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  1. This is where all my character forms shall be placed... That's pretty much it. Anyone can look to see what I have to offer when disscusing role play plans! :)
  2. Name}"Wish Freitag... But I like Wishbone, too. It's creative."
    Wish's name doesn't have a meaning. Her parents just wanted something different, a name that not many have. She is a German, born there, and lived there, hense her last name. It means "Friday" in German.

    Gender} "I'm totally male. Like, completely."
    She's a girl... Unless you can't tell... Then you might need some glasses.

    Crush}"You are not asking this."
    She doesn't have a crush on anyone. She tells herself she's too weird or different to have a real relationship.

    Age} "I'm about 40. I look young, huh?"
    Wish is 18, but she doesn't look like it. She looks maybe 15, and her mother has told her that she is blessed with good skin, but Wish hates being treated like a child. She's obsessed with her bike, and yes, she can drive, has a license and everything, but no car.

    Personality} "Well, it's not really any of your business, is it?"
    Wish acts tough, brave, and harsh the majority of the time. In fact, she can be pretty stone-cold with strangers unless she deems them friendly enough to relax around. The girl has a little bit of anger issues, which can be easily triggered at times when she is more stressed. Wish wants to appear less vulnerable and have more of a presence than other girls. She hates hates hates being harrassed and pushed around; it's one of her big pet peeves.
    However, under this tough and rough shell, Wish is actually quite kind and friendly. She really just has a hard time making friends. She really can be caring to people, most likely family and close friends. Once she grows to be your friend she can be the most loyal, best friend you've ever had. Or even the best girlfriend you've ever had. She's just one of those people you can't just judge by the first impression.

    Interests/Talents} "I guess I can draw... I also love music."
    People constantly tell Wish that she is an amazing drawer, and they wish they could draw like that. Wish just denies it. She insists that other people draw better than her. Of course, no one listens. She uses her camera, but mainly to help her draw, so seeing her go photo-crazy is normal.
    She also loves music. She can sing a bit, but not as well as she can draw. She loves bands like Mumford and Sons. She normally has a earbud in her ear, even if there's no music playing, she likes it there. She usually never let's anyone listen to her music, so if she likes you, she'll let you. Feel special if she offers.
    She learned the guitar and piano when she was ten, at the same time. She's pretty good at them, and will really get pissed at you if you touch her guitar. She smashed a guys face with another guitar once because he was messing with hers. Something she does is if you reach for her guitar, she will litterly growl and clip her teeth at you. She's been called a freak because of this, but she has amazingly sharp canines that you don't wanna touch.

    Clothes} Wish is a simple girl. In the summer, she almost always wears tanks, and sometimes t-shirts. She also loves scarves, and wears them in the winter and fall. She LOVES graphic tanks, and has gotten away with wearing a lot of guy shirts. She's not afraid to go a little crazy and show a bit of skin.

    Body-type} "Im piete, but not in proportion..."
    Wish is small, no doubt. She's only five four, which is pretty short. She has long legs, which just puts the piete stereotype out of wack. She doesn't have much to show, and has a very small waist. She has a delicate look... But is far from delicate.

    Skin} "I'm white, or that's what most girls tell me..."
    Her skin has been lightly tanned by the sun, giving it a almost glowing look.

    Hair} "It's long and brown. There."
    Wish's hair is long, going down to her waist, and curly. And I mean CURLY. She refuses to cut it, and hates it when people beg to touch it, because it frizzes easily. It is brown, it has small blonde and red highlights in it, which are visible most the time. She has a streak of gold-dyed hair in the front, just because.

    Eyes} "Um.... Depends?"
    Wish has bright green eyes. They have yellow and blue flecks in them, and the shade of green depends on her mood. A dark green means a bad mood, lighter means a good mood. Sometimes her eyes fade from yellow, to green, to blue, and some people call them cat eyes.

    Sexual Orientation} "Well that's personal..."
    She's straight. :3
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  3. Name} "Well... Josh means playful banter!"
    Josh does in fact mean exactly that, playful banter, and it perfectly describes him. Being Wish's brother, his last mane is the same as hers.

