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  1. [​IMG] Samantha Wilson woke up to the screeching of her bright blue alarm clock. Groaning, she slowly got out of bed before putting on snow white socks, grey jeans, a Sleeping With Sirens band shirt and some rubber bands that had band names on them. Once she had finished changing, the fifteen year old quickly made her way down stairs where her mother was holding her black messenger bag which was covered in cartoon drawings and band buttons. "Samantha, today is your first day at Amber Vally High School so please behave and try to make some new friends. Okay?" "Only if they're willing to accept me for me and not try to change me." Samantha responded with a mutter before taking the bag. She then slipped on some red high tops and then grabbed her MP3 Player and her black headphones. Placing the headphones in her ears, Samantha listened to Black Veil Brides Savior as she made her way towards the high school.
  2. School was a boor, or at at that is how seventeen year Zaki saw it. To him the students were like sheep, blindly following one another as they went about their meaningless lives to accomplish what exactly? To gain a piece of paper with your name on it?

    Who cares anyway? To him it was a waste of time, he knew that that paper wasn't going to teach you the cruel back handed slap the world will deliver.

    "Zaki! You good for nothing son get off your lazy-"

    Zaki narrowed his gold and black eyes narrow to slits as he sits up "Shut up, Danielle!" the teen boy snarled cutting his mother off.

    He swung his legs over the old holey bed and walked over to his dresser pulling out old worn black jeans and pulling them on halfway before digging out a black ICP shirt.

    Zaki walked out his room slamming the door behind him as his father walked out verbally abusing him and whacking him for being rude to his mother. He ignored the older male as he picked up his bag and MP3 player shoving the earbuds into his ears with his bandaged fingers.

    He slipped on his black sneakers and headed out the house, down the road in the 'wrong side of town' he snarled out of disgust at his mothers voice calling to him he drowned her out with 'Pure Hatred' as he made his way to the High School.
  3. When Kylie was told to get up for school, she groaned. Her father practically dragged her out of bed. "Kylie, you need to go to school. It gives you a future," her mother said.
    "You don't need to know Geography to be a singer," Kylie complained.

    Every day they had the same conversation. It always ended

    Kylie slammed the door, forgetting her lunch, her bag and definitely not forgetting her phone. Being sixteen, who would forget their phone? She started listening to music on her way to Hell...I mean, High School.
  4. Zaki wasn't entirely sure of the time but in honesty he could care less. He happened to look up and noticed two females.

    He groaned slightly hoping that they would ignore him, surely they wouldn't bother someone like him.
  5. Lola (open)


    Lola's Outfit (open)




    Dolores Mary Walsh, or, more commonly known as Lola, walked out of her house with a satisfied smile on her face, her red and white polka dot dress swaying delicately in the Autumn breeze. It was a new creation of her's - a dress she just finished the night before - and she couldn't be any prouder, her head held high and her shoulders thrown back, confidently showing herself off to the rest of the world.

    She had an odd sense of style, one that many either loved or hated, but Lola knew, as she breezily skipped down the rough, cement sidewalk, that this was the biggest fashion hit she'd ever created - and, quite honestly, she didn't care if anyone disagreed.

    A smile spreading wide across her pale, pretty face, she noticed a guy walking on the sidewalk across from her and two, friendly looking girls walking, almost side by side behind him. They each dressed casually, but Lola liked their looks - especially the blonde one's hair. Lola always preferred her own bangs, but she was a blonde once herself, and the familiar, light color always brought a flood of memories back with it.
  6. Daichi.jpg Daichi walked into the school about 1 hour early due to his alarm clock glitching out, he pushed the heavy doors open and smelt led and paper as he walked by countless classes. He wore an open button down shirt with a black tanktop and black jeans, he had scruffy brown hair and purple eyes that seemed almost motionless. He walked over to the main office and politely said "hello I am Daichi and I'm new here would you mind telling me my class?" He leaned on the front desk waiting for an answer until he got class 201 2nd floor. "Thank you have a splendid day" He walked over to the stair well wiping the fake smile from his face and stepped up heading to his classroom.
  7. Zaki had entered the school and trudged up the stairs as he reached into his tattered pants pocket and pulled out a crumbled schedule "201...." he grumbled as he glanced at the hallway that contained the class he was to attend.

    When he entered the room he noticed that he and another boy were the only ones in there, cursing he took at seat in the back of the class.
  8. Kylie sighed as she arrived at school. "201 AGAIN?!" she groaned, staring at her schedule.

    There were two boys in the room but Kylie wasn't playing pretty. She slumped down on a chair.
  9. Sighing Zaki looked up threw his long dark blue bangs with blonde tips, noticing another being had entered the room and slumped in the chair.

    He stared at her for a moment before looking down at his gauze covered arms.
  10. [​IMG]

    nivek yawned awake at someone pounding on the door of the hotell room he stayed in. not even knowing the time or relizing that he'll be late soon. he got up and loked around the place he had slept that night. it was a runned down room for $10 a night. he didnt havew anyway of paying. then he realized someon was pounding on the door. he rushed out to the window to peek it was the hotel manager. "hey street rat i told you before you cant stay here!" the manager yelled. nivek paniced and looked for a way out then saw his schedual for his first day of school and paniced even more he looked at the window and shrugged. "just my liuck." he said as he grabbed the paper and jumped out the wind and ran for it before the manager could even catch him "sorry late for school" nivek said as he ran throught the parking lot. he ran throught streets back yards and even someones house trying to to the school on time.
  11. c2a122f2571e71c3f5dc5c308b428bd3.jpeg
    Lucille, or rather, Lucy, walked up to the school, pausing in front of the large, heavy set of double doors that lay before her. She let out a sigh as if to quietly say, Here goes nothing, then abruptly pushed them open with all of her strength. The heavy doors being separated created a short lasting gust of wind in the girl's face, causing her hazel colored eyes to squint and her long, spectrum of green and platinum blonde hair to now behind her shoulders. It was about what she'd expected, large, droll, it was an education establishment for people in their later teenage years to learn, it looked nice, but to most was a prison. The small girl gently let her hands off of the door to let them close in their own, and made her way into the office to check in.

