Ambiance -Angels vs. Beings-

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  1. I stepped out into the sunlight, shielding my tired eyes from the sun with the back of my hand as I searched the horizon. If I had to solely rely on my memory, it had to have been weeks sheltering in that cave. Even though with each night it got quieter and quieter, I was still growing more terrified that somehow, they'd find me. That even now as I can't see a living soul walking near me, and even now that I know the war is almost or already is over, I still fear that my life can be taken away from me at any second.

    Being on alert for weeks with barely a scrap of food or drink of water in my body has drained me far more than I thought now that I'm standing up and walking around. I'd never thought I wanted to live this much. I thought I'd given up much long ago. With my tattered and dusty hood over my face, I continue on in the dead quiet land. The first thing on my mind is to find some clothing to wear so I could ditch my robe, which screams my former status of a Being all over it. This wasn't my war anymore and from the beginning, I don't think it ever has been. If I bump into any 'comrades', I'm sure they won't be too disappointed to take my head and bring it to Xenon's feet. I smell of not only damp musk, but defeat and failure. Amongst all of the dead and rotting bodies, my scent stunk the most.
  2. In the Castle of God, I wait patiently. With my coronation just around the corner, my anxiety grew. Ambrose has been great help in soothing my nerves; Constantly reminding me that, once I move up the ranks in the angelic hierarchy, I would finally be able to help my friend. Not just be that one fledgling using the stronger angels as a shields.

    I dressed for the day without the usual assistance from the servants. No need for their help when corsets lately have been becoming an issue out on the field. A simple bodice and chemise would do. Braiding my hair back, I called one of the servants to retrieve my rapier. Ambrose told me the night before that he sensed Beings close by on Earth and wanted me to accompany him the next day.

    I enjoyed getting the chance to return to Earth. The more experience I got on the field, the better but the sight of all the human and Being corpses was unsightly. The smell was the worse. Burnt flesh always filled the battle areas. God felt it was necessary to cleanse the land by burning all the cadavers left behind. It was awful. I just pray that I never have the catch sight of either Natalie or Dmitri's bodies being burned like the rest. It already hurts enough knowing that we are on opposite sides of the field, seeing them murdered would just kill me inside.

    "Are you prepared?" Ambrose asked entering my room. He was already dressed for anything. If a Being were to attack, I'm certain that Ambrose would be the first to take its head. Tying the belt holding my scabbard and rapier around my waist, I nod.

    "Good, lets go. I don't want anymore lives taken by those savages."