    Gender} "Im a female! Whoot!"
    Josh is 100% male.

    Crush} "Well then!"
    He flirts with everyone, so it's always hard to tell who he really likes.

    Age} "Im... Four and a half years young!"
    Josh was born on leap day, so he says this often. He really is 18 years of age.

    Personality} "I am a smexy beast."
    Josh, incase it isn't noticeable, can be just plain silly most the time. He isn't afraid to meet new people, and makes friends with just about anyone, as long as he can get them to laugh.
    He is autistic, but no one really can tell, besides the fact that he has a hard time expressing himself, despite him being very social. He doesn't like being teased, and when he is he goes into a dark place in his mind. You can tell when he is depressed because he just doesn't talk as much.
    Josh is a flirt, no joke. He will flirt with any guy that will allow him to. He loves making guys blush and giggle. He thinks it's simply adorable. Many girls cling to him because he's good-looking, but as you can imagine, he doesn't care for them.
    Also might want to mention; Josh has a slightly dirty mind. It's not that he wants to get in every guys' pants, but if he wants someone he'll do his best to get them. Usually through many sexual references.

    Interests/Talents} "Does being funny count?"
    Josh can write. I mean, he can really WRITE. Not poems, but stories. Kids stories, books, chapters, anything. He has such a vivid imagination that just keeps flowing. He'll stop a conversation just to write something down that popped into his mind. He loves telling stories, even if they aren't true, though they most likely are.
    He is a bit sporty, but not really. He'll happily play a game of just about anything with you, especially volleyball, but he doesn't consider it a talent at all.

    Clothes} Josh isn't exactly "fashion forward". He wears plain jeans with a plain shirt most the time. Sometimes he'll wear a graphic t-shirt. His favorite is a white shirt with cursive writing all over it. The writing is just a bunch of love quotes, but he likes, nonetheless.

    Body-type} "Im normal. Wait! I change my answer!"
    Josh isn't scrawny, but his body isn't rippling with muscles. He works out every now and then, so he has some arm muscles and such, but nothing like abs.

    Skin} "I'm.... Glowy?"
    Josh has a nice "caramel" colour, you could say. It's mostly from being in the sun, but it is "glowy".

    Hair} "It's hair. It looks like... Hair." :3
    He has short, brown hair with faint red highlights. He has it cut short, so it's out of his face.

    Eyes} "My eyes are sexy... Just like my body."
    Josh has blue-green eyes, with small flecks of gold. They are always like that and normally never change. Unless he's sad, depressed, or shocked. Then they glaze over heavily.

    Sexual Orientation} "Im as straight as a stick... Which would make sense if sticks were perfectly straight..."
    He's gay all the way, as he also likes to say. Of course, no one really notices, so he doesn't tell.
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  4. Name} "Uh... Mason..."
    Yes, his name is Mason DeGraw. It's nothing special, really.

    Gender} "Well then... I'm a guy."
    He's a guy. :3

    Crush} "I don't really have one exactly..."
    Mason has dated many, and you never really know if he has one of not, being so quiet and shy.

    Age} "Thats easy. I'm 22."
    Mason is 22 years young. :)

    Personality} "Oh... Um... If you don't mind me asking... Can we change the subject?"
    Mason has MPD. Multiple Personality Disorder. This means he has more than one personality.
    The first one is the real Mason, and the one you want to meet. He is quiet, and normally says very few words, but, when he does talk, each word this thought through. Mason can be a bit shy a first, and may even avoid eye contact with people he has met for the first time, but after a few words, he can warm up to you pretty quickly. He is very generous, and will help out his friends, no matter what their problems. Due to this, he neglects his own problems, and hides them very well, so his friends assume he is just a nice guy who wants to help out, and they don't think he has many issues. One little weakness he has, though, are puppy-dog eyes. If anyone asks for something from him, they just need to give him the saddest puppy eyes they can think if and he'll melt like butter.
    His other half I'll keep quite short, because it's not very hard. The other personality is just.... A criminal. This Mason just wants to hurt people and their lives. This is very often the real Masons friends and loved ones. The reason this other half exists is because his mother used to beat him. This made Mason feel completely helpless, and he was depressed most of his young life, until his father divorced with her and lost custody of Mason and his siblings. Now, he soon started fantasizing about teaching mother a lesson and beating her back. He never told his father about this, but one day he found himself getting irritated at a teacher. And before he knew it, without his control, he had the teacher pinned down. He had been choaking her and he stood up, horrified at what he has just done. And so he discovered his evil, jerk-face side.

