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    Welcome to Pehl-la, travellers.
    Three people suddenly ripped from their lives, to discover a new land with alien beliefs and very short inhabitants. They appear in the Imperial palace, in the rooms of people of high stature.

    What will these people, strangers to Pehl-la, do now that they are trapped? Will they accept this land? Will they fight to return home? Will they try to reform the land to their wishes, or change themselves?
  2. Alexis Padgett (open)

    Alexis Padgett
    Gender: Female (For the record, her sex is female, too.)
    Age: 28
    Species: Human, as far as she is concerned
    Appearance: (The thing I am most bad at. :S)

    Alexis was born with black hair. She went through phases of dying it other colors, experimenting with highlights and layering and gradients. At the end of it all? Black hair was really what suited her. It is cut at a medium length - long enough to be tied back in a few different ways and left hanging. It is naturally straight, but she used to curl it on a semi-regular basis to give it some waves.

    Her eyes are a plain brown, just as common a color on her world as it is on Earth. As far as skin-tone goes, it is on the paler end of the spectrum. She has stronger thighs and calves from riding, but for the most part, she is very weak. This shows in her body structure. She does not look fit or toned, and she has a light coating of fat - not enough to be called overweight, though; she has to maintain appearances. Still, she could better be described as 'average', not 'thin'.


    Alexis is a very analytical person, having trained for most of her life to be a scientist. It really is her defining feature. She has a passion for using the scientific method and for discovery. She's smart and witty, but somewhat oblivious to the effects of throwing her intelligence around - tendency to correct people or give unwarranted advice based on her experiences or even blind guesses (that are not really that blind). She does not really have much of a physical presence, but she commands an aura of respect - the 'project manager' type. You start working on a project with her and end up working for her, though it's unlikely she will lead you astray in the sciences, at least. She takes long to do relatively simple tasks, displaying an unnecessary level of perfectionism for things like cleaning dishes/glassware/equipment - hence why she tends to delegate those tasks to someone else.

    In normal conversation? Overly rational, a bit difficult in the 'having fun' department. She will let loose occasionally, but not around people she considers her underlings - consciously or subconsciously. She has had her flings over the years, but her partners generally find her to be somewhat difficult to live with, as distant as she can be at times. A few stuck around for a good amount of time, and, though the passion was incredibly strong to begin, it quickly dissipated as if a void existed for it to expand into. That's just how she is. She can keep friends, but they must have some sort of use to her to hold her attentions, as terrible as it sounds.

    As far as morals go, it's a tricky subject. She had no problem seeing the lower caste as sub-human, but that was completely normal on her world. There was a growing middle-caste full of people with mixed blood, and they tended to speak out against the mistreatment of the new worlders, but, having grown up privileged in an old world family, she is not too quick to throw out the ideals that got her started. She can simplify the sacred (on Earth) idea of 'life' to nothing but a molecular machine. As soon as something or someone is viewed as a subject or patient in her eyes, it is hard to look at them as anything else. On the spiritual side of things, she enjoys the stories offered by the old world religion of the deity giving the world to them to enjoy, use, discover, etc. and certainly does not speak out against them, but she lacks any true faith in the religion.

    In a sense, Alexis is spoiled. She never had to build a life for herself since there was always one waiting. She always knew what obstacles needed to be overcome and what steps needed to be taken to do that. She never had an issue with money, and she never had to prove herself completely on her own merit. She is not bratty about it, but she certainly does not know how to be poor - nor can she, at this point, sympathize with those who are. She does not know what to do without opportunities being handed to her.

    Appearances are important to maintain in someone of her pedigree. Although it is not completely analogous to the high society of Earth, it is quite similar. She knows how to dress nicely enough. Her perfectionist tendencies force her to always put an effort in to her appearance, and she judges subconsciously the appearance of others.


    Her world involves a fairly rigid caste system with three major tiers to it: the old worlders, the new worlders and the growing middle class between them, the mixed-breeds. Her world used to be split into two major continents with their own cultures on it, blissfully (sort of) flourishing in peace without knowing the existence of the other. This planet is much bigger than Earth, so a voyage to the other side of the world was impossible until at least the industrial age. The old world, as named by the conquerors from the old world, of course, was quite barren. It was more fat than it was tall and contained a wide band of desert right through the middle. Civilization built up around the coasts and rivers, but there was only so much expansion that could be done there until greater technology came along. To the north were temperate forests that were in limited supply, but plenty of metal abounded in the rockier areas of the deserts. The scholars knew the world was round, and, once they could, funded expeditions to find better places to live.

    Now, this was all framed in the context of the old world religion which was based more on knowledge than typical Earth religions. The old world culture was in such desperate need of resources that encouraging technological advancement proved more prosperous than anything else. The world was given to them by their deity to be used to the fullest extent. The intellectual challenges along the way were just that - challenges it put there for them to conquer, constantly advancing as a culture to better utilize its world. Sure, there was some strife (especially against the nation in the temperate forests in the north that were much less advanced and took up valuable foresting territory).

