Amazing Spiderman: Andrew Garfield out, Toby Maguire back?

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  1. So i'm not the BIGGEST Marvel fan, but I won't deny the fact that i've watched some of the movies. A specfic franchise being the Spiderman films. I've read a few articles saying Andrew Garfield pissed off some higher ups and may be out of the Amazing Spiderman franchise. There have been multiple actors discussed and one of them being Toby Maguire again. However, Toby Maguire would be in a movie taking place YEARS after the last ones. A "Side" film per say.


    Andrew Garfield/Toby Maguire Article:

    Garfield getting the axe article:

    Extra Article:

  2. Honestly, I wouldn't mind another Maguire Spidey, so long as it isn't like the third one. I quite enjoyed the first two, with the second being my favourite of that trilogy.

    And if it is years in the future, I would be very much interested in seeing a mature Spider-Man—he seems to be stuck in perpetual just-got-out-of-college or younger, from what I've seen in the films or read in his comics. (Admittedly, my Spidey comics are probably decades old, likely older than I am.)

    As for Mr. Axed, I haven't seen his second yet, so I cannot yet in good conscience say whether I'm happy to see him go or not.
  3. I don't care who plays Spidey.

    I just want to see Carnage show up on film.
  4. I liked the second Spider-Man, mostly because of this motherfucker:

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  5. Ugh, fuck Maguire. Hated that guy as Spiderman.
  6. Well, Andrew Garfield did a good job as Spiderman. I like the Amazing Spiderman films more than those with Toby Maguire. If they continue with the series as it is now whether or not Garfield is replaced doesn't matter to me.
  7. The new one's just don't have that Spiderman feel to them.

    To me, Maguire nailed the semi-nerdy and socially awkward guy who get's super-powers.

    It could just be nostalgia though.
  8. Well about Maguire....

  9. [​IMG]
    F l a w l e s s
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