    Body-type} "I don't like talking about that either..."
    Mason really has some muscle. His other personality works out, and does so much running around and beating up, that Mason is just all kinds of muscle. He doesn't look too out of proportion, though, because he's trying his best to get rid of the muscles because he finds them annoying girl magnets and memory magnets.

    Skin} "Normal I guess?"
    Mason has just... Normal "white kid" skin. Not tan, but no super pale.

    Clothes} "I'm not like... A fashionista or anything."
    Mason wears jeans and a hoodie almost everyday, no matter how hot or cold. The hoodie hides the scars that run around his wrists so he won't get dirty looks.

    Hair} "Short and blonde."

    Eyes} "Brown."
  5. Name} "I just told you. Not hard..."

    Gender} "Oh, so I'm a girl as well? Gee, thanks."
    He's a male.

    Crush} "Ha! No way..."
    He does not have a crush, but needs someone to open him up.

    Age} "Im 18, duh!"

    Personality} "Well... That's hard..."
    Mitch can be snappy and slightly mean. He really is just generally grumpy and un-social. It's just the way he his, as he was brought up by his father, not his mother, even though his brother, Mason, was brought up by his mother. Their family situation made love difficult. Mitch was taught that if you don't want be pushed around, you have to look like you don't want to be pushed around. Hense, his "Know it all" attitude that gets him in trouble most the time.
    However, on the inside he is a total softie that wants to keep his lover happy. He also strives for attention but this is less noticeable.
    Mitch's left arm is basically dead. He lost feeling and all movement for it after a car accident when he was five. This just adds to his mood, as it irritates him sometimes.

    Interests/Talents} "Um... None of your business...."
    He plays the bass and violin. Unexpected, yes, but that's what he really likes to play. It's not like he makes a living off of it, though.
    Mitch, as much as he hates to admit it, has a slight obsession with unicorns. Not pretty rainbow ones, like "dark magic" unicorns. He loves drawing them and makes his own shirts, which he sells at places like Hot Topic. That's basically his living. He happily creates custom shirts for people of any age and gender.
    He also loves his tattoos. His arm and torso is filled with them, and you can see they are slowly spreading to his neck and other arm.

    Clothes} "You know what... Look at me!"
    Mitch loves to wear coloured jeans. If his jeans are blue, they are usually like a royal or electric blue.
    His shirts always have done graphic design on them and owns a few girls sweaters and shirts, but doesn't say anything about it.

    Body-type} "Wow. Just... Wow."
    Mitch isn't like Mason. He isn't ripped. Infact, he has the body of a regular 18-year-old: Slightly skinny, has a hint of some abs and muscles, and isn't that tall.

    Skin} "Oh. My. God. This is annoying."
    He's not pale, but he's not a golden-tan. Somewhere in between.

    Hair} "It's blonde."
    His hair his blonde, but he's planning the bleach it completely white, maybe with a bright blue streak in it.

    Eyes} "They're freakin brown!"
    Mitch's eyes are a lot like Masons: Deep chocolate-brown. They have a slight hard look to them.

    Sexual Orientation } "Ok... I'm done..."
    He's bisexual, even if he won't admit it. He leans toward girls, but makes exceptions to feminine-type guys.
  6. Name} "Im Bryan."
    Yes, that's his name. Nothing special.

    Gender} "Im a male. Unless you wanted to check..."

