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  1. I am a long-time fan of Roger Zelazny's Amber chronicles, especially the first five books (known usually as the Corwin Series), and also the diceless roleplaying system based on them, written by the late, great Erick Wujcik (he of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame). The system is, to be frank, ideally suited for forum-based play, and I was wondering if anyone else is interested in playing with me running as GM. I have had some very interesting game concepts for the setting, and there is no need to be familiar with either the books or the diceless mechanics of the game system, as both can be easily explained.
  2. Do you have links/more information on the system?
  3. The mechanics and character creation system can, in many ways, be called a meta-system, or even a semi-non-system, as it is entirely non-random and quite abstract compared to other, more familiar systems, such as D&D or World of Darkness.

    A character possesses four attributes: Strength, Warfare, Endurance and Psyche. They also have potential access (if they have the points) to various powers, plus can create items (which are remarkably cheap considering their potential effects), personal planes of existence (for hiding in, for example), and can even spend points on allies (which can definitely be useful in-game, but are not actually selected by the player).

    There is no skill-list, as characters are members of a near-immortal family that have an near-endless supply of time to learn new things. Most of the elders (your parents, another factor in your character that is up to the GM, not up to you, the player) have learned expert combat skills, riding, and are skilled enough to perform surgery upon one another – not that they would typically do so or trust one another to do so.

    For you see, Amber might be a royal family, but when the king has been on the throne for thousands of years, it makes the kids jealous, and this leads to plots and plans.

    And into this you are born, a second generation of Amberite scions – sometimes without knowledge, but you will inevitably become involved in one kind of plot or another; perhaps even instigate one of your own!
  4. Sounds very interesting. *starts hunting for pdfs and wikis.
  5. As I said, it sometimes is much more fun NOT to know stuff about the setting, especially if you decide to play a character that doesn't know about Amber until their parent comes to collect them, or fall down a rabbit hole, etc.
  6. With player/character seperation that shouldn't be a problem. I'm interested in the mechanics of the RP too.
  7. The mechanics of Amber DRPG is pretty much summed up as thus: Biggest number wins, unless either the GM, fate, the universe or circumstances dictate otherwise – all of which means that basically you're good for dealing with mooks, but when a plot point occurs, watch out.
  8. Sounds like the old DnD adage "The DM should only roll dice for the sound they make." taken to it's logical conclusion.
  9. Heh heh, it's almost like that, except no dice, obviously. I'm hoping more people will have their interest piqued…