    A woman sat behind the desk, looking about as annoyed as some of the seniors returning for the fourth time looked dragging themselves through the hallways. Lucy went to open her mouth to ask the woman where to check in, but was rudely interrupted by the woman slamming her finger down in the desk, pointing to a sign in sheet for new students to the school. So she signed her name, turned on her heel, and left the office, now on her way to thefirst room listed on her schedule, room 201. In arriving, it didn't look like there were any assigned seats, so she walked up and sat at a random one, the one in front of the boy with the bandages on his hands. She quickly sat down, pulling her dark, pin and sketch riddled messenger bag into her lap, brushing the hair that fell in front of her face behind her ear with a small hand that appeared to be being devoured by the hoodie she wore that was clearly a couple sizes too big at least. She dug out a pencil and a pen from the front pouch of the bag, along with a small notebook, nearly placing them on her desk, closing up her pack, and gently placing the bag by her worn out converse adorned feet.
  12. nivek running as fast as he could not even caring that the indow tore his cloths up slightly and leaving a scratch on his face he ran.he was alomost to the school but he saw that the door were closing up after a girl walked thinking that the bell just rang and hes about be late if he lets the doors close before he gets there he ran faster damn neer getting hit by a car but insticivly jumped over it he landed then slid in the door way right as the doors closed.
  13. A girl had sat down a few seats away from her. The class was a lot quieter than last semester. Kylie guessed that not many people had her amount of 'hidden talents', as her parents said. She brought out a notebook and started doodling all sorts of things: microphones, padlocks, hourglasses, fire, teardrops, roses and cobras to make a huge picture that was actually pretty good. She started shading it in.
  14. nivek hurried to room 201 likeit said on the scheual. "dont let me be late please not this early aready m not getting any detentions this year i will not be bored wasting my time!" he said as he hurried as fast as he could. he saw the room and charged at it rushin ginto it practicallyu with enough force to break it open just charges with out thinking.
  15. Lucy held the bag between her feet as she adjusted back into her seat, now actually facing the front of the room in correspondence with her desk and chair. She leaned forwards and grabbed her pencil first, lightly brushing it across the page, creating barely visible lines that eventually turned into a basic outline, taking the pen and darkening and making permanent the parts she liked and thought were perfect, then continuing with the pencil until she got another part just right and to her liking. She eventually began to idly move her feet around, occasionally tapping them together to go with the drum part of the songs going through her head as they waited for the teacher to arrive.

    It was still actually kind of early, which is why curiosity was briefly swept over her when the boy ran into the classroom as if something large and terrifying or in a pack were chasing him in an attempt for his life. She shook her head lightly, her outlandish hair swaying from side to side along with her head motions as she continued her sketching in silence other than her feet still drumming along.
  16. nivek ran in and the door was easier to open than his force made and he a dest and fliped over it on to the teachers desk and slid off of it into the chalk board and landed on the floor. when he looked up all he saw was the chalk baord land on top of him. he laid there un able to move because the posiotin he landed in made it to where he couldnt move and all he do was say "OOWW" as he laid there almost helpless.
  17. The girl rolled her eyes at the boy's rather moronic choice of actions. Normally, She thought herself to be one to help, but this time the person in question brought it upon himself. He wasn't late, nor was he being chased by anything, so there was no reason for him to be running the way he was. Most of the students in the classroom laughed, or mocked him with insults and jokes they personally thought were hilarious, others going along with it to keep up reputations. It's just a chalkboard, he'll be fine. Lucy continued to shake her head, then returned to her sketch that was coming more and more to life as she continued with precise care and detail, drumming her writing utensils against the paper and softly humming to a popular Legend of Zelda tune as she put more thought into what she would add to the sketch now.
  18. Kylie looked up as people were laughing and saw a boy crushed by a chalkboard. "Idiots," she muttered. She smiled. It was pretty funny. She looked back at her drawing, tearing it out of the book and crumpling into a ball. She chucked it into the bin. Or tried, it missed.
  19. Zaki huffed at the commotion but stood none the less and proceeded to help the trapped newcomer.

    Despite being the shortest teenage boy, he was impressively strong.

    He gripped one end of the board and lifted to the side against the wall, his black and gold eyes narrow at Nivek "Watch what you're doing next time." He said flatly.
  20. "Dammit! Late to my first day!" Elaine panted, running through the corridors with her schedule gripped tightly in her hand, skidding to a stop in front of classroom 201. Her ice blue orbs flickered down to the schedule, checking if she was in the right place, before glancing back at the door. There was still various students around her, so she assumed she wasn't that late. Maybe early. "Thank goodness..." She sighed in relief, Irish accent thick. It was her first time away from home, in a whole new environment and school, it was terrifying yet exciting.
    Swiftly, the tiny girl opened the door, eyes widening in the slightest as she immediately spotted the two boys in the front of the room, one holding up a chalkboard. "Uhm, are you two okay?" She asked, almost cautiously, tucking a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.
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