    Crush} "Uh..."
    He doesn't have a crush. He's not very social.

    Age} "Im 17 and counting."

    Personality} "Well... That's hard to explain..."
    Bryan is blind. Just thought I'd add that in. He is generally very friendly towards people, but careful. He is a bit self-conscious of himself, thinking he's clumsy and awkward, but he's not. He doesn't get angry often and is very patient with people that vent to him or take to him a lot. He's a good friend to have. He also has a minor stutter, mainly due to being blind and social awkwardness.

    Interests/Talents} "I don't have many..."
    Bryan likes to sleep. Not because he's lazy, but because he can see his dreams. And he misses his sight, so he loves his dreams dearly, no matter what they are. Even if they are nightmares.
    He enjoys walks a lot, and doing things with his hands. He writes on his type writer often.

    Clothes} Bryan wears plain colours, which are normally shades of blue, gray, and green. He does have a suit for special occasions, but other than that isn't a fashion kind if guy, being blind.

    Body-type} "Im normal..."
    Bryan doesn't really gave muscles, but he's fit. He avoids working out, obviously, due to his sight problem.

    Skin} "I'm pretty pale."
    He isn't a sickly pale, but a healthy light pink colour.

    Hair} "I actually forgot... Oops..."
    His hair is a rich golden-blond colour.

    Eyes} "My eyes are.... Blue... I think..."
    He has clear, bright blue eyes. He doesn't even look like he would be blind, but he is.

    Sexual Orientation } "Uh.... Personal....?"
    He's straight.
  7. Name } "Ember's fine. Unless you wanna call me Red. I'm good with that, too."

    Gender } "Female, duh!"

    Crush } "Well, I don't really have one now..."

    Age } "Im 22! Everything will be alright if you keep me next youuuu..."

    Personality } "Well... I'm fun-loving and awesome!"
    Ember is a very peppy person. She loves to talk and doing things. She rarely hates people unless for a SUPER good reason. She's social and basically wants to be friends with everyone she meets. If she is upset in any way, it's noticeable. She won't talk as much, sort of hide away, and just sulk a lot.
    She almost has the mind of a 12-year-old, and can't really take dating hints. Ember doesn't really know when a guy likes her.

    Body-type } "Wow, good question! I don't really know..."
    Ember is pretty tall, 5' 8". She has curves to go along with it, and could be a model if she wanted to be. Of course, in the winter she doesn't exercise as much and gets a small muffin top which she likes to call "her blubber".

    Skin } "Freckles, freckles, freckles!"
    Being a red-head, Ember has freckles to go with it. She is a bit pale, as a tan is basically impossible fit her, and just gets more freckles when in the sun a lot.

    Clothes } "Meh... It's hard to find clothes."
    In the summer, Ember normally wears skirts and shorts, along with tanks tops and shirt sleeves.
    In the winter, she does wear jeans more often, but because her legs are so long and not really in proportion to her waist, she has to have jeans custom-made or made herself. She wears lots of sweaters and long sleeves.

    Hair } "Well...."
    She has red hair. Well, not died red, the natural orange-reddish kind. She normally wears it down but will wear it in a messy bun if she likes.

    Eyes } "Blueeee!"
    Ember has light, ice-blue eyes. They aren't cold and soulless or anything. They are quite friendly, except when she's upset, they darken a bit.
  8. Name} "I'm Lark. Lark Sammual Evans if you wanna get all... specific and professional."

    Gender} "Well... is it hard to tell? Is maybe my hair? Huh?"
    Lark is a male.

    Crush} "You know. You find the one when you find the one."
    Lark has no love interests.