    The discovery of the new world was hailed by many as a gift from the deity. It was situated more towards the south, towards the humid bands of the equator. There was some desert in the south of the continent, but it was actually a bit milder and benefited from occasional coastal storms working their way into it to bring forth a myriad of life. The old world culture was so eager to get to the relative paradise - both for manifest destiny reasons and, well, it was much more convenient - that it steamrolled over the people living there. The new world culture was much more spiritual and had not industrialized yet, having everything they needed already provided. Once they figured out how to effectively defend from predators, most progress stopped altogether. They were seen as savage by the old worlders, akin to a lower lifeform. This stigma never went away, and the two castes were born.

    Alexis Padgett was born to a family of pure old world blood. This afforded her ample opportunity. She was given the best schooling to start out and ended up excelling in the sciences. Her parents pushed her towards her talent, sending her to different schools that emphasized the subject, feeding her curiosity. The child Alexis basked in the attention it drew and worked harder at it as she grew up. She graduated school early and went on to specialized education. Her status and the financial support that came with it were still propelling her forward, but she also distinguished herself as a good budding scientist on her own merit. Eventually, she graduated and began researching at a private institution. Her major was genetics, though that also involved a lot of biology/medical knowledge on the side. Since the lower caste could be used for experimentation, the medical/biological field was actually a bit more advanced than on Earth despite the same level of electronic technology. She also experimented on the lower caste, studying the development of the body both in the womb and out. Now that the old culture had settled into paradise, they began fighting a lot more between themselves, creating a very tense situation that had her investors paying for research in physical enhancement. Attempting to combine animals was her last project, both by grafting and by genetic manipulation. As her number of projects grew alongside her reputation, she began to manage a whole team of people, sometimes not even observing the experiments happening under her name.
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  4. "Thank you for that wonderful speech, Alexis! Are we going to see you at the after party?"

    The young man had a grin that could not be erased. He squeezed the award in the crook of his elbow, sacrificing his usually-strong hand-shaking grip to keep it safe. Everyone was congratulating him back stage. It was only a university-sponsored award, but the study was getting so much press, it was only a matter of time before he got a real one. Maybe even the big one. Alexis patted him on the back followed by a side hug.

    "I'll definitely make an appearance, Robert" she responded, smiling cordially. He nodded, and the congratulations continued without her as she headed to a side room.

    It looked like some sort of dressing room, probably for the university's plays. The only lights came from the vanity mirrors, giving it a stuffy atmosphere. She looked stunning in all of the reflections. Her dress was a pure white gown with almost no detailing on it except for small, glass prisms in a regular pattern. In such direct light, they cast large rainbows on the gown, a gimmick that was very much in style and fit both her status as head of the company and as the daughter of a prestigious old-world family.

    Robert was someone she hand-picked for her institute. He was talented. He deserved this award. Alexis sat in one of the chairs. She leaned forward on her elbow in a hunched posture that she could never sport in public. When she had won it, she was an up-and-coming scientist, too. That was the week she left the world of public science and opened up her own place of research which has been rapidly gaining prestige even without another award associated with it. Robert's success was directly her success as well. And yet... Alexis sighed.
  5. A quiet sneeze came from somewhere. It was small-sounding, perhaps belonging to a child, and sounded both near and distant. It came from all sides at once, and the world around Alexis seemed to shift, though everything looked the same.

    The sneeze echoed loud from all sides, and the world seemed to jump around her and ripples expanded out, the fabric of reality itself looking like it was water that had just been disturbed. Another echo, this time deafening, broke through reality and suddenly engulfed the woman. For a moment, she was weightless and felt nothing of the dressing room. She heard nothing. The flickering light from one of the vanities stopped flickering, and then it popped, and the flickering and noise outside became deafening for what seemed like an hour before she fell through the floor.

    There was no hole, she simply dropped through. The air was ripped from her lungs, and all around her was featureless grey, save tiny sparks that traveled across her eyes-- something akin to what those going high into the sky would see. There was no gravity, but she could feel herself slowly falling.

    If she looked down, she could see a pinhole speck of pale color. It shifted to darkness and pack rapidly, and even as she descended toward it, her mind reeled away from thinking each time she tried in the void.

    A year, maybe more, seemed to pass in silence, and then suddenly, the pinhole was around her, and gravity was real, and she could breathe, and she could see, and she could hear and feel herself land on a spring mattress.

    She was in a room, and above, no sign of the void she'd fallen through. The room had smooth sides, and was uniformly white. Light shone through it, diffused by the pale stone, and illuminated some low bookshelves, a fanciful desk that was reminiscent of sea creatures, piled high with paper stood at the end of the room furthest from her. On one corner of the desk, a stone, peach-colored bust of a young woman stared skyward through a tiny pince-nez.

    The bed she had been plopped onto was little more than a cot, barely large enough for a single person to lay on his or her back. The blankets were thin, but rapidly warmed under her body, and the pillow looked to be molded to relieve back pain.
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