rocks, they were disgusted that they paid good money to see such an atrocious act. Alex left weeping, right into the caravan leader, who whipped her for her terrible performance and locked her into a cage used to store show animals. She slept the night in there, and the next, not even offered the courtesy of food or water, even the other performers avoided her and made a point to look away. That next night, a kindly old woman appeared at the cage door, offering a cup of water and a slice of old bread to the hungry and thirsty girl. She kindly talked to her, and offered her a present: A beautiful wooden flute, so she could continue to make music without having to hear anyone judge her for her voice again. As she left, the door of the cage swung open, and Alexis took this gift from her savior and fled once again.

    From city to city, village to village, news of the traveling piper spread out, she'd gather on the streets and whistle a melody that seemed to change the hearts of all who heard it. There was no shortage of tips, plenty of coins for a warm meal, a place to sleep, and a carriage or a horse to the next town. She kept traveling, to learn more music, to play another song. Meanwhile, there are those who know of her talents, those who know of her ability to charm and alter men's thoughts with a tune, and they pursue her. She keeps one step ahead of them though, forever practicing to see the extent of her ability.

    Other: (I'm sure I'll find more to add)

    edit: upped age by one so it's not quite as inappropriate
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  7. You're both accepted! I'll add you to the character list on the IC thread. I would like to wait for some more people to join before we start, but it shouldn't be more than a few days. I suggest you watch both threads. (:
  8. Yay! I wanted to write more without going overboard, if you need me to add anything more I will, otherwise I'll keep checking this to see how things go :o
  9. Name: Amell Ritka

    Age: 29

    Gender: female

    Magic Type: Weather


    Physical Description: Amell is a short woman with a muscular build. Her hair is shoulder-length and dirty blonde. Her eyes are a light green and often have a look in them as if she extremely disappointed in whatever she's looking at. Her skin is heavily scared and calloused. She stands at 5'4 feet tall and weighs 131 pounds, most of which is muscle and rage. Even though she is quite short; the way she holds herself makes it seem as if she is still looking down on even those who tower above her. When not wearing armor, she dons simple dresses or even men's clothing.

    Magical Abilities: Amell knows pretty much all there is to know about weather. She knows what causes certain events and can predict the weather. Ask her about the weather on any date and she can tell you exactly what happened or what will happen. She can even influence the weather. She can't make it so a day that was supposed to have a tornado is sunny instead. She can, however, make it so that a light drizzle becomes a gale or that a bolt of lightning strikes that one guy standing over there rather than the clock tower. Rain is her specialty, she can turn the morning sky dark with rain clouds or keep the rain off her and only her. Though water that has already fallen is completely beyond her control.

    Personality: Amell isn't what you would call a nice person. She's arrogant and easily angered. She's blunt about almost everything and makes death threats like anyone else would say hello. She doesn't joke around and likes to get things done quickly. She can sometimes be standoffish and rude and people tend to stay away from her for these reasons. Some times, though, her rage-filled exterior falls away to revel a huge nerd who doesn't know anything about social situations or life outside of the noble sphere. If you see this side of her, though, you should savor it, because it wont be around for long.

    History: Born as the first of 5 daughters to a wealthy knight known as Sir Jallo Ritka and his wife Gasra, Amell had always tried to prove herself. Her father had desperately wanted a son to teach the ways of the sword. However, after five daughters, he decided to simply train the oldest, Amell. She worked herself day and night, hoping to live up to her fathers dream. Her mother, on the other hand, didn't want her little girl to spend all her time practicing something so dangerous. She decided to start cloud-watching with Amell in her spare time.
    When she was 15, Amell's powers began to manifest. She found that, on days she wanted to stay inside, it would rain. And, on days she really wanted to go outside and look at the clouds, there would be lots of good clouds, but no rain. When she was 17, she asked her father to provide her with a teacher. Unfortunately, her father was very adamant that magic was simply a shortcut and the mages were all lazy. He decided that no child of his would become a mage. And so she was left on her own. Amell packed up her stuff (including her sword, sheild, and her mother's favorite cloak) and set off to find a teacher for herself.
    After years of training, Amell decided to hire herself out as a mercenary. And, after a few more years of working, she gained a bit of fame under the pseudonym "Rain's Sword."

    Other: None (at least for now)
  10. Accepted! (:
  11. Name:Edward Rommelo
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Magic Type: Carpenter

    Physical Description: Edward is average in just about every aspect of the word that can be applied to his description,, average manner of dealing with social obligations, he is capable of being seen in a crown, and not being seen, like a blending into the everyday world kind of thing, He has Green eyes and Golden Brown Hair.
    Measurements: 6'0 215 lbs

    Magical Abilities: Most of what Edward can do involves when he is actually working with the wood, very mundane and not very stand-offish, he can craft what would take days or even weeks to craft, in a matter of hours or days, he is seen as a prodigy because of how skilled his work is, yet, even when in public, he is rarely seen, giving to the belief his existence is an alias for some unknown master Carpenter, or he is a demon

    Personality: Edward is in a word, self-dependent, self-reliable, and self-involved, he rarely is involved in social situations, and usually has a crippling social anxiety when talking directly to people. He has a very submissive and go along with it personality, which makes his work in Carpentry both a blessing and a curse.

    History: Having been born to a loving farming family in a rural, some might say Backwater, town Edward never really enjoyed much of his existence, with it being more or less living the life his parents wanted for him, at age 17 he ran away from his home, tired of being just a tool for his parents, something for them to use when they didn't want to do work, during the years he spend wandering the forests and surviving, he began to feel, at home, at peace, he began to feel, life, in the wood, the very trees that gave him shelter and a place to live, the staff he has been using as a walking stick and hunting instrument, it all felt, so alive. He began meditating, and trying to find the source of this "life" beyond his own flesh and blood. It took him awhile, because of a lack of formal training, he was taught about his magic from the very trees and plants around him, he was taught about the joys and wonders of a docile, peaceful, wooden life, a tree's life. But as a human, he could never truly be happy with a tree's life. So, on the eve of his 22nd birthday, he began making preparations to re-enter into society, he began making a name for himself as a Skilled Carpenter, eventually making his way too Lorwick, under the rumors that there were others like him, other "Mages". He currently lives on the outskirts of the Artisan Quarter, making more of a name for himself with his skill with wood crafting, making woodcraft better than most, but not too good to get the attention of any nobles.

    Other:Took me an hour to write the history(FML) None as of this point
  12. Accepted! (You should see me coming up with histories. There's a lot of confused staring at the screen!)
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  13. My only issue is i mad the Character 57% based on myself, a little too much of me is in this character, but thats why its such a good character.
  14. Are we still waiting for more people to join?
  15. I'm fine waiting for a few more, the more the merrier ^_^
  16. More like 'The more the crazier.' but OK.
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  18. Bwahahaha, nothing wrong with that >:D

    Not in the slightest!
  19. I'd like to wait just for one or two more, but after that I'll leave the signups open and more people can write about themselves finding out about the group and then joining later on. (:
  20. Oh, alrighty then
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