    Age} "That I don't mind answering. I'm 19. Yup, fresh outta high school. Taking a good old gap year."
    19 years

    Personality} "And the problems start. I'M. NOT. EMO. Wrists are for bracelets, not cuts. I enjoy life. I just have a different STYLE."
    Lark is a forward kind of guy. Not that he's rude, he's actually really nice and friendly when you meet him. He just likes to express his opinion rather than keep it bottled up. He also can get defensive really quickly if you say something that offends him. Like, as he's expressed, his apperance. Dispite the hair, piercings, ONE tattoo, and choice of clothing, he really isn't Emo. Or goth. His life is generally very good. He just likes that style.
    Lark can be defiant and stubborn. He rarely, rarely gets angry and shouts, but he hates being told or ordered what to do, and when his mind is set on something he goes all the way and does it. Not half way, no breaks, he does it all the way. This is a good and bad thing, as he gets himself addicted to a million apps this way and never gets bored until he's beaten all the levels.
    The young man can some times be a bit of a bad sport when it comes to losing or being wrong, as he either with pouted and walk off, or stubbornly stand by his belief and stare at you.

    Interests/Hobbies} "I like painting, long walks at night, the Summer, laying in my hammock out in the back yard, throwing eggs and TPing my neighbors' houses..."
    Lark likes to do either nice calming things, like walking, or his painting, sometimes writing, or doing something really stupid and crazy. For example, pranking random people on the street, bothering his neighbors, asking strangers to prom as a joke. Things that you would expect a mellow artist and crazy teenage boy to do.

    Body-type} "Well... I guess I'm the usual. Not that impressive, you know."
    Lark isn't skinny. He's a good height and weight for his age. Hes 5'10" and is happy with that height. He doesn't have any extra fat on him, his stomach is pretty much flat. He hates working out, and isn't planning to start.

    Skin} "Oh gawd. You know... I'm white."
    He's kind pale, but doesn't look like a ghost or blend into the wall. His skin gets slightly tanned in the summer.

    Clothes} "Guess my favorite colour. Its green. Ha, gottacha!"
    Lark owns a few green things, they're mostly a darker green, though. He normally wears dark jeans and shoes, except in the summer. He wears collared shirts sometimes and most his shirts are green, black, white, blue, and purple.

    Hair} "Wow. It's black."
    His hair is a deep black with a little red-brown tint to it. His dead straight, he doesn't have to use a straightener or brush it. He just fixes it up in the morning with a comb.

    Eyes} "They are kinda blue... ish."
    He has bright, ice-blue eyes that pop when he feels like putting some eye liner on.

    Sexual Orientation} "Oh, I don't mind sharing that." ^.^
    He's pansexual, and proud to be.
  9. Name} "My full name is Brian Arvanitis. But you can call me Brian."

    Gender} "I'm a male. I'm sure you don't want to check..."

    Crush} "Ah. None at the moment. But maybe I'll find one."

    Age} "Well, I'm 19 right now."

    Personality} "Oh gosh. I've never really thought about myself..."
    Brian is and out-going, friendly, and cheerful guy with his hopes set high. He loves to do things with people and meet new people. He's very willing to try new things, even if he thinks he won't like them, he gives "YOLO" a whole new meaning! He also has a light and smooth Greek accent from his parents.
    He might be a people person, but Brian is a pretty big nerd/geek and isn't afraid to show it. He loves politics, space, and math. Yeah, math. He also loves helping people with their homework and tutoring, and you'll never have more help. His favorite books are probably ones that you won't hear of until college.
    So under all that nerdy and fun personality, there's a tiny little space for low self-esteem and self-consciousness. Deep inside, Brian doesn't find himself attractive, smart, helpful, or even very nice. This can be bad, as he'll ask if he's being annoying, or if he's making alitysomeone feel stupid. But the guy's still getting life sorted. All this actually started when he was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was just going into middle school. And I as you can't really remove it, he has go to chemo-therapy. This really would be the cause for the small dark part in his mind, but who knows?

    Interests/Talents} "Oh my god, you want me to name them all?"
    He loves reading, working, and exploring, to keep it simple. The guy can either sit in one spot for loads of time, or just not be able to sit still and some how find something new and interesting. He has a growing interest in politics, and his actually hoping to be involved in them later in life.

