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  1. Hello to all that took the time to read this! The names Delinquent and I have been an active role player for nearly five years now. I started off young and now currently in college my major is communications so I write for a living. I am seeking Literate and long term writers for these plots, and should you have any questions regarding these plots please hit me up in a PM :D HERE WE GO!

    Red: This highlight means that the character outlined in red I will be portraying.
    Blue: This highlight means that the character bit outlined in blue is what I am seeking.

    Plot 1:
    In this story it is preferred MxF, if not I am leinent with MXM
    The plot is inspired by the movie Moulin Rouge. Basically a courtesan trapped within this theater desires to be set free. He/she encounters a writer (male or female) who falls madly in love with them, but then a duke/duchess holds their eyes to the courtesan and is determined to have said courtesan all to themselves.

    Duke/Duchess (This will be a side character that both parties can portray)

    Plot 2:
    This plot is a bit of a tear jerker, I apologize before hand XD
    Around the Victorian era. In this story tells the tale of an ancient race, people that lived centuries ago, this plot has to do with a traveler, preferably a male, that travels the world for a living. A man that escapes to the Arctic searching for lost treasure only to discover a woman that is frozen beneath the ice. In a desperate state to earn coin he chips through the ice and intends to bring the woman back to London with him but when the ice melts he discovers that she is still alive. This said woman knows nothing of the modern time and is rather confused, but as if that doesn't bother everyone enough this woman has the power to see the future but at a cost. Every time she takes a glimpse into the future it takes away from her life. This is a very dramatic/romantic story.


    Plot 3:
    Another story around the Industrial Revolution tells of a scholarly man that attends a prestige college for the arts, a painter. It is a school just off the coast where the scholar spends most his days painting the never ending blue sea. However, he is not alone. From the very beginning of his arrival the scholar has been watched by a creature out in the sea. A merman <----- (This can be negotiated) who takes an interest in the human and wants to learn more about him. In a desperate attempt to find out more about the human race the merecreature gives up his fins for legs and seeks out the scholar. This is also a love story.


    Plot 4: Arranged marriage
    This story is extremely dark and not for the faint of heart. So if things like non consequential sex and abuse bother you please over look this.
    This story involves a vicious and powerful prince who over throws his father thus becoming King. He takes joy in conquering land and expanding his empire through war, however, overthrowing a very wealthy Kingdom almost prepared to slay the King of said country the princess of the country begs the man for mercy on her father in exchange for her. The man agrees and takes the woman back to his kingdom making her his queen. At the beginning of their marriage there is nothing but constant arguing, fighting, abuse, and yes even sex. The woman hates her life with him and the King goes tired of her, but slowly his walls are shattered and he invites her in. Little by little through a gentle touch or even kind words until he falls madly head over heels for her. But because of the abuse she received from him she eventually fell in love with another, a man of noble birth who she keeps her desires for on the Down low, until her husband one day finds her with him and he snaps. He kills the man and locks his wife away from the world refusing to let her leave and anyone other than himself see her.

    Mad King
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