    Clothes} "Ah... I guess it depends."
    Brian loves his collared flannel shirts. They're all solid colours, mostly colours like black, white, blue, darker colours. He does wear a regular shirt every now and then, but he doesn't like to feel too 'sloppy'. He does wear jeans and converse though. He actually rarely doesn't wear converse, unless it's snowing or raining.

    Body-type} "Well, I know I'm pretty tall..."
    It's not a lie. Brian is pretty tall. 5' 11" to be exact. He probably will reach six feet later in life, but for now, he's a good height. He has broad shoulders to go with a pretty normally body. He's not lankly, but he's not over weight. He has meat on him, and a little muscle, but isn't really into sports, so he's not ripped.

    Skin} "I don't find it and odd colour but others do..."
    He has sort of 'olive-coloured' skin, being Greek. But it's not too green or too brown, it's a good measure of both colours, actually looking really good on him.

    Hair} "I do know it's black, and I might need a hair cut."
    Brian's hair almost covers his eyes, but not quite. He might say repeatedly that he needs a hair cut, but he would never get one. He likes it long and he likes the fact that it's black.

    Eyes} "Well.... they're kinda... muddy green? I don't even..."
    He has hazel eyes. So yeah, some might say a 'muddy green', but it's more like swirls of green and light brown. They're actually really good-looking on him. In some light they may look dark brown, but his hair or what he's wearing can affect what they look like.

    Sexual Orientation} "Oooookayyyyyy... I'm gay, okay? I don't like girls."
    Yeah, Brian's gay. Unexpected, but yes. He's not fashionable, or has an annoying voice, or is really really annoying. He hate's stereotypes. But his parents support him through everything.
  10. ame}"My name? Taylor Andrews. Everyone calls me Foxy. Just please... stick with that."

    Gender}"I'm clearly a female."

    Crush}"Not really big on that stuff. I crush pretty hard when I do."

    Age} "I'm 20... yeah.... that's all..."

    Personality} "Oh god. You want me to explain this?"
    Foxy is, despite being a really pretty blond, very nice. But, as her name suggests, pretty foxy as well. When most people meet her at first they don't like her very much. She likes to tease guys with a seductive voice and intense eye contact. Because of her looks she can get away with it too.
    If you're a girl, well, it could go either way. If she doesn't like you, she simply doesn't talk to you or look at you or make any kind of contact with you. Sometimes if she doesn't like guys she'll do this too. But it's pretty obvious when Foxy just doesn't like you at all. Now, if she really likes you and thinks you're pretty cool, then you notice. She loves to talk and constantly do something with friends when she can. She hates doing things alone. She has this uncanny ability to sense if you don't like her, so if you really don't like her, you either go on with your life, or actually make an effort to like her and be her friend.

    Interests/Talents} "I have some."
    Taylor, sorry, FOXY, loves to sing. She sometimes plays the guitar but she's not really big on it. She likes to go to local recording studios and pay to record a song she's written for the day, having fun with creating a beat and music with the technology. How can she afford this? Oh... her parents are rich and give her money even if they don't like that she want's to sing.

    Clothes} "Depends on my mood."
    She normally wears black, greys, and whites. Sometimes some silver for jewelry is good, too. She might not be very colourful but sometimes she dyes parts of her hair for colour. She doesn't mean to have a boring colour scheme, but she can't help but like the black, grey, or white verison of whatever she wants to buy. It just happens.

    Body-type} "Really?!"
    Foxy is pretty normal... she has curves and breasts and such and things like that. She does walk a lot, so that keeps her figure in check but she doesn't like to work out. She's 5'6" tall and it happy with her height and weight. Though the fact that guy tend to look down a lot annoys her.

    Skin} "Pretty much white..."

    Hair} "I'm blonde. I'm not stupid though."
    She his blonde with darker blonde streaks. Sometimes they're noticable, sometimes they're not. But she does put colourful feathers or streaks in her hair sometimes, depending on her mood.

    Eyes} "They're kinda hazel or brown..."

    Sexual Orientation} "I'm asexual, dispute the way I act toward guys and girls. But I can fall in love